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   Chapter 38 Almost His

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Lianne was lying underneath him, her legs secured together and flexed to provide him no entrance to her modesty. Her pupils dilated as she began to realize what he was about to do basing on the very position they were in.

"Your Highness, " Lianne spoke, her voice trembling. As oppose to her anger earlier, her eyes showed fear now as he looked at him. "Don't...don't do this."

His face lowered close to hers. She, in response, closed her eyes and shifted her head to the side. Her cheeks began to spread a deep shade of red, her hands shook, and her heart pounded agonizingly fast.

"No, please..."

She braved to look at him again as she pleaded her case. She expected his expression to be of greed and lust, much like Cain and the duke, but it was different. Entirely different.

Though Ruen's orbs were icily cold, it showed a visible fervor and longing. Of love and passion combined. Of the need for her.

Ruen continued to lower his face, wanting to kiss her then.

"Your Highness, please..." she cried out again, but this time, it wasn't as strong a plea as before.

"Say my name, Lianne, " Ruen commanded, locking her head in place with his elbows and trailing the curve of her lips with his own.

Lianne once again tried to squirm free from his grasp but to no avail. She felt the smoothness of lips, exactly as it was before, and she swore her heart was about to jump out of her rib cage.

"No!" She cried out, sense and reason still battling inside her. "Don't do this, please!"

But Ruen was deaf to her supplications still.

"Say my name, Lianne. Say. My. Name."

With one quick action, he molded his lips on hers.

She tried to keep her lips shut, but he pressed her cheek bones to force a gasp out of her, and with no time wasted, he was already probing, sucking, and ardently entering his tongue inside hers; languidly directing it in motion amidst her defiance.

She tried to move her face to avoid his kisses, but he created no space for her to turn.

She felt the warmth of his lips touching her and undeniably, she admitted to herself that it was intoxicating her inch by inch.

She was able to free her right hand from him, so she forcefully pushed his chest away, but he only brought down his weight more against her body and continued to position his knees in between her hips.

She gasped in protest but he didn't back out.

Ruen proceeded to trace his free hand on her back, every contact of it made her skin feverish and she felt ultimately vulnerable to his exploration. There was no malice or guilt as his hand trailed every curve of her body; from her shoulders to her legs.

Her mind was commanding herself to break his kisses, but her body otherwise was responding to his advances so openly to her apparent alarm.

"Why do you hate me so much!?" Ruen questioned her. His mouth whispering the words close to her ear and then began to softly caress her neck.

"Your Highness! Stop this!"

She pleaded again. However, hearing her speak none of his name, the prince again submerged his mouth on hers, parting briefly to speak.

"Say my name, Lianne. I want you to say my name! Let me hear you say it!" He commanded without hesitation.

Lianne was at a stand still. How could she say his name? How could she say it so casually without falling into her own desires? How could she say his name when she knew it would open up her heart for him?

Ruen caressed her neck again and as he lifted her up to him, he unzipped her dress at the back and unhooked her brassiere with remarkable finesse.

She felt her dress loosening and falling down to her abdomen to her sheer distress.

"N-nno! Ahh!" Lianne cried out, but she was subdued as he kissed her again.

Lianne gave out a small moan when his lips passionately trailed his way from her mouth to her aroused nipples, cupping the other one at the same time and kneading it tenderly.

Her dress bunched up on her abdomen and she could feel his weight crushing her deep down the sofa.

"Ahhh!" A strong gasp escaped her mouth, unable to contain the sensation shooting up all over her body. "Ruen, please!"

He gave a victorious grin as the pri

o lit the fireplace of the receiving room and the bedroom providing the area enough warmth from the cold.

"I will come back for your dinner later. In the meantime, think about what I said, my dear, " Lady Faye remarked.

There was complete silence in the room except for the downpour of the rain outside. Lianne waited for her tears to subside before she sat up and attended herself.

To her surprise, her gaze rested on the picture and it instantly reminded her of what Lady Faye had said and the conversation she and Sir Martin had about the picture.

"I have been in this Kingdom in its early years, My Lady. I was even one of those who attended to the needs of the King. Seeing everyone in and out of the mansion, Prince Ruen, definitely was the one who could be like the King. He was so young, so innocent, with gentle eyes just like this one in the picture, but for some reason, the King really did something to the boy to change him into something as cold as ice."

That evening, she tried to shower off the remains of Ruen's scent. To her astonishment, she noticed a couple of lovemarks, red and blotted, scattered all over her body; her neck, clavicle, two in the chest, one in the left breast near the areola, one in the back, and the midline of her thigh and her waist. Her lips were swollen too; the only pure evidence that they had almost made love.

She could still remember the feel of his hands run through her skin as the water began to engulf her.

Though the heat of her body was beginning to disappear, she couldn't deny that she longed for that warmth even more.

~ 0 ~

Ruen lounged comfortably back in his master bedroom after the long and tiring meeting, wearing his loose cotton trousers and white robe.

His mind was set on the events that happened earlier in Lianne's room, and the way she looked spread vulnerably under him, made his heart ache.

He was a fool to actually think of it again. He knew she would never forgive him for it. He knew that she would hate him even more for it, and it was a more than enough a reason that she should leave the mansion.

Her words lingered in his mind over and over again, and it pierced his heart real good.

"His son, huh." He laughed. "If only you knew..."

Upon remembering that he could actually see the silhouette of her room from over his balcony, he quickly stood up and walked outside.

To his surprise, Lianne was there leaning at the balcony of her room wearing a silk baby pink, lacy nightgown staring at the scenery of a full moon hiding in the mountains.

A smile formed at the corner of his lips, then gave out a long sigh.

"Lianne, just this way, you're tormenting me so much. How could you stand there so innocently when you know I'd be watching you from here?"

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