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   Chapter 44 Dismayed by Madness

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Lianne, feeling nervous, peeked through the French door to see clearly.

In her mind, she had expected it was the King, who followed her after leaving his chamber, but upon looking closely on the profile of the man who was watching the outside scenery, to her surprise, it was Lord Cain.

The General spun around as if he sensed the princess' presence, and in that instant, he saw her hide behind the glass door, looking obviously puzzled by his unexpected visit.

"I can see you, you know." He grinned and cocked his head to the side.

"Lord Cain?" Lianne muttered in a weak voice and then stepped out of the door.

Cain beamed a smile on her way and dutifully bowed, greeting at the same time, "Good morning Princess."

His welcoming expression quickly turned into one of confusion when he realized that the princess was still wearing her night clothes. His face shifted away while a blush appeared on his cheeks when he noticed the subtle black color of her brassiere pushing through the gown.

Lianne, seeing where his eyes traveled, hurriedly covered herself with her robe.

"I...I didn't expect you to visit, My Lord, " she stated hoping to decrease the awkwardness of the moment.

"Yes, I apologize for surprising you this morning." The General cleared his throat. "But, I honestly expected you to be already awake at this time of day. I think I have mistaken."

He eyed her again with the same amount of confusion he had a moment ago.

Lianne realized what his words meant and frantically, she reasoned, "Well, I...I think I overslept, My Lord." Then, she gave out a shy smile.

"Oh, was it the case?" Cain responded, looking unconvinced.

Lianne felt uneasy with the way he inquired. Surely he doesn't know that she just came from the King's chamber. Was he just being too suspicious then?

"Why are you here?" Lianne changed the subject, then proceeded to walk outside the balcony into the balustrade and transiently glanced at Ruen's terrace to see if he was present.

Seeing that there was no one in the area, she felt immediately relieved.

Cain approached her and stood side by side with her against the balustrade.

"I would like to invite you to the Soulisse Mansion, Lianne, " he started, going immediately to his purpose of visiting her. "I will be organizing a three-day hunting competition on my estate with a variety of gatherings the whole day. It would be a great experience for you, I am sure of it, and a breather on this place."

Lianne was at a loss for words for a moment. She stared at the General, trying to see if he was serious, and realized he was judging by how deeply he looked at her.

She weighed his invitation, all the possible consequences both good and bad. "A three-day hunting competition?" she clarified looking concerned, at the back of her mind, a sudden memory of Ruen's face flashed.

Cain, oblivious to this, assumed that her concerns originated on the fact that it was her first time in such a gathering.

"Yes, it is for three days, Lianne, that is why I am inviting you. You can stay at the mansion for as long as you like, but the competition will start tomorrow. You can bring someone to assist your personal needs if you want to, but I already have lots of servants to take care of that. You don't need to be concerned, Princess. I will always be by your side if you need my company."

Lianne took a deep breath and stared blankly at the east garden below.

She didn't understand why, but she felt utterly uneasy on his invitation.

Her thoughts were mixing on the possibilities ahead of her, but the one thing that focused it all was her main question, will 'he' allow her to go?

Immediately, she already knew the answer.

Ruen definitely will not allow her to go, but who was he to forbid her then? He was not the master of her. He was not her King. He didn't rule her. And most certainly, he wasn't her lover even though they just spent the whole night of moans, groans, and mixed breaths.

Lianne quickly shook her head at the thought of it.

If it was for three days, then it would be good, she finally considered. The better she can keep a distance away from the King after all that has happened between them.

What happened last night was a mistake, and what better way for her to forget all about it was to accept Cain's invitation.

"Yes, I'll...go, " Lianne replied, but her voice was so low Cain couldn't clearly hear.

"Lianne?" He tipped his head towards her and stared like a school boy waiting to be han

ve made that clear last night."

"Last night was a mistake!" Lianne declared, shaking the sudden heat that had surfaced at the pit of her belly.

Ruen paused, straightened his stand and went silent. He looked at her with intensity, wanting to hear every word from her mouth.

Lianne's breathing rose and her hands shook as she cried out, "It was all a mistake! And I deeply...regretted every moment of it."

The last words were weak, almost without conviction, but Ruen didn't notice it.

"Is that how you feel of it?" he bluntly asked, a chill quickly running up his spine.

He moved closer to her as he began to ask once again, "Is that how you feel of it, Lianne?"

He then tenderly stroke the warm cheeks of the princess, bringing her head up to face him, but she averted her eyes to the side, clenching her jaw at the same time.

It was disappointing on her that she couldn't straightforwardly answer his question. If she hated what happened last night, then why can't she frankly say it, just so to fend him off away for good?

"The feel of my hands..." He began to delicately brush her shoulders. Lianne shivered in response.

"To the touch of my lips..." He moved to stroke her lips with his fingers to her apparent dismay. Why can't she do anything to block off his advances?!

"The warmth of our skin touching..."


He abruptly stopped as the princess shouted in anger.

"Stop it!"

Lianne reached up and pushed his chest away. However, it didn't have any effect. He grinned in pleasure at the response he was getting and decided to continue.

"Your reserved but satisfied cries."

"I said stop it!" Lianne cried out once again. "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT"

She shook her head as she demanded incessantly, tears began to well up in her eyes.

She felt the rising heat of her body as he enumerated their memories. It was truly pure bliss, but she couldn't in her life accept the fact that she had just yielded herself to him.

The son of the man she hated!

It was a betrayal on her conviction! A complete betrayal of her family! And she felt disgusted with herself because of it.

"How could you deny yourself of the reality Lianne?! Haven't your hatred already been sated?" Ruen asked in a loud voice. "Why do you keep on tormenting yourself with this?"

Lianne braved to look at him despite the tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Like I said, everything was just a mistake. If anything, it was because of my guilt that I gave in to such madness!"


The word lingered in Ruen's mind.

Though he was trained to be insensitive, the word truly dug deep into his heart.

He gave her a pained look, to which the princess clearly noticed, and then he left the room without any word said.

A surge of relief came flowing inside her as she saw him leave. However, there was a pang of ache in her heart as she remembered the way he looked at her. Her choice of words really was harsh, but it was the only way to hide what she truly felt.

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