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   Chapter 49 Carriage In Disguise

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Standing beside the milling area, Erza watched as the wagon drove away out of the mansion's grounds. The princess was riding in it with Lenora as her companion and the young woman's grandfather, Sir Alchon, as the driver.

Erza's knees started to tremble upon reflecting between the many emotions that created havoc inside her.

Loyal to the promise that she made with the princess, she couldn't in her conscience betray her. However, she believed strongly that Princess Lianne would only be safe inside the Regaleria Mansion. She believed that she would only be happy in the King's arms.

With this in mind, she rushed towards the kitchen door and strode directly inside the mansion's foyer with her intent to find Lord Jared as soon as possible.

In the ballroom, Ruen was sitting on a cushioned seat in a table that wasn't visible to any guests.

He had made sure that no one would bother him with formal greetings and out-of-work conversations with the present officials of Regaleria that he commanded Lord Jared to find the most comfortable yet discreet location in the ballroom hall.

General Cain was pleased with such a decision. He wouldn't want all of the guests' attention transferred to the royal presence. With the objective of seeing the princess first, he marched speedily towards the guests' rooms, but he was quick to a stop at the intersection of the hallways when he crossed Erza's path.

"My Lord, " the young maid greeted, hiding her surprised reaction as she bent her head down.

"Where is the Princess?" Cain didn't waste time and asked.

Erza felt a quick skip of her heartbeat as the Lord inquired. Her hands tensed as her mind grazed on the possibility of him finding the princess' present escape. Acting as if nothing happened, she lowered her head even more and politely explained to the man in her front.

"My Lord, the princess is in her bedroom as of this moment. Unfortunately, she doesn't want anyone to disturb her rest. She wanted me out of the room also, but reminded me to be wary of unwanted visitors."

Cain brought his eyebrow up in disbelief. Discontented with Erza's words, he walked past the maid and continued on to the path he was earlier, but the maid's quick reflexes caught the Lord back, stopping him from his tracks.

"My Lord! With all due respect, please let the princess be for now. I am quite sure that she'd feel better later and come back to the ball. It is my utmost job to protect her privacy even for someone as respectable as you Lord Cain, the General of the Royal Battalion."

Cain hissed and let out a deep, disappointed breath.

Seeing the maid bowing her head with total submission but at the same time having a strong resolve of protecting the feelings of her master, he could not argue anymore. "I admire your courage to stop me girl. You do protect your master quite well."

"Yes, My Lord. Princess Lianne is the most important above anything else for me. So, please I beg you. Give her time and space, " Erza replied in a soft tone. She couldn't believe that she was able to go against such a strong and fine gentleman and lie to him on his face.

"Very well." Cain released a sigh. "Give my message to her then. I will be waiting for her in the main table. I want to talk to her before this night is through."

"Yes, My Lord. It will be done, " replied Erza with a polite nod of her head. Deep inside though, she knew she couldn't do such a command.


Eighteen minutes later, Lord Jared appeared behind the King who sported an unreadable expression on his face. He gently tapped his shoulder and stooped low enough for him to clearly hear the news. The news, the majordomo thought, would most likely enrage the King.

And yes, immediately after the words left Lord Jared's mouth, Ruen's heartbeat raced and an incensed expression painted his face.

"Stay here, " he commanded just as he stood up. "Let Cain know nothing of what is happening. If he further asks, give an alibi. I don't want him following the princess and causing problems on my way."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Lord Jared tipped his head low. "I have thought that you wouldn't want to use the royal carriage so I have prepared a common mode of transport for you."

Ruen nodded once.

painstakingly tried to control all of these reactions inside her body and tried hard to calm down.

'How? How did he know?!' Lianne thought to herself.

She darted up and stood towering above Ruen who had now planted himself directly in the entrance of the wagon as if guarding her way of escape.

Their eyes met in a fiery battle.

'What a waste of time sitting. Now, I definitely couldn't run away, ' the thought crossed her mind.

"Lianne, come with me, " Ruen said straight to the point, allowing no room for argument. He held out his hand and gave her a daunting look to make his point clear.

Lianne knew there was no other way but to accept his offer. But by heaven's sake, she hopelessly didn't want to be drowned by his gaze.

She ripped her eyes away from him and took in a deep breath as she took the cloak off her shoulders. She then turned to look at Lenora and handed the garment to her.

Lenora, in turn, was surprised by the action.

"Yo…ur Highness, why?" she stuttered.

"Take it Len. It is my way of saying thanks, " the princess replied with a small smile. "It appears that you need it more than I do. Your travel is still long."

"Ah...uhm. Thank you Your Highness, " Lenora replied, hesitant to lift her head more knowing that the King was still present near them.

"You take care, alright?" Lianne stated. She crouched down to meet the young woman at eye level and gave her the most genuine smile she could make.

Lenora returned the gesture. "Yes Your Highness, you take care too. If you want, you are very welcome in our house whenever you want to visit."

Lianne nodded and then stood up. She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin up before attempting to climb down the wagon.

She didn't take Ruen's offering hand the whole time. She just acted as if he was invisible.

Ruen, in the other hand, wasn't surprised by her actions and merely followed her behind keeping himself silent as they both approached the carriage.

"Thank you Sir Alchon." Lianne said when she reached the old man.

Sir Alchon hurriedly pulled his hat and pressed it against his chest. "Ah, no worries Your Highness. It is my pleasure to serve you."

"Please take care of Lenora for me and have a safe travel back to town, " Lianne stated.

The old man nodded once. "I will, Your Highness. Thank you."

Still acting as if the King behind her was invisible, Lianne continued to the carriage and climbed up inside. She kept her face routed to the small window on her side as Ruen entered and claimed the opposite seat in front of her.

The moment the door closed however, she knew she couldn't act like she was alone anymore. Ruen's gaze was as heated as it was when they shared a bed and as angry as the boiling lava in a volcano.

And she felt it. She definitely felt it right to her core.

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