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   Chapter 43 A Night's Taste of Passion

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Ruen continued towards the master bed and gently placed the princess on it.

Lianne's cheeks turned a deep red upon seeing him take his robe and pants off, knowing not too long from now she'll be able to feel his body on hers.

It was a fact she cannot deny. Although hostile against it, she always admired his physique and the very man that he had become over these past four years.

And the reality that this man was with her, touching, stroking and caressing her, treating her like a lover had swelled her heart real good.

He was like the embodiment of a God in human form; virile and masculine. Truly, a perfect match for a princess who was innocent on the pleasures of the flesh.

Ruen pulled her close to him as he dipped into the bed. Their lips molded back and while they kissed, he cautiously unzipped the princess' nightgown.

Lianne noticed it but didn't care. Why would she when she wanted it from the very start?

He continued with shoving the straps of her gown down her shoulders and unfastening her brassiere that had been out of place since earlier of their tryst.

The strapless garment fell down the mattress, revealing her two pink globes that Ruen had the luxury of examining.

A ghost of a smile appeared on his lips then as he took in the wondrous sight.

"You're staring, " Lianne pointed out when she noticed his momentary pause.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, " he replied as he lowered his head to capture her chin with his mouth.

"Don't worry, no offense taken, " she breathed out, hiding a smile under the darkly lit room.

The King moved near her ear and whispered in reply, "Because you're beautiful, Lianne."

She opted not to answer his remark and chose instead to relish the sensations he was creating with his eager mouth.

And as Ruen did so, his free hand made its way down south, directly into her parted legs.

He hooked one finger in the garter of her underwear and like a pro, slid it out together with her nightgown and placed them at the foot of the bed.

The princess' beautiful porcelain skin looked radiant under the light of the fireplace.

Ruen's gaze flickered with delight, pleased of knowing that she was only his to own on this very night.

Lianne, on the other hand, didn't mind her nakedness. She felt like a treasure under his gaze and nothing could ruin that feeling. She waited for his next move, already feeling empty without his touch.

The King didn't tarry any longer. He continued his foreplay with strokes upon strokes of her body, making sure every inch was accounted for and rained down with his attention.

He kept the memory of her body to heart; memorizing each line, each curve, and each crevice.

All Lianne did was whimper in pleasure.

A splinter of guilt had leaked out of her thoughts at one time, warning her of this insanity, but the desire that was ignited within her by this very man quenched it all away.

Ruen fondled her breasts like a honey-painted wall and she arched in turn as she felt how delightful the sensation was.

How could this be so good when she knew she was making love t

er. More so, her mind was in a battle. Bewilderment, sadness and confusion clashing all at once.

Lady Faye was already at the receiving room when the princess opened the door.

A surprised look on their faces was registered but Lady Faye quickly composed herself. She knew exactly where the princess had been.

"Good...good morning Lady Faye, " Lianne greeted as she quickly entered her bedroom.

"Good morning to you too my dear." The Head Governess followed the princess as she hurried directly to the bathroom. She sighed in response and smiled to herself.


"Why?" Lianne asked herself as she leaned against the bathroom door, still feeling warm and flushed but somehow dispirited. She went to look at her reflection in the mirror and took off her robe and nightgown.

"Oh my..."

Her mouth dropped and her eyes widened.

She was surprised to see three small red blots; kissmarks from last night's event that the King had made.

There was one on her left neck, one at the middle of her breasts and one on her waist.

These were the same as those ones he made during their encounter in her living room, but this time, these kissmarks she had, no doubt, welcomed.

Closing her eyes, Lianne mimicked the way his hands trailed along her flesh, but upon the thought of it made her frown quickly.

What was wrong with her?

Why did she surrender?

"No... No!" she voiced out as she looked at her face on the mirror. "It was a mistake! Everything was a mistake!" Tears began to stream down her cheeks at the thought of last night. "I can't... I can't accept it."

She shook her head and slowly, gathered herself on the floor of her bathroom and silently cried.


It was almost an hour after when she left the bathroom.

Lady Faye was no longer in her bedroom nor in the receiving room when she looked.

However, as she turned her attention on the open glass door of the receiving room, she noticed a certain figure of a man standing outside the balcony.

Immediately, distress rose inside her as she realized who the visitor was.

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