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   Chapter 36 Prelude To Their Meeting

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Early morning of the third day since the entourage's departure, Lianne was already feeling anxious for the next day of which she knew the entourage would arrive, but she was oblivious of the prince's subsequent premature arrival on this very day.

She knew if she would remain in her room or within the vicinity of the mansion, then she'd feel more uneasy, so she once again went to ride on her horse back to town.

She passed through the forest in the north side and took a basket of apples on her way.

The town was livelier than it was two days ago and many of the stores were open for business now.

There were horsemen riding on the streets and carriages passing to and from the market place.

A group of children and adolescents were running and jumping at the sides of the road as she passed by looking like they were happily playing some kind of game.

Lianne smiled in adoration. She never had once experienced such childhood games in the past, she thought, as a sad expression began to paint her face.

Quickly, she led Arinna up the road to Lenora's bakery and found herself passing a certain familiar-looking table with stacked things on top of it. To her surprise, Sir Martin was standing beside the table selling the same objects he was putting on display in the market, minus the wooden frame she had bought.

Smiling, she promptly stopped in front of the old man, her horse whinnying at the same time instantly getting his attention.

"My Lady, a good morning to you, " the old man greeted joyfully as he bent his head taking off his tattered hat.

"Good morning to you too Sir Martin, " Lianne replied. "I see that you have found a new place to sell."

"Oh, yes My Lady, it is my purpose to sell these valuables from one area to another to catch more customers, " Sir Martin explained. "But you need not worry My Lady, you'll be getting your purchase by tomorrow morn as I have promised you. You will not need to find me in my old location if I couldn't deliver the picture otherwise."

The princess grinned in appreciation. "Thank you, Sir Martin. You have my trust."

"It is my pleasure My Lady. I am but a humble servant ready to serve you." Sir Martin dipped his head as he said.

"Then take this."

Lianne took out a freshly picked apple from her basket and tossed it to the old man. The latter was quick to catch it.

"I just picked them myself this morning. I thought I'd like to share them with you and Lenora."

"Oh! Thank you My Lady, you're so gracious, " Sir Martin replied bowing his head at the same time.


Lianne hurriedly rode to the bakery. When she arrived at the shop, she saw an old fat man with chubby cheeks and round belly wearing a white baker's hat and standing at the main door.

"Good day! Madame! How may I serve you?" The baker gently bent his head in greeting.

"Good day, Sir Farrel, is your daughter, Lenora, home?"

The latter was taken aback. "My. Are you of acquaintance with her Madame? I do not think I have seen you somewhere around this town where my Lenora hangs out."

"Oh! Papa!" Lenora hurriedly exited the main door.

"Your Highness, good morning." She politely curtsied then looked at his father with widened eyes who in turn gave her a quizzical look.

"She's Princ

Lady Lianne's purchase, as is written in the letter, " the old man said.

She stared at the man as if scrutinizing his authenticity, then her attention went to the two objects in each of her hands.

For some reason, Lady Faye chose to open the box first instead of the letter and peaked at the content inside. The wrinkles on her face stretched as her eyes widened in surprise.

"My God." Lady Faye covered her mouth in disbelief. "You say old man that the princess herself purchased this picture in town?"

The vendor gawked as he heard the word 'princess'.

"I...I am truly honest in every way My Lady." Sir Martin began to stutter. "But I tell you, I am innocent as to her standing in this mansion. I daresay I didn't even know she was the princess." He reasoned quickly as he began to recall those many times he had informally acted in front of the princess.

"But...but without a doubt, My Lady, she is the one that purchased it."

Lady Faye took a deep breath as she digested every word he said. "I am not one who plays pity games. Surely, you know the consequences of your claim if they are not true?!" she declared, still unable to believe his claim.

"Yes, of course My Lady. But, I swore on my grave, I am not lying, " Sir Martin answered nervously.

"When did you last saw the princess?"

"Just this morning. Her Highness even gave me an apple to suffice my hunger."

Lady Faye instantly was at a loss for words. She was sure to remember Lianne made her plans known that she would immediately leave the mansion if she were to become free. But, for some reason, the princess stayed, and Lady Faye knew it would be a great news for the prince.

She was immediately ecstatic of the revelation.

She quickly dismissed the vendor and took off bringing with her the small box in her hand.

Just in time, Lord Jared passed by the foyer descending down the stairs.

When Lady Faye saw him, she quickly revealed the news.

"Unbelievable, " was all Lord Jared said.

"Yes, truly."

"Aren't you going to tell His Highness now?" Lord Jared questioned her hastily.

"No. They need to talk themselves. Anyway, he will know eventually and quite very soon."

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