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   Chapter 39 The New King's Plight

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It was a very busy afternoon and probably the most joyous of all celebrations.

At last, the Kingdom of Regaleria was set to go on the path of righteousness, on the path to glory and magnificence, minus the death and bloodshed of course.

Or at least that's what all the people in the mansion hoped for.

Whether the new crowned king will follow the footsteps of the late King Garlow or not, that was the prime question. King Garlow raised Prince Ruen after all, the traits of being like the late king, all he had inherited.

Lianne knew she couldn't stay away from the celebration, but she wanted as much as she could not to run into the prince in any of the hallways. It would really be awkward if they were to see each other after that heated encounter the last day.

Being in the horse field was her best option, but it seemed that all of her plans were wasted when the princess saw the guardsmen of the mansion accompanying Lord Jared as he neared her.

"My Lady, Princess Lianne, " Lord Jared greeted as he alighted from his horse.

"Lord Jared."

Lianne stood up from the ground dusting off the wheat grass sticking on her dress. It was sunny and she could see clearly the relieved expression of the majordomo's face upon walking close to her.

"At last I have found you, " he said, all with a deep sigh of relief.

She saw the thick sweat on his temple and the very obvious wrinkles on his forehead. He looked anxious enough, she thought, but she couldn't blame him though.

After what happened last day, they may very well thought that she had stormed out of the mansion.

"Am I worrying you Lord Jared?" Lianne gave a teasing comment. "You know I would only be right here if not inside the mansion."

"Indeed." Lord Jared paused and wiped a bead of sweat off his temple. "Your Highness, your presence in the throne hall is a must. I ask that you come with me now, " he spoke then and held out his hand motioning for her to ride the extra horse they had prepared.

He was trying to act calm and poised like a good butler should be, but the princess could sense his panic, no doubt, because of her doing.

She didn't really plan on attending the coronation. What for when she wasn't even a part of the Kingdom to begin with and she had never expressed her loyalty to the royal inhabitants of the mansion throughout her guarded life.

"Please, Princess Lianne, " the majordomo stated, his eyes looked pleading as he gazed at her. "For Lady Faye. She really hoped you'd come."

Lianne shifted her view to the facade of the mansion and thought well and hard.

"Okay, I will go, " she answered which gave the poor old man a breather.

"Oh thank you so much, Princess!" he exclaimed, smiling. "Lady Faye will be happy indeed!"

"Yes, but don't expect me to bow down in front of him, " Lianne stated whilst she climbed up to the extra horse.

Lord Jared quickly shook his head. "No, Your Highness, not at all, " was his answer.


The ceremonial coronation of the crown prince was truly extravagant.

There were a lot of dignitaries, most of them Lianne had not seen, and certainly, princesses from across the lands vying to be the next queen of the Kingdom of Regaleria.

She was sitting next to Lady Faye when the ceremony began; front row, center to the aisle of which the governess herself reserved for her.

Though the princess was against the idea of sitting on a very notable seat, she couldn't complain more for of all the guests present, it was only the governess that she was acquainted to.

Lianne's heart thumped strongly when the trumpet sounded to signal the prince's arrival on the entrance door.

The best choral group of the kingdom then started to sing a Gregorian chant. There were knights lined up opposite each other on the first half of the aisle raising their shiny swords high above their heads in welcome of the prince's procession.

On the other half, the seven generals were present, raising their own swords on a similar way.

The only general that was not in attendance was General Cain himself.

No one knew as to where he was. Lord Jared and Lady Faye were clueless why he did not attend the ceremony. Lianne noticed his absence also but didn't trouble herself to ask the governess why.

Prince Ruen wore a lavishly embroidered red silk coat with a long trail and adorned with gold flecks, diamonds and emeralds shaping the crest of the kingdom. Under it was his usual ensemble of black shirt and black pants.

His overall presence was different, exuding stronger aura of authority, of undeniable control and dominance. He acted regal; shoulders squared, chin high, and face neutral; pretty much exp

considered about us?" he started, his voice trying to be soft. "My feelings still remains the same. Towards you. I wanted to know what you think by now." He turned to face her and stared at her profile, admiring her beauty against the setting sun.

Lianne stopped from walking and stared down at the gold fishes swimming in the fountain and the sun's rays reflecting playfully in the water. How she wished she could be like those fishes. Free of worries.

Then, like a flash, she remembered Ruen in his most seductive form. His shirt half open revealing his lean muscles while he was melting her with his kisses. She caught a deep breath. Of all the things she could remember, why would it be him and why would it be that?

Her eyes widened when she came to realize, what if Lord Cain where to find out about her and the prince last day?

Her gut feeling was enough to tell her that he'd be jealous, maybe even furious.

Thus, choosing carefully her words now would be wise.

"Lord Cain, you are one of those persons so special in my life. You have been so supportive of me, so kind, so patient. How could I destroy such a relationship like ours?"

"I am not your brother, Lianne, " he crisply said, disappointment evident on his face.

"I know!" Lianne admitted, almost hissing out the words. "It's just that I am not-"

She was cut off mid sentence when Lord Cain without warning pulled her close and enveloped her tightly with his arms.

He yearned for her, this much was true, and Lianne could feel it right to her bone. It was something she couldn't ignore anymore or even deny. She could feel his breathing, erratic like hers. She could feel him trembling too. But there was something in the way he held her that felt somehow wrong. Same as the other times he had held her.

She felt the obsession in him, the possessive aura that was sticking out in the way his arms enveloped her.

"Lord Cain... please, let me-"

"No, " was Cain's only answer before he captured her mouth with his, sliding his tongue out to invade her own.

Lianne felt the passion on his lips, felt the same need just like the kiss he gave her during the Regaleria Ball.

On impulse, she pushed him away just like her previous other reactions, but with Cain a strong man and someone more determined than ever before, she was completely drowned by his kisses.

It was a long, hot kiss. Tender but aggressive. Passionate but rough.

Lianne was utterly surprised when she realized she had reciprocated his kisses rather carelessly when, at a very brief moment, Ruen's face flashed in her mind.

Their kiss gradually stopped and when she stared at him wide-eyed in shock, he gave her a look of contentment.

Lianne cleared her throat and looked away. Her nerves froze and she held her breath for a moment. Panic slowly rising on her mind.

What was happening to her? Why was she so vulnerable to these kind of advances?

"I'm sorry, My Lord, but I need to go, " was her quick statement before turning away, but Cain successfully seized her hand, stopping her escape and engulfing her again with his strong arms.

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