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   Chapter 48 The Clash of Desires

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Lianne walked as fast as she could along the hallway with Erza.

Her eyes were cast downward, her thoughts filled to the brim as she recollected her memories about the two men in her life.

The first one was her childhood with Cain; from the first time they met to the present situation they were into.

She cared for him and she felt at fault by the choices that he had to make in order to keep their relationship intact, but in the end, the shock of finding out the truth made it difficult for her to forgive him.

The second memory however dove too deep in her mind, and the reality of it made her head spin.

' not Garlow's real son?!' her mind shouted.

This time, she felt even more a fool. If it was the truth, then there was a possibility that everyone in the Regaleria mansion kept it from her. Lady Faye too, whom she considered to be her confidant and almost like a mother.

And the same goes to Ruen who was the bearer of truth. Why had he not told her about it was something she couldn't understand.

Instantly, she remembered his haunting words, 'You don't even know what you are saying Lianne.'

How many times had he said that. He had been giving her crumbs of clues all this time, yet she had been blind to it due to her hatred towards him.

She cringed.

Just by the thought of this made her heart ache real good.

Erza tried hard to keep up with the pace of the princess' walking.

It was plain to see that the royal was thoroughly distressed, but the maid servant kept her observations to herself. She stayed quiet throughout the length of the hallway, obedient as she should be, until the princess suddenly paused from walking and announced, "I want to leave now, Erza."

The maid servant's eyelids fluttered. She moved in front of the princess so she could see her face and once she did, she nodded in agreement, seeing the determination in Lianne's eyes.

"Then, shall I prepare a carriage for a ride back to Regaleria Princess?"

"No." Lianne shook her head and gnashed her teeth. "I want out of this kingdom. I want to be as far away from here as possible."

"But Princess?" Erza protested, realizing what Lianne meant.

From where they stood, they were just a few meters away from the three adjoining hallways; one towards the ballroom, one to the study room and one to the guests' quarters. Three areas. Three choices that would lead to her future.

Lianne saw the objection in Erza's eyes. She knew her decision seemed rather crazy but it was already final.

No one.

Not her, not Cain, not Lady Faye, not even the King could make her change her decision.

"Erza..." she started, hauling in a deep breath to calm her nerves. "I'm confused. I'm unsure what to believe anymore. I'm done with all...the lies around me." Her voice faltered for a bit, so she cleared her throat. "I just can't take so much more. Please understand. I need your help."

Concern filled the maid servant's expression. She had seen the princess go through a lot of difficulties inside the Regaleria mansion, both with the King and the crown prince then, but she believed strongly that the prince meant no harm towards the princess. It was even difficult on her part to be asked to promise not to reveal the truth of his birth, but now that the princess has asked for her help, how could she refuse?

Erza met Lianne's desperate gaze and immediately felt a surge of mixed emotions on her part. She tensed as she felt the pressure pushing heavily down on her.

She frantically searched for an area to calm her battered thoughts. The light fixtures on the ceilings, the landscape paintings on the wall or anything at all would be useful, but as her gaze rested into a room with a paneled glass wall just a few feet away from them, she instantly stilled and her breath was caught on her throat.

Through the paneled glass wall, she saw Sir Jared enter the small waiting room. Her intuition concluded that if Sir Jared was here, then maybe the King was present also.

The princes

Majesty, " Cain at last replied, not looking at him.

Ruen flinched a brow with Cain's remark and then continued on with his intent.

"Hmmm... I'm sure you are wondering why I'm here though right?" he said. "Let me be straight with you Cain. I'm here to take her back."

The general clenched his fists tightly and gazed at the King like a predator ready for a kill. He couldn't confine his anger. He couldn't keep his irritation anymore after hearing Ruen's audacious statement.

"I'm sure you are not so bold as to take the princess away when the hunting contest has just began."

"She is not used to such things, " Ruen retorted. "Don't force her into it, Cain."

"How can you be so sure then, Your Majesty?" the general rebutted.

A slight sardonic smile appeared on Ruen's lips. He was in deep thought as he stared gravely at the burned wood on the fireplace. The ashes were a bright gray and still fresh.

"Leaving her all alone in the middle of the forest this morning wasn't a good idea. Maybe, you should think twice before you place her in a dangerous situation, " he replied.

Cain crossed his arms and puffed out his chest.

"I believe that is for me to decide, Your Majesty. I do care for her safety above all else. That is something I...only have control over."

Ruen didn't overlook the way Cain stressed his statement, but he was adamant himself to make his point known.

"I'll take the Princess back to Regaleria now, " he announced without qualms.

This aroused the general's anger even more but he stayed as composed as he could.

"That, I'm afraid, is her choice, " he said. "You can ask that yourself if she would like to return to the palace or not. However, the night is still young. For the time being, would you enjoy the party then?"

Cain didn't want for the King to come to his host gathering, but this was the only way to create an emergent diversion. He didn't want them to meet yet. With the recent argument he had with the princess, there was a great possibility she would go with him back to Regaleria. Stalling time and deferring their meeting would be a better way.

The two men had a staring battle for what seemed like an eternity, each one wanting to make their point across and each one trying to intimidate the other.

If it was Ruen, he would have wanted to bolt out of the room and look for the princess himself, but their recent meeting stopped him otherwise. He still had no idea what the princess was undergoing as of the moment. The maid servant said so herself that Lianne was troubled over something.

To wait for Erza's update would be the wisest thing to do, so he had to choose to accept Cain's offer.

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