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   Chapter 50 Only But A Door Stops Him

Ceaseless Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 9344

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'Ah what perfect trap it is.'

The princess expressed in her head. She pressed herself as much as she could against the edge of the seat, as much as she could away from the King.

She stayed silent but tensed, her arm crossed, her chin still raised. She made quite an effort to divert her attention to the darkened scenery outside, still stubbornly acting as if she didn't have a companion inside the carriage, but the King's steady gaze made her feel more conscious and uneasy.

Ruen was already fuming inside, but he wanted to control his temper. Anyhow, deep inside, he was pleased that she was finally with him, safe, protected, and within his reach.

They had covered over twenty minutes of travel, but not even one word was released by her. Lianne indeed was trying to evade any conversation with him and she was not even giving him at least a single glance, but Ruen cared less of it. He had been accustomed to this charade of her since they were young that it didn't affect him anymore.

"You changed your clothes, " Ruen finally broke the silence. He eyed her, unabashedly checking her out from head to toe.

It was a minute of waiting for the princess to reply and when she did it was partly sarcastic, partly the truth.

"I wouldn't want to leave wearing a flashy gown at this time of night."

She still refused to move her head to look at him.

"Ah, so you plan on returning to Regaleria?" Ruen inquired again, this time feeling slightly agitated by her inattention.

"I don't plan on returning to any other place other than away from here, " she caustically replied, telling him the truth. Better be frank than to give him a false hope that she'd return to his side.

She wished with this answer he'd stop questioning her, and probably, stop bothering her, but right at the corner of her eye, she saw the King slowly lean towards her, his elbows now resting on his knees. Because of this, she tensed even more.

"But you don't need to go away, Lianne." The King's voice was cool and collected, or at least that's what she thought when she failed to notice the hint of concern roped in it.

Ruen attempted to reach for Lianne's hand, but stopped half a second, clenching his fist in the end. He didn't have the right to ask that of her right from the start, and he knew well that she would rebuke acidly.

"Why? Isn't it what was supposed to be?" And rebuke acidly she did. "You promised me my freedom right? Not chain me again like this!" Lianne this time cast a sharp look at him, feeling her anger being inflamed.

But why does she have to look? Why does she have to glance at him?

It was already too late.

Now, after seeing his drowning gaze, it made her remember the truth; the truth that he wasn't Garlow's son from the very start.

"You act as if

e receiving room and then a blunt thud on her bedroom door.

Her heart quickened as she grasped the magnitude of the situation. Ruen was inside her room and he was never going to leave her alone this night.

She quickly turned around and secured the doorknob with her two hands so that he couldn't open it if he had a master key with him.

At the other side of the door, Ruen started knocking on the wood.

"Lianne, open this door." His command was clear. His stern voice left no room for any argument.

Lianne clasped her hands and brought it against her chest looking as if she was trying to stop the solid pounding of her heart. She shook her head again, still adamant on her decision to be left alone.

"Lianne, open this goddamned door! Don't make me break it!" Ruen threatened, his patience gradually waning.

The princess wasn't swayed by it.

"Go away!" she cried out.

"You know I will not do that Lianne, " the King replied on the other side.

"Just please, I beg you. Go away."

Ruen shook his head in dismay and replied again, "Open this door, don't hide behind it! Let us talk properly!"

Lianne, fed up with his determination, finally broke her silence. "And then what?" She pressed her forehead against the door and clenched her teeth. "Lie to me again!? Are you going to make up stories to make me the greatest of all the fools in this kingdom?!"

The other side of the door fell silent.

Lianne took this as her chance.

She hauled in another batch of deep breaths to give her enough courage and stared straight at the door as if it was the King who she was talking to.

She had fought so hard. She had tried so hard.

She kept her feelings at bay, kept the truth locked up in the deepest part of her consciousness.

But this time... this time, there was no going back. She was going to tell everything to him.

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