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   Chapter 45 Haunting The Heart

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Lianne was silent throughout the course of her lunch date with the Duchess. She only said a few comments when asked by both the women with her, but overall, she kept a reserved smile.

Lady Faye and the Duchess sensed that the princess was troubled over something. Though they asked what was the matter, they didn't push through with the conversation when Lianne only managed to say that everything was fine.

The princess, however, told them of the gathering being held at the Soulisse Mansion the next day. The Duchess refused the invitation thinking that a three-day gathering would be unfit for her age.

Lady Faye was surprised to find out that the princess has accepted the general's invitation. She immediately concluded that another argument with the King over the invitation was the main reason for her gloomy disposition.

If it was Cain, Lady Faye knew that the King would vehemently refuse, but it was a matter for the princess to decide for herself. She was, after all, free to do whatever she wants.

It was late afternoon the same day when Lord Jared softly knocked the door of the King's study room. It was the first time that Ruen used the place after his father had passed.

The room was intended to be a king's personal place of peace when not in the throne room doing kingly duties and signing paper works. Ruen was sitting at the marble edge of the window with his right leg leaning against the window sill, while the other dangling on the floor. In his left hand, he held a flute of sparkling wine. He was intently looking at the main portico outside when Lord Jared entered.

"Your Majesty, it is already confirmed. There will be a carriage that will take the princess to the Soulisse Mansion, " he obediently informed.

Ruen's brows cringed upon hearing it. "Then that means she'll go. Tell me everything Jared. Tell me everything about this so called three-day gathering of Cain."

Of course, the king didn't believe the general. He can bet his crown that this was just his alibi in order to get the princess out of the mansion. Out of his care. And maybe, it would be for good.

But like he'd let that happen.

Lord Jared obliged. He summarized every schedule that was to happen in the Soulisse Mansion the next day. He observed the King rather calm while drinking his red wine, but he sensed an amassing anger within the royal, that for now, still within the boundaries of control.

By the time the majordomo finished explaining, Ruen's hands curled into a tight fist and his jaw clenched.

A carriage from the Soulisse Mansion came into his view. It had just entered the mansion's gates.

Then, a few moments later, he saw the princess and the maid servant, Erza stand at the base of the stairs in the front portico, waiting for the carriage to stop.

His heart sank when he saw Lianne walk towards the carriage. He wanted to shout, he wanted to run to her and tell her to stay, but he couldn't in his right mind contain her within the mansion's grounds again.

There was no telling if she will come back in the mansion. Come back to...him. But if she will, he was sure as hell would never want to let her go again.

So in the end, he watched with painstaking control as the carriage left with the princess inside.


The sky had a mixture of black and orange when the transport arrived at the white mansion an hour later.

Lianne felt some trepidation as she stepped down the carriage with Lord Cain assisting her, but she quenched her worries away as she produced a greeting smile towards his way.

'Everything will be fine, ' she chanted to herself.

Earlier that afternoon, when Lianne was still in Regaleria, Lady Faye begged her to reconsider coming to Soulisse, but her decision was final. However, to keep the governess from becoming worried, Lianne took Erza with her and promised that wherever she will go, the maid were to accompany her.

The mentioned maid servant was now at the back of the carriage, helping the Soulisse maids unload the baggage that they took with them.

Cain, noticing this, was surprised by the scarcity of the princess' belongings considering she was to stay for the whole three days, and even to extend her stay if wanted.

"Planning to go home early, Your Highness?" he queried, eyes twinkling with curiosity, as they entered the main foyer.

Lianne glanced at him with some slight confusion and then replied with a shake of her head.


sharp glares of every maiden present just like what she experienced at dinner last night.

Smiling a bright smile, he offered his hand to her and said, "Would you like to come with me Princess?"

"To where?" she instinctively replied, but with a confused tone of voice.

"To the hunting grounds of course, " he said and then grinned.

Lianne didn't know how to react. It was a fact that women like herself should be excluded in the affairs of men, and it was clear that he knew of that fact also.

She directly looked at her clothes, noting it to him that she was wearing a sundress, unfit for a haunting situation, but Cain only grinned some more.

"Don't worry. That is not a problem, Lianne. You are only there to watch me, not to hunt, " he remarked with teasing eyes.

The latter only gave him an unsure look. "I'm sorry, I think I can't go, Cain. I'm just not-"

But before she could finish, Cain swiftly scooped her out of the ground and carried her, wedding-style, towards his horse.

She shouted in protest, but it was feebly heard. The other generals of the Regaleria Royal Army, a few soldiers and other bachelors present hooted in teasing enjoyment of his blatant actions.

"There you go General! You already won!" One man shouted in glee.

"Hahahah! It seems to me that's his lucky charm!" Another man humorously commented.

Cain gave a lighthearted wave on the men and then jumped up to his stallion with the princess already seated at the front.

With this, Lianne felt his hard chest press against her left shoulder and felt his lean thighs touch her own. It was hard not to feel conscious, but she tried her best to divert her attention away.

"Don't worry, you won't get bored at all, " Cain whispered, reassuring her.

Lianne frowned in the process, turned to face away from him and said, "You really didn't have to do it like that Cain, and besides, I can ride my own horse."

"No, " he immediately replied. "This way is much better."

He flipped the reins of his horse and called out, "Hijah!"

And then they took off with Lianne unable to argue anymore.

The assembly followed the general as the hunting drums sounded. Some were left behind as they traveled on foot, some managed to catch up with their horses, but the generals and Lord Cain were the one's leading the assembly with the golden banner of the Von Cavill crest hanging on his stallion's saddle.

Lianne felt a rush of adrenaline when everything went blurry. The cold wind collided on her face and her fine hair turned to knots, but she seemed to enjoy every moment of it.

For the first time in her life, she felt like a bird in flight, free of all worries and hesitations, but as Cain enveloped his left arm around her waist, she felt being pulled back to the ground.

She realized, this was his plan after all; to take her out of Erza's sight and keep her to himself for the whole day. No wonder he didn't let her have her own horse to ride.

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