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   Chapter 40 The Interrogation of the King

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"Lianne, I love you. I need you to be with me forever, " Cain whispered the words close to her ear without any qualms.

Lianne froze when she heard him say it, unable to believe his frankness. She felt him lower his head to her shoulders, taking in all of her scent. Then, she felt a tickling sensation as he brushed his lips along the plane of her neck.

"Ah!" Lianne let out an audible gasp, but it was not of pleasure, but of distress, of distaste. She pulled out of his hold and the moment Cain heard her distressing reaction, he freed her immediately, stunned and confused.

"Lianne?" His eyebrow lifted.

The princess quickly collected herself, touching her neck on the spot where she felt his lips touch.

"I...I'm sorry, " she apologized. But what was she apologizing for? she thought. Was it for her reaction? Or was it the fact that she didn't want to accept his proposal?

She looked away upon seeing Cain's eyes blazing with passion, with desire. She couldn't bare to see him look at her that way, because with it, she would feel naked under his gaze. She realized he could own her anytime he wanted to. He could easily take her away from this place if he wanted to.

She shuddered at the thought of it and for the first time in her life, she felt afraid of him.

"I'm sorry for what?" Cain stated. He took her right hand and sandwiched it with his.

Lianne shifted her eyes on the ground. "Can you give me some time, My Lord? I barely had a taste of my freedom. I wanted to-"

"If you must, " the general inserted, cutting off the princess' words. "Take as much time as you want, Lianne. I understand. I won't be hasty, but know that I have high hopes for the both of us."

Lianne couldn't reply to that anymore. She gently nodded and watched the last ray of the sun disappear.

"It's getting dark. We should head back to the mansion, " she remarked.

The general agreed and off they went, using the route they took earlier.

Lianne was reserved the whole time they trekked, trying her best to keep her eyes away from his. She also made it sure to have a meter of distance between them and more so when they entered the foyer. At the back of her mind, she really didn't want to put wild ideas on the servants' heads should they see them together like a couple.


The main foyer was filled with people when both of them arrived. Majority of which were monarchs and important dignitaries of other kingdoms piling up to enter the grand hall.

General Cain insisted to walk the princess to her room as she did not want to join the festivities of the coronation. Lianne agreed only that she didn't want to argue with him on the matter.

However, their walk was interrupted when they climbed up the stairs. A call of Lord Cain's name by his fellow slightly drunk commander was heard, asking him to join their merriment. Then, two other generals hollered and climbed up the stairs too to literally drag Cain out of the princess' front.

His face looked clearly unhappy with his comrades but he didn't have a choice but to go with the flow, looking back at the princess and giving her a wave of goodbye in the end.

She waved back and tipped her head down, a greeting of good night for him.

As the generals were out of sight. Lianne took a deep sigh of relief. She wasn't bothered to be suddenly left alone in the stairs. It was better off this way, to walk on her own to her room. At least, she wouldn't feel more cognizant with Lord Cain by her side and this way, she could avoid his impending 'goodnight kiss'.

Lord Jared by now would be too busy to find her again, and Lady Faye surely was also busy supervising the kitchen. She realized that going there to ask for dinner this time would be unwise if she was trying to avoid the reception. She only decided then that she would come down for a meal this midnight when all of the festivities were over.

The princess continued her way to the second floor when her hand was yanked considerably by a person behind her. The intruder easily turned her around to face him.

She was surprised when she saw that it was Duke Conrad touching her. She awarded him an annoyed look, but he grinned instead, knowing he just found a beauty.

Lianne wanted to slap his face right then and there all for the VIP people down below to see, but she knew it would make a scene, and a scene was the last thing on her mind.

"Take your hands off me!" the princess demanded, painstakingly lowering her voice.

"Oh, still as feisty as ever, my princess, " Duke Conrad answered whilst about to kiss the back of her hand.

Like lightning, Lianne pulled her hand away.

"Have you forgotten who is the king? Don't even think that you still want to claim the bargain you had with Garlow?!" she pointed out.

"Well, the better it is, my princess!" he exclaimed which confused Lianne. She wanted to leave as soon as possible but with how the Duke didn't show any worry, it made her want to investigate some more.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Duke Conrad gave her a haughty smile and continued, "Everybody knows that King Garlow fancies you more than his son. The new king doesn't care about you. He has all the women he wants. Why would he even keep you in his kingdom when you are nothing to him? Especially that you are a pain. You basically announced to the whole kingdom that you disagree with King Ruen's rule by running away in front of him, in his coronation day."

His words hit Lianne so much that she lost control of her train o

her, Ruen was already halfway from reaching the stairs.

"How could you say that to me!" she shouted, her hands clenching into a tight fist and her chest puffing out heavy breaths.

Ruen stopped from his tracks, but didn't care to turn around and look at her.

"So this is what you truly are!? Just because you are now wearing the crown, you act as if you own everything!? As if you own me!?" Lianne lips quivered as she spat the words out. Her knees trembled. Her face reddened and it was certainly not because she was blushing.

"You are no better than Garlow! You are just like him! Selfish! Arrogant! Greedy! Duke Conrad was right. You are just being commanded by your father to keep me at bay. To feign an act as if you are the worst!"

Lianne was so enraged that she didn't know how to calm down. Then, her eyes started to water. She remembered inadvertently the way Ruen kissed her the last day; remembering the way he grazed his hands all over her flushed body.

He was so gentle that time. Why was he so egotistical now?

She brushed the thought off with a shake of her head.

To Ruen, her frankness was not new anymore. She had always been the one to point out his flaws, his mistakes and always been very vocal about her hatred. But this time, her words had made a deep blow on his pride.

More so, on his heart.

He turned back to face her. His expression, Lianne couldn't understand. It was like he was throwing spears on her body but at the same time showering her with petals of roses.

Ruen approached her and as he did so, he started taking off the top of his tuxedo.

Lianne blushed when she saw him unbutton his white shirt next. 'What is he doing?' her mind shouted in panic. 'Why is he undressing?'

Then, the answer to her question came.

Her heart fell when she saw his right chest scar just near the area of his nipple.

"Does this look like I'm being commanded?" Ruen grounded.

Lianne was again speechless while she stared at the scar.

Oh God! How could she had forgotten about it?!

"DOES THIS LOOK LIKE I'M BEING COMMANDED TO YOU LIANNE, ANSWER ME!" he shouted again, so much so that it made the princess' eyes shut tightly.

Ruen continued to approach her while he still held his shirt open for her to see. Anger and a mixture of sadness took a hold on him. Surely, with this, she'd think twice accusing him of being his father's pawn.

But as he reached her, his anger faded. He saw that he had broken her down again.

Lianne, despite her closed eyes, let out a stream of tears.

This time, a surge of disappointment flooded inside him. Disappointed not of her, but of himself - for managing to crudely mistreat her once again.

He should have kept himself calm, let his cold side overtake him. However, he couldn't, in all his willpower, act like he didn't care about the kiss that she shared with Cain.

Releasing the shirt, his hands reached up to touch Lianne's cheeks in hopes of consoling her, but like a flash of lightning, he remembered her in Cain's arms. He immediately shook his head, trying to stop his thoughts from ruining him and though he didn't really want to, he turned to face the entry and walked away.

Opening her eyes, Lianne saw the King leaving.

"I...I'm so...sorry. I didn't mean to forget, " she hurried to say, hoping he'd still hear despite the coarseness of her voice. She knew she was at fault and to own up her mistake was the first thing she needed to do.

She saw Ruen pause from walking and for a moment, looked as if he was about to face her again, but in the end, he didn't and continued his path to the stairs leaving her crying her heart out.

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