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   Chapter 42 His Chamber

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Ruen looked at her with eyes burning every fiber of her being. He leaned against the door frame and said, "A minute it is then, " crossing both his arms while waiting for her to respond.

Lianne clenched her hands into a fist, conjuring up enough strength to confront the King despite his taunting gaze.

What was wrong with her now? She was stubborn already to seek an audience with him, but it was as if all her resolve had weakened just by the mere sight of him standing there, so close, so attractive, and so inviting.

Her eyes betrayed her as it perused the length of his bare chest. He was wearing his nightclothes just like her. Simple to say, they were both informally dressed.

With this realization, her body suddenly turned hot, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. This reaction only convinced her how vulnerable she was to this kind of attack of her senses. She couldn't criticize Ruen with this though, as it appeared his lack of clothing was unintentional. She was the one who visited him unannounced in the first place.

In the end, there wasn't any word that came out of Lianne's mouth, though the King waited for her to speak noting every second that passed by.

"I don't like to dally so much in front of the door Princess, so if you could hurry up, that would be good, " Ruen firmly said, mocking every second that passed by.

With this, Lianne blinked a few times, a feeling of irritation and regret came surging up in an instant.

She knew she was stubborn, but he was contemptible! He was just too full of himself. By just those words, she knew she made a mistake coming to his chamber.

Why was she feeling sorry in the first place when amidst the fact he saved her from danger that time, he was still the apathetic man she already knew.

"How could you act like that!" Lianne shouted. "To think that I gathered so much courage to come here just to apologize to you! I have admitted to myself that I have misjudged your actions. Was I wrong to think then?!"

"I don't need your apology, " Ruen answered, acid dripping from his voice.

His brown-green eyes looked cold and unwavering. From leaning against the door frame, he stood straight as if ready to direct another blow of callous words on her.

Lianne routed her gaze on the floor with brows furrowed and jaw clenched. Then, she shook her head. With his unyielding attitude, she knew full well there was no reasoning with him anymore. If he didn't want her apology, then who was she to care? All she had to do now was to walk away.

She awarded him a sharp disappointed look and thereafter turned her back to exit, but in a swift move, Ruen's arm snaked around her waist.

Lianne gave out a yelp, but couldn't do anything other than this as she was pulled inside his chamber like a mannequin. As if she didn't weigh anything at all.

There was so little time for her to react before she was pinned against the door as it closed, ultimately confined by the wood and his body.

Ruen cupped her mouth before she could shout leaving her gasping for breath, the same way he did when they were hiding in the dark forest from Duke Conrad. But with the way it was all going, Lianne immediately recalled what happened in her room; recalled every last bit

r principles, her hate, her distrust, her confusion had now blurred. She couldn't think straight. The desire that Ruen had ignited inside her was strong enough that her willpower could never break.

Ruen continued to caress her neck, licked and sucked the skin there that ultimately left a radiating sensation all over her body.

Then without hesitation, he worked his way down, down to her cleavage and into her pink, aroused nipples. The touch of his mouth felt exquisite, she admitted to herself. And oh what a discovery it was for a woman who was untouched.

She reached up, unable to contain herself, and allowed her hands to feel the solidness of his back muscles. If in the past, she had well assumed Ruen was a man of form, now she had confirmed it.

"Ahh..." she let out another moan, this time louder.

Ruen heard this and took it as an invitation to taste her more.

"Lianne, yield to me, " he stated, his warm breath fanning her taut nipple.

Oh! What a sweet temptation it was.

He continued to cup her breasts, kneaded it, poured his fervid attention over it and created the wildest sensations she had never felt.

"Yield to me, " he asked once again.

Lianne shut her eyes and pressed her head against the door.

", Ruen. I can't, " was her quick answer, a bit of sense coming to the fore, but she shook her head, " Ruen...ahh!" she continued, but now she sounded confused. She arched her back as he moved to claim her neck again, creating a rippling sensation from her neck down to her abdomen. It was dizzying but in a delightful way.

"You're mine, Lianne. Only mine."

If she could have fought it out, she would have, but she felt like she was melting; every ounce of energy in her body felt being sucked out as his lips touched her skin, as he venerated her, and admittedly, made her feel not just like a woman, but a Goddess.

Her next words, whatever it was, came flying out of her mind when Ruen lifted her up. She didn't protest nor did she jump out of his hold. She hooked her arms around his neck and watched as he brought them both to his bed chamber.

She knew exactly it was the point of no return.

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