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   Chapter 53 The Ship of Love

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"This hat would make a good choice if you want to protect yourself from the heat of the sun, my dear."

Lady Faye stated matter-of-a-factly as she raised the wide-brimmed yellow hat up with her right hand.

It was early eight in the morning and both Erza and Lady Faye were helping Lianne prepare for her much anticipated first-time excursion.

Lianne was sitting at a stool cushion in front of her vanity mirror while Erza was finishing a clean sideways hairdo. She was wearing a flesh-colored cocktail dress, the cloth of chiffon type. The length was just below the knee and it had an elegant beaded artwork around the waistline. She paired it with a beige sandal, a simple gemstone bracelet and stud earrings. Overall, this was an ensemble just right for the occasion.

"Ah, thank you, Lady Faye, " Lianne answered and accepted the hat from the governess.

"Oh! How exciting!" Erza exclaimed, her eyes beaming. She was giggling intermittently since she stepped inside the princess' chamber - a feat that both Lianne and Lady Faye noticed immediately.

"To think that you can actually go to the Regaleria Port, Princess! And even stay for a day inside His Majesty's new ship! Oh how romantic!"

"It is only just for a day, Erza, " Lianne replied, giggling a little. She tipped her head and cast a glance at the hat sitting comfortably on her lap. Her face began to show a brief deep red hue. Since His Majesty went out of her bed chamber early dawn to take care of preparations for their tour, her heart had been beating frantically since then. "Hmm, but I am happy."

Lady Faye was looking at the princess all throughout, and noticed how much her expression changed for the better. She was pleased of how everything turned out to be; of how the two royals opened up.

"Now, make the most of it, my dear, " Lady Faye remarked. "You deserve this kind of freedom. I'm happy that you and His Majesty have understood each other well, at last."

Lianne smiled towards the governess and gave no further comment. She was just silent, but her silence showed a much deeper meaning to both of them.

A long knock of the bedroom door was heard, and then a male voice emerged from behind it.

"Are you done, ladies?" Lord Jared inquired.

"We are, " Lady Faye and Erza simultaneously answered.

~ 0 ~

"Ready Lianne?" Ruen asked as he sat next to the princess inside the black carriage.

Nodding, Lianne answered, "Yes, I am." She glanced at his way only to find the king staring deeply at her with those brown-green eyes.

"It would be a two-hour travel from here on to the Regaleria Port. I hope that you would not be bored travelling with me once again."

She produced a faint smile while looking at him and gently announced without any reservations, "Something tells me that I will not, Your Majesty. I have first-hand experiences to be sure of it."

The tone of her voice as she mentioned his designation was without any hint of mockery now. This time, it was pure sincerity.

A burning flame instantly filled Ruen's eyes as he regarded her meek show of recollection. He cupped her chin and then proceeded to place a tender kiss on her pink-painted lips.

"Hmmm, surely, " he groaned.

Turning his attention to the carriage, he made three continuous knocks on its roof to signal the coachman to go, and without any delay, the carriage began to move.

"Can I open the window? I would like to watch all the view from here, " Lianne asked, now feeling giddy.

Ruen smiled and nodded in approval. "Of course, you can."

The carriage passed by the Norfew village first, the village where Lenora and her father lived.

Lianne found it immensely entertaining to see the liveliness of the village as oppose to what it was weeks ago. Some of the villagers who noticed the royal carriage momentarily stopped their work and bowed their head low in acknowledgement.

Then, they passed by another village two kilometers away from Norfew. The Ardenta village was the nearest village to where the Astoria mansion was located, and the place boasted finely-made iron and steel weapons hanging on almost all windows of the house. Ruen didn't miss Lianne's sullen expression upon seeing the weapons, but he didn't say any comment regarding it. Her expression changed into delight however, when they passed by the open gaillardia and violets flower fields and the towering snow mountains of Regaleria, just a few miles after passing the Ardenta village.

The journey was indeed a long and arduous one, but Ruen found it entertaining to see the princess glow with delight after seeing some new found sights.

Seven kilometers more and one hour and forty-five minutes later, they arrived at the entrance stone signage of the Rassington Town, Regaleria's busy town port.

"Ah, this place is…very vivacious, " Lianne exclaimed in amazement seeing a lot of people in the streets.

Vendors were selling their goods on the road. Locals and visitors alike were all walking along the paved sidewalks. There were colorful flaglets hanging on the tips of the rooftops in every house and banners of the Regaleria crest on every porch.

"Hmmm..." Ruen gave out a low grumble. "The port in this town of Regaleria truly is blessed with so much bounty. Not to mention, that it is far away from the Regaleria Mansion and far from the late King's gloomy dispositi

med every bit of passion he offered. She felt her knees weaken and her hands turning limp. And then she gasped in surprise when he abruptly lifted her into his arms.

Ruen kicked the door to a close and then he proceeded to carry the princess towards the king-sized bed.

"It has been tormenting me, Lianne, lying in this empty bed as I began my voyage back to Regaleria. Thinking about you, hoping for you to be here in my arms, " he stated with longing. There was sadness in his eyes, but Lianne immediately took it out of him when she pressed her lips to his again.

"But I'm here now, " she whispered, keeping an earnest stare at him.

"Yes, you don't even know how much I am happy right now."

~ 0 ~

"What do you mean the princess is with the king, Paul?" Cain voiced out in disbelief after he heard the news from the stableman.

The general had just arrived from the Regaleria mansion's front porch hoping to see the princess after a day had passed when she left Soulisse. Yesterday morning was unsuccessful after he was deliberately led away from the princess' chamber by the majordomo stating he had a very important matter to discuss with him, and after another visit by the hooded man that afternoon in his own mansion, he was unable to see her the whole day.

This time he intended to talk to her about everything, and maybe, just maybe apologize to her for being untruthful.

Another thought kept lingering in his mind though and it was his plans to encourage her to go to Olga with him and of course, lying to her again was an element included - something he was willing to do just in order to make her his.

Paul was holding the reins of the general's horse when he felt he was the target of Cain's inquiry. He was an honest man, no thoughts of malice or anything. And he only gave the information to Cain without any distrust, having known the general and the princess to be of good friends.

"It was this early morning when they rode towards the Regaleria Port, my Lord, " Paul replied without any hesitation.

Cain's brows flexed in confusion, thinking that of all the places to go, why the Regaleria Port?

"Are they going somewhere, Paul? Tell me, " he said, his anger simmering on the surface.

This time Paul noticed something unusual from the way the general reacted.

"Well, I uh…I heard from the maid servants that the king was giving the princess her first tour on the Regaleria Kingdom, Milord. I don't think they are leaving anytime soon though, they didn't bring with them any heavy baggage."

Cain stared at the stableman for a minute. What Paul had just said could mean that they were possibly in good terms now, and that she didn't hate the man anymore. If he was right, then this could complicate things more, not only for his plans but also for his own gain.

"I see, " he coldly stated.

He hastily took the reins from Paul without even a word of thanks, jumped up and mounted himself, then took off hurriedly out of the mansion's courtyard.

Startled and bemused, Paul could only watch the general as he rode his horse with great speed.

Cain clenched his teeth and uttered a curse. There was something that didn't fit right since yesterday, but he didn't notice it right away. He was now damned sure to find out, but in the meantime, he needed to focus on overworking his horse to a greater pace.

His hands tightly held the reins in the process, but not because of the stallion's speed but because of his pure and utter displeasure. With everything into consideration, he had to work on his plans and fast.

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