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   Chapter 37 Trapped In His Arms

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The water trickled down Ruen's hair to his torso as he took a refreshing shower to cleanse his thoughts.

It would have been one good way to relieve his stress, but every time he watched the water run down his skin, it reminded him constantly of how the liquid would mold well with Lianne's body.

It would seem that the water was luckier than he was for it could touch her and feel her without qualm.

"Lianne..." Ruen murmured in desperation as he closed his eyes and recollected his thoughts to that last kiss they shared.

It ached his heart somehow knowing he would never see her again.

Would she be angry if he would come looking for her then? Would she be angry if he were to find her and have her lock up inside the castle?

Of course she would.

He violently shook his head to clear the thoughts away.

Throughout his life, he had been restraining himself just to protect her from the attention of his father; if he will lock her up again in the palace grounds just so he could have her all to himself, it would never be worth it when all he'd get from her are scowls, glares and caustic words.

'Never will I do that, ' he opposed his thoughts, gnashing his teeth in disappointed with himself.

He could never break his promise to her.

It was all just lust playing in his mind, but unfortunately, a lust only her presence could sate.

He couldn't endure seeing her look at him again with those disdainful eyes. He promised himself never to hurt her again. He had tried his best though, but it seemed she was all bundled up in hatred of his father that in reflection, to him also.

Those resentful eyes that night in the dungeon, it tormented his heart so much thinking about it. It will never be erased from his memory and that alone was his driving force to give her her freedom.


After the not-so-refreshing shower, he donned on a new white long-sleeved turn-down shirt, partnered it with black khaki pants and a low cut black boot.

His hair was slightly in disarray as what he was accustomed to. Although he wasn't in the mood for it, he willed himself to be ready to face the royal council.

The prince left his chamber with nothing in mind but to focus on the ensuing meeting.

Her absence would greatly affect his attention surely, but it was also his duty to dispense his time with the council; after all, he was about to become the new king of Regaleria. Many things will occupy him, probably numerous enough to keep his mind off of her.

To focus with the meeting was supposed to be his sole intention, but when he descended to the grand stairs of the north wing, he paused at the sight of the hallway leading to the princess' chamber.

As empty as his emotions were, he couldn't deny the gloomy feeling that was surrounding him.

He was a fool to even hope she'd still be in the mansion; but nevertheless, the urge won over and it drove him to visit her chamber.

He knew full well it would torment him to see the empty space of her room; to see nothing but vacancy in the bed covers, but he just wanted to fill that gaping hole in his heart with delightful memories of her.

When he arrived at the front of her chamber door, he paused for a moment, battling on whether it was right to fool himself of her memories.

He took in a deep sigh of surrender, then proceeded to open the main door. He promised himself this would be the last time he'd visit this vile barren room.

The fireplace was unlit and there was coldness surrounding the receiving room as he stepped inside.

The iron chandelier had no glimmer in it and the balcony was open; a sign that no life had provided the room warmth.

He remembered her sitting at the sofa near the fireplace. Those dancing, gleaming light in her eyes definitely shamed the fire itself. He missed it so. And her kiss... Of course. That kiss they shared before he left for the burial.

She did respond to his kisses!

That fact alone he couldn't deny, and now, how he had wanted to know why.

After examining the receiving room, he knew he would be able to reminisce that perfect moment clearly if he were to go inside her bedroom, so he proceeded to open the door.

Before he could grab the doorknob however, the door suddenly flung open and to his surprise, he saw the princess in his front, st

such a damn fine woman and then being betrothed to that old wasted man!" His jaw tensed. "Just to know you're within my reach if anything happens, that's what hinders me from being close to you! But I have had enough! Either you are too naive to actually notice the obvious truth that is in front of you or your heart is filled too much with hatred for King Garlow that I am also affected with it!"

She was affected with his words, yes, but still she couldn't swallow the fact that he was accusing her of being insensitive and naive.

She mock laughed then, took a deep breath and then gave him a piece of her mind.

"It amazes me how you act so callous. How would you understand my hatred for your father, when you are his son!" Lianne fought back her tears and battled to keep her emotions at bay. "Yes! How many times have I made my hatred known? Do you want me to elaborate it again to you?"

Ruen stood motionless as she poured out her anger, but deep inside, the desire to embrace her again slowly grew. He wanted to comfort her and shower her with kisses.

"It is against my principles to taint someone who is already dead, but to remind you again, he is the reason for my wretched life without my family! I have grown and wasted my childhood living in this blasted mansion, not even knowing what it feels like to be loved!" With those full words, a quick stream of tears tracked down Lianne's cheeks.

She wanted to whimper in the floor and curl up to her knees, but she stood still showing to the prince she was not easy to break.

"If it would help you understand, my hatred could not be doused by death alone, for one remaining blood in his veins runs through you and that is a fact I have already conceded. True! I detest you as much as your father and nothing could change that!"

"You don't even know what you're talking about, Lianne, " Ruen answered, the frigidness of his voice made Lianne shiver.

She tried to free herself from his hold, but Ruen pulled her closer to him.

"Unhand me, " the princess ordered again, her eyes avoiding his.

He inched closer to her face and whispered on her ear, "No. I would never let you go nor I would take you out of my sight!"

"Was my freedom only then your game?!" Lianne clarified, anger and panic slowly bursting out of her.

"You should have left when I allowed you Princess. You have no idea how much I restrained myself just in order not to chain you to me!" he admitted, his words undoubtedly alarming her.

With one swoop, he lifted her up the floor and directly placed her on the chaise lounge near them.

Lianne protested as hard as she could, hitting his chest with her fists, yelling him to stop, but his strength overpowered hers.

He seized both of her hands and positioned it on each sides, locking it with his own hands making her open and welcoming to whatever he could do.

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