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   Chapter 47 The Relieving But Painful Truth

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Evening came and everyone was busy preparing for the formal dinner party of the day.

The princess was wearing a cream-colored chiffon floor-length gown with flower and fern bead works on the bodice. Its neckline was a wide V-shape that accentuated her shoulders and neck.

When last night's dinner her ensemble was devoid of a necklace, now she was wearing a matching diamond chain necklace and earrings that shaped like teardrops and laurel leaves.

She received the gift rather reluctantly that late afternoon from the general. Though she was hesitant on wearing such a fine piece, all she could do was to abide in respect of the hospitality that he had extended.

The majordomo handed it to her noting that Cain wasn't able to personally give it as he had an important appointment to attend to.

What obligations she was expected after accepting the gift, she didn't know and hoped that it wouldn't cause any problem on the eyes of the other women at dinner.

Her hair was left loose, but properly curled by Erza and adorned it with tiny flower pins. She also wore a white lace glove to protect her skin, already expecting to be ravaged by another batch of kisses on her hand.

The party was now held at the main ballroom, and all of the preparations were finely done to cater the whole guests of the mansion. The chandeliers were lit, the red carpet was in place and there were five tables set up for the main course and ten tables for the drinks and assorted desserts with fruits and pastries.

The princess was seated in the same table she sat when she first attended a party in the mansion, but this time, she had with her a group of men, mainly the generals of Regaleria with Lord Cain on her right side. Erza was a few feet away from her back, standing right beside a column, observing the whole occasion and waiting for the princess' needs.

After the formal greetings were made, Lord Cain opened the party with a toast.

"I am greatly honored with all of us gathering here and I am indeed happy, but my joy is more so with the Princess of Regaleria with me. Let us enjoy the night. To all of us!"

In chorus, all of the guests gleefully replied, "To all of us!", and with that, everyone proceeded to dine and drink.

The generals were boisterous and laughing loudly as they started eating. No one seemed to care or even notice, but Lianne felt mindful of Cain's clear statement directed specially to her.

She glanced at his way, observing his gestures but she was caught off guard when Cain looked back at her, his eyes were gleaming with pleasure.

"You look breathtakingly beautiful Lianne. The necklace accentuates you more, " Cain whispered on her ear.

Lianne released a soft smile and then took a deep indistinguishable breath to calm her nerves. "Oh, thank you Cain for this." She hoped he wouldn't press upon the matter, but unfortunately, he did.

"I wanted to give you more, but I think your own necklace is what you wanted to have more than anything."

Lianne was puzzled by his statement. Her brows arched and she hurried to say, "What do you mean?"

Cain lifted the glass of champagne in his hand and grinned towards her. "Nothing princess. Let's have dinner now."

Lianne was taken aback by the general's unusual behavior. Though she was curious of what he meant, she didn't care to ask anymore.

The party continued on until ten in the evening. There was music all over the dance hall and the guests were occupying every bit of space available in the ballroom.

"Would it be alright if I will go and fix myself, My Lord?" Lianne whispered softly, enough for Cain to hear amidst the other men's loud conversation.

He nodded and then looked at her saying, "Don't take too much time, Lianne. You still owe me a dance."

She nodded once in response and then proceeded her way out of the main table.

Erza hurriedly went to her side and off the two women went to the parlour en route a garden hallway that was connected to the ballroom.

The lights were dim on that side of the mansion, and even though it was in that state, there were a couple of women in sight along the corridor conversing eagerly.

Ezra noticed them to be majority of middle age, but two of the women were elderly.

Their appearance showed that they were of high stature and rank, but the young maid found it odd for such a group to be in a secluded place. As they walked along the dim-lit corridor, they heard a woman mockingly commented.

"The late King really did a perfect job in controlling the princess. I didn't expect that she wouldn't even show a small hint of sadness on her own circumstance!"

Lianne halted abruptly when she heard her name. Erza in reflex pulled the princess out of sight and into a slim column covered with overgrown vines, hiding quietly.

"What do you expect of our late King? He always gets what he wants." One of the elder women exclaimed. "Though I do understa

h?!" she questioned, meeting his arctic gaze again.

"I do not want such friendship!" he then furiously voiced out. "I want you Lianne. You. Your body. Your mind. Your heart. All of you!"

He stared at her in a way an in loved man stares at his woman; full of passion, full of emotion and with this, she felt cognizant despite how angry she was inside. It was absurd to even feel this way at this very moment of his betrayal but she saw how true he was with his feelings for her. It was impossible to be insensitive to that.

The general suddenly seized her right arm and then pulled her closer to him.

She could not do anything other than look into his eyes. Eyes that showed how desperate its owner was.

"I saw your hate and your burning resentment against Garlow, Lianne. If it would mean to get your affection, then I would do anything, even to hide the truth from you. I do not want you to hate me."

Lianne hauled in a deep breath and frowned at his remark. "How could you Cain? How could you be so selfish? I thought you understood my pain."

"Please understand me, Lianne, " he pleaded. "Forget about the past. Think about us. Stay with me here in Soulisse. You are free! I can give you anything you desire! I love you! What could you want more?"

With that, Cain moved his face closer to hers with an intent to kiss her, but Lianne pulled away while his guard was down, summoning all of her strength to be able to escape his advances and open the main door.

Cain, groaning in displeasure, pressed on with his ardent actions and tried to seize her by the arm, but as she twisted the doorknob to open, surprise painted her face when she saw the majordomo standing at the front of the entry, looking gravely distressed.

The general stopped and looked at Sir Conrad in confusion.

"My Lord, there is...something you need to know urgently, " Sir Conrad announced, dismissing the commotion between the two he saw a moment ago.

Lianne saw this as a chance. She bolted out of the study room without even so much as a backward glance at him.

Cain saw this. He hissed in disappointment seeing how easily she had escaped his grasp. And the very thought of the King's pending visit, rage and desperation quickly flooded inside him.

He walked back into the wooden table while Sir Conrad followed him from behind, gently closing the door at the same time to ensure their privacy.

"Don't tell me what I don't want to hear, " Cain stated, grabbing a bottle of whisky available on the table.

Despite knowing what his master meant, Sir Conrad, being the obedient butler that he was, still informed him of the important news.

"My Lord, His Majesty has arrived."

He lowered his head even more, not wanting to inflame the already blazing ire of the general.

Cain took in a deep breath and then drank the whisky with only just one gulp. He winced as the powerful spirit touched his throat.

"The hell..." he muttered under his breath and then gave the butler a glare. "Had I not told you to stall time?"

"His Highness is persistent, My Lord. I did the best I could do, " Sir Conrad answered with great care.

Cain placed the empty bottle down and released an impatient huff. "Tsk, never mind. I'll do it myself, " he said and then walked to the door.

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