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   Chapter 51 A Heart with No Boundaries

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"Why? Why didn't you tell me the truth?" was the first thing that popped out of Lianne's head.

It had always been the question she wanted answered the moment she found out his secret.

Her tears continued to stream down her face. Both of her hands balled up tightly as she banged the portal, trying to vent her frustration on the inanimate object instead of the man who was standing behind the door.

Though her voice was muffled, Ruen could clearly hear the words she spat on the other side due to the intricately carved holes of the mahogany door.

"Please calm down, Lianne, " he requested, genuine concern roped his voice.

The latter unfortunately couldn't calm down. Flashes of the past and the present clashed; each one like a piece of a difficult puzzle ready to be completed. Her sufferings, the smiles and tears, the hatred, the longing, and her effort to keep her feelings all to herself – everything, kept whirling inside her head. She squeezed her eyes shut, gnashed her teeth and hauled in as much air as she could into her lungs as she tore her defenses down, willing to bare it all.

Words gradually filled up the unyielding door and all the King could do was to listen.

"For all this time, " Lianne started in an unstable voice. "I was suffering in this place. Everything was limited. Everything felt suffocating. I didn't have the freedom to make my own choices. I didn't even have the freedom to walk along the halls without being cautious. I made myself as busy as I could. Tried all there is I could think of just in order to lessen my boredom. I didn't have the power to live a life I wanted to live. Every move I make was restrained. You possibly can't imagine how it is like to be locked inside this palace with your most hated captor. You don't know how much I suffered just thinking of the fact that every day might be my last, every day might be the day Garlow would use me to his advantage. I know I am just a pawn in his wickedness. What else am I here for?"

Lianne paused from talking and pressed her forehead against the wood. She had said so much, spilled too much of her feelings, but still it wasn't enough for her. She needed to let him know more. He needed to see her inner soul and so she continued.

"Since I was captured, I am drowned by the loathing and hatred I feel towards that man. You knew what I feel! You knew how much I am in pain! You knew how much I detested you by the single belief that you are Garlow's son!"

Ruen cringed upon hearing her last sentence. 'If only she knew, ' he voiced out in his mind.

"Lianne please, open this door, " he requested once again. "Just loathe me! Hate me! Say what caustic words you have to say. Vent all of your anger and your frustrations to me. Just please, open this door." He was ready to kick the damn wood just to rid of the blasted thing in between them. He was so ready to break the lock, but he stayed painstakingly patient. He wanted to give the princess the freedom. He wanted to give her the choice she so deserved.

"Shut up!" But Lianne, in her current state of mind, shouted. She pounded her fist against the door and envisioned it to be his chest. "Everyone in this damned place has lied to me! Made a mockery out of me! Even Lady Faye who I thought to be my only confidant! How could you all do this to me?!"

He didn't have any clue as to what she was pertaining to, but play her for a fool as what she had claimed definitely hit the mark.

Had she known then? Had she known his secret? Ruen quickly raised the question to himself. The possibility was so high. She had showed strong signs. And if she truly did, it could definitely turn the tables for the both of them.

But he wondered how did she know?

He had kept his secret closely guarded. Told all servants to keep their mouth shut on this apparent truth and even without coercion, the servants themselves opted to be silent for fear of Garlow's wrath. Everybody heard the late King's decree of adopting a son. Nobody dared to oppose him and even question Ruen's lineage.

Lianne, feeling the coarseness of her throat from all the shouting, still continued her outburst.

"You don't even know the torment I am feeling after that night. I feel that I was betraying myself for letting you touch me, for letting you hold me, for letting myself get carried away. Dammit! RUEN WHY?"

She pounded the wooden door once again as heavily as she could. "You don't even know how much I was so relieved to know that you are not the real son of Garlow!"

Ruen's eyes widened upon hearing her words.

'She did found it out!' he crie

certainty left inside her heart when she returned his kisses with equal ardor as on that fateful night. She was finally free. Free to express what she truly felt.

They continued on like it was the last night they have, each in rapture, freed by their own personal prisons. Their lips only parted either to breathe anew or to progress his caresses of her neck, filling her with desire her thoughts had been yearning.

Ruen then guided her to bed, unzipping her gown in the process while caressing her shoulders.

Lianne felt a welcoming sensation when he continued his kisses to her neck and down towards her breasts as he laid her slowly in the mattress.

They were touching and feeling each other as their sense of sight had been deprived by the darkness of the room. The only thing that guided them was their hands and the feeling of their skin in contact, sending static current into their bodies.

Once all of her undergarments were out, he leisurely nibbled on her nipples that not too soon became a taut peak.

She arched her back as shivering waves of pleasure began to travel from all over her body, and then gave out a brief moan as Ruen's tongue traced her flat belly.

He slightly smiled and then sat down on the mattress beside her. His eyes were aflame as they looked at each other and even with only the light from the balcony faintly illuminating a quarter of the room, from that single glance alone, they both knew that their fiery desire was enough to let themselves know that they wanted each other.

He slowly stroke the curves of her breasts and patiently caressed her neck again as Lianne started to unbutton his shirt and exposed his naked chest.

He pinned her down to the mattress then, her breasts touching the bare skin of his chest. He traced her full lips with his fingertips and then said, "You always repulsed my kisses."

Lianne nodded. "Because it would render me vulnerable to you, Ruen, " she replied with a touch of a smile at the corner of her lips.

"I am dearly sorry for that. I couldn't keep myself from kissing you then, just like I am now."

With one swoop, their lips collided again. Ruen's tongue slid and twisted as he ventured on the depth of her mouth, and there was nothing more Lianne could do but to gasp in bliss.

He tugged his belt and pulled his pants in one fast motion, and then proceeded to lay naked against her body under the bed cover.

He appeared like a God in the shadows of the room, but Lianne couldn't prevent herself from comparing the two men from each other. Though Lord Cain had a warrior physique and rippling torso, Ruen had just the right lean body and abdominal abs that he can confidently boast, something that she cannot hide from blushing.

Their bodies then moved as one. She let him guide her as what was rightful of the Master of the Mansion and offered her whole self without any hesitation or remorse.

The passion that was ignited between them was burning immensely that even as the fireplace of her bedroom was unlit, uninterrupted warmth filled inside the room.

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