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   Chapter 52 A Most Wondrous Morning

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"You look pissed."

The hooded man expressed as he stood in the partially opened door of the stable. Half of his body was hidden under the shadows, half was seen under the moonlight. Cain was hastily walking towards the door of the stable that he didn't notice the man already waiting for him.

"You. Why are you here?" Cain asked dryly. His brows arched and his face cringed at the sight of the unwanted visitor.

"I thought as much that you would come here sooner or later considering Princess Lianne's recent leave, " was the man's cold reply, as cold as the night air around them. A sardonic smile surfaced from his visage knowing full well Cain was in a hurry.

The general lightly budged the portal to open and stepped foot inside. "I don't have the time to talk to you right now priest, so if you could do so, please be fast."

"Why such in a hurry?" the hooded man exclaimed. "It's not like you can still catch the princess in the road at this time."

Cain hissed in disappointment upon hearing his words. But true enough, the man was right. He had already found out about the princess' absence two hours have passed. He was angry about it and even went as far as to throw a bottle of expensive and well-preserved wine from his father's stash of liquors just to vent his anger.

He gave out a long, pained sigh, ditching his current plan to pursue her.

"Tsk. Of all the time, why do you need to bother me now?"

The hooded man stepped forward and out of the shadows. His crescent moon staff instantly shone under the moonlight. He stared at the half moon in the dark sky for a minute and then whirled to face the general.

"I assume you haven't seen the necklace in the Princess' possession right?"

Cain managed to cross both of his arms against his chest as he looked at the faceless man, then he leaned onto the doorframe of the stable.

"No. Not around her neck if that's what you mean."

"Hmm, you have to hurry up, general. We have so little time left, " the hooded man said in a gruff, disappointed voice. "The blood moon is coming up four days from now."

"Do you think I am not doing that right now?" Cain snapped. "All should have fallen into its proper place if not for that royal pain in the ass. He just had to come and take the princess away from here. And much worse, I didn't even know that she already left! Damn it!"

A smirk surfaced at the corner of the man's mouth. "Don't forget about our agreement Cain. I don't care if you confine her in this place as you wish, but only until the ceremony is done, that you can touch her."

Cain straightened, hissed in displeasure, then turned around away from the man and said, "I do remember about our agreement, priest. Rest assured, she will arrive in Olga very soon."

~ 0 ~

Lianne woke up in her bed early in the morning with a light feeling. The little sun rays that managed to pass through the curtains of the chamber tickled her eyes, but wha

think, they will both come out Jared?" Lady Faye curiously queried.

"I have no idea Faye, but when the king went for a brief moment in his chamber early this morning, he gave me specific instructions that he will not be available to any audience today. It's possible that he might come out later tonight or tomorrow morning at the very least."

"Hmm, I see." The Head Servant nodded.

Across the foyer of the second floor, a man quickly surfaced from the length of the stairs. Lady Faye gave a quick gasp of surprise upon realizing the severity of his presence.

"Why, My Lord General, " Jared rapidly exclaimed as he took an effort to hasten Cain's advancement. Both of them immediately knew who the general was visiting in, and realized, that if he so much as take another step ahead, dire consequences would surely happen.

Lord Jared caught Cain's attention and he immediately deduced a good alibi. "It is truly good to see you today! I was about to go and visit you in Solisse."

Cain raised an eyebrow. "For whatever reason is it Lord Jared?"

The majordomo cleared his throat and then moved closer so that Cain could only hear. "I think it is best that we talk in a more private area, general."

Cain grimaced in displeasure and replied with a stern face, "I must speak with the princess first, Lord Jared, then I can give you all of my time."

"Ah! No, no. This is of utmost importance, my Lord. I have already told the other generals about this, and you are the only one yet that I have to brief with. They are waiting for your decision to make everyone's vote unanimous."

Cain gave in a long, hard sigh, staring at the hallway towards Lianne's chamber.

"Very well, " he conceded. "Lead me to where we should talk then."

It was only upon leaving that he just noticed Lady Faye's silent presence standing at the foyer's receiving area. She gently nodded as he glanced her way, then he nodded in return suspecting nothing going on.

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