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   Chapter 46 In The Forest

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The path they took was a long and arduous one. They passed some uphills and downhills until they reached the center of the forest about fifteen minutes later. Lianne was stupefied by the sight of nature along the way.

The landscapes of the mountains that were towering up to the heavens, the enormous trees that covered the forest floor and the peacefulness of the forest itself were all wonders for her to behold.

They stopped near a riverbank, descend on ground and secured the horses by tying the reins up around a sturdy tree. Present now was only her, Lord Cain and two other generals.

It seemed that the other groups weren't able to catch up with their fast pace.

It was a good progress however. In a hunting competition, the man that kills the most number of animals shall be named the winner. What better way to win than to separate with the group and scatter throughout the forest floor.

"You go on hunting. I will just stay here, Cain." Lianne offered first as he assisted her down his stallion.

"Hah! Aren't you coming Your Highness?" Sir Caleb, general of archery, asked in wonder, waiting for his horse to finish drinking in the river.

"Oh, I...I can't really." Lianne quickly retorted, looking at Cain at the same time, seeing his disappointed look. "The look of animals being killed is too much for me, I guess."

"Then you go on ahead, I will just stay here with the Princess, " Cain decided quickly.

He placed down the heavy crossbow that was dangling on his shoulders and then unbuckled the straps of his scabbard and let the iron sword fell down the ground.

"Bah! You are such a gentleman, General Cain. It won't hurt if we will just leave the princess here for just an hour, right?" A buffy man, the tallest of the three, grumbled in frustration.

He was Sir Brooder, general of combat and skills. He was twenty years older than Cain, almost like a father, but treated him as his younger brother.

The man apparently was Lord Midas' right hand, but never slew a man without reason. In times of battle, he only stayed on campgrounds receiving fallen comrades for medical assistance.

But there was one battle he had fought outside of camp and that was the raid of the Vhillana Kingdom. He witnessed the murder of Lianne's royal family under Midas's own hands. Though aghast by the sight of it, he didn't say a word and kept that fact to himself except sharing it with his wife to lighten his guilt.

"I will be alright, Cain, you know that, " Lianne answered as he looked at her with worry.

"Now come!" Sir Caleb insisted, dragging him by the arm all the way to the dense forest. Sir Brooder was following them, holding the crossbow and sword in one hand.

Cain huffed in dismay as he was led away from her front.

"You stay there, princess. Don't go anywhere!" he hastily commanded as he disappeared into the bushes.

"Hah, " she huffed and cocked her head to the side, "where could I possibly go?"

She turned to scan the area, examining every bit of detail Nature has to offer.

The place was quiet and the breeze was fresh. The leaves of the tall oak trees, fig trees and cedar trees were dancing along with the wind. The sun rays touched only some of the ground as the area was roofed perfectly by the trees.

The river however was rich with shimmering crystals of sunlight and Lianne was calmed by the sight of it. The river was crystal clear. Assorted species of fishes swam all around.

At a bank on the opposite side of the river, a few meters away from her, the princess saw two animals, deer, nearing the water.

The buck noticed her presence, but ignored her as its partner went closer to the ed

atmosphere and the fog that seemed to create an absurd illusion for her. If it was only an illusion, then she would feel more at ease, but she knew deep down it wasn't. He was real and he was looking for her.

When they arrived in the barracks, almost all of the men participating the hunt was already there waiting for them. By the looks of things, Cain's group had the most kills, and so, they were ranked first.

The conclusion of today's activities was a dinner party later that night. Lianne, while waiting for the time, chose to stay at her bedroom. Erza entered with a tray of pastries and hot tea for her.

"How was your first experience on a hunt, Your Highness?" the maid asked just as she served the princess some tea.

Lianne sipped its contents slowly, enjoying the aroma and the taste of it while leaning on the custom-made couch. She then replied with ease, "It was enlightening, seeing such wonderful nature surrounding me. Though I would have preferred to stay here, rather than seeing animals being killed."

Erza stared at her silent. Her eyes then squinted, making a mental picture of what the dead animals looked like. "Well, I think no woman could stomach such cruelty to animals though. Especially you Princess, since this is your first time."

"I wasn't planning on joining them in the first place. Cain just literally lifted me into his horse to go with him on the hunt, " Lianne confessed in a disappointed way. "Never would I want to see such a sight again."

"I was worried about you getting a cold because of the rain though. Lady Faye would definitely scold me for it, " Erza stated as she stood waiting for the princess to finish her tea.

Lianne was just sipping on it, blankly staring at the transparent vase of white lilies on the table. Her thoughts were preoccupied on the events that happened that time, and the center of it all was seeing the King.

"You don't really need to worry Erza, " Lianne then spoke, smiling at the same time. "When I realized it was raining, I immediately sought a place to shelter myself. Big trees really do come in handy when times like these happen unexpectedly."

The maid stared at her with bewildered eyes. She knew the princess was reserved on telling everything that happened on the forest. She had only hoped that nothing intimate did happen between the general and her. If there was, then she'd answer directly not only to the governess, but to the King.

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