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   Chapter 41 A Most Welcome Apparition

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It was already midnight, yet Lianne still couldn't sleep.

It was difficult for her to disregard the fact that she had not eaten dinner and that it made her stomach growl in protest. But what had mainly hindered her from drifting to slumber were her thoughts of what happened the night earlier with the newly-crowned King.

She knew she had slapped his pride real good and that she was the one to blame for their confrontation. How could she had forgotten he had risked his life for her?

The act itself was concrete proof that he wasn't being manipulated by his father.

Now, she felt absolutely guilty to be easily misled by Duke Conrad's words.

Seeing the prince for the first time express such emotions was a complete shock for her. All this time, she had thought of him as a person devoid of emotions. He would usually wear his familiar cold, blunt facade as if he was not swayed by the events around him. If there was anything she could think to be the reason behind this apparent change, it must be because he witnessed the kiss she and General Cain shared.

'But that kiss meant nothing...' she whispered to herself as she lay down on her mattress. Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling, the memory of Ruen's pained expression kept popping over and over again in her mind.

With a deep exhale, she stood up from her bed, wore a silk robe and walked out to the balcony of her room, sliding the glass door to enter the other side.

The cold air greeted her without delay and it made her shiver in response. She smiled when she saw the sky being bathed with a sea of stars, but her attention was quickly caught to where her eyes had misguided her.

It seemed that the King was not yet sleeping as shown by his chamber lights switched on.

Lianne sighed at the thought of earlier's confrontation.

'I'm sorry Ruen. I really am, ' was her words to the wind.


Half an hour later, Lianne decided to go down to the servants kitchen, wanting to address her hunger.

There was only the clanking of dishes in the scullery that was heard all over the hallway of the servant's hall when Lianne arrived.

She noticed the main cook of the mansion busily completing his task. He was a great cook, very flexible on many different tastes, but his youth had already left him behind his years. She remembered when he was in his early forties, back when she was still a teen then, he used to give her cupcakes in order to relieve her sadness.

'I guess now, no amount of cupcakes could numb what I'm feeling, ' she admitted in her thoughts.

"Ah, Your Highness! A good evening to you!" Sir Darlon greeted with a warm smile. He quickly wiped his wet hands with his apron and crossed the room to a countertop where a few pastries were placed.

"You seem to be very busy grandpa, " Lianne responded with a forced smile. She continued to sit next to the center table of the kitchen, her eyes intently looking at the left-over foods at the party readily seen in front of her.

"Argh, I already told you not to call me that, my sweet Princess!" the cook complained with a disgruntled look on his face.

Lianne, in response, giggled a little. Then, she eyed the food again and tipped her chin up. "Hmmm... they smell good Uncle Darlon, " she commented and then bit her lower lip.

"Ha ha! Of course they would be! Didn't I tell you I'm the best cook there is?" Sir Darlon puffed his chest.

The princess cocked her head to the side.

on she was there, she whirled around to look at him and then spoke quickly, "I apologize for bothering you!"

Ruen paused and slightly positioned his head to the side to hear more.

"I...I know the hour is already late, but...I saw the lights in your room still on so I assumed you're still awake." Lianne stopped, cleared her throat and took a deep breath as if calming herself from the moment. "Is it too late for me to ask an audience with Regaleria's new king?" It was a painstakingly polite manner, something she had never done with him or even with Garlow.

She waited for his response, but she didn't receive one instantly, and that was when she sensed he was deliberately ignoring her. He basically didn't turn around to face her nor did he glance at her direction.

After a minute of waiting, Lianne clenched her hands. She should have known then that such a feat would be futile in the end. She should have known then that this man still had the capacity to hurt her.

She embraced herself in an attempt to warm her body as the cold air surrounding the hall began to seep through her skin. She gave his back a pointed look as a result. If he was planning on ignoring her, then he should have said it frankly, not make her suffer like this.

Ruen sighed deeply looking as if there was turmoil in his mind. Heaven knows how much he didn't want to ignore her. He wanted to talk to her face to face, make her understand his feelings and make her feel his embrace, but still, he can't just let her speak and hear Cain's name on her lips again.

"Then, you should wait until tomorrow. I will attend to your matters in the court, " Ruen finally answered, the effect of his words for Lianne were like cold water thrown in the scorching fire.

Ruen continued to open the main door and began to step inside when in a heartbeat, Lianne pleaded without hesitation.

"Wait! Your Majesty, please! Can't you just give me a minute?"

Though surprised by her own action, Lianne held the last of her courage as she meant to clear her self-guilt on the very night.

But what was she thinking asking for his time when it was such late an hour? She began to question her motives on summoning his attention, but it was already too late to back out now that he had at last turned to face her.

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