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   Chapter 35 Return of His Majesty

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It didn't take the princess long for her to visit back the town.

After her breakfast, she immediately took off riding Arinna, but this time, she took another route.

She decided to scout the south side of the mansion where a couple of meters away was the famous white sand beach connected to the wide stretch of blue-green ocean.

It was a scenery she had always hoped to tour since she had seen only a small part of the ocean from her balcony, which was facing the east side; so there was always the sunrise and the mountains greeting her every day.

She so much wanted to swim the ocean and taste the saltiness of it. Now, it was her chance to plunge into the water and feel the burning light of the sun touching her skin.

She left her horse and her riding dress just a few meters away in a stony rock ledge when she arrived at the shoreline, confident that no one would find her swimming half naked into the water.

By afternoon, she again visited the bakery, and Lenora was of course gleeful on the princess' presence.

They both went again on foot to the central town, to the marketplace and to the opera house.

She was disappointed when she found out that the opera house was closed for three days, no doubt, because of the burial.

"I guess I'll just come next time, " Lianne announced with a sad face.

"I really do think you should, Your Highness. The opera here is one of the best in the kingdom!" exclaimed Lenora.

"Hmmm, and I am going to let you go too, so you'd see the opera also." Lianne gave her a cheeky grin.

"Really?" Lenora squealed in excitement. "Oh! Thank you, Your Highness! I'll be looking forward to that day indeed!"

The princess gave a small laugh. She glanced up at the sky and find that the palate was changing from sky blue to a neon orange.

"I better go back to the mansion now. It's almost sunset, " she said.

"Ah, of course Your Highness." The young girl tipped her head in agreement.

They went back to the bakery to fetch Arinna who was tied down on one of the metal fences that supported a p

air after he slid out his gauntlet while he was in the tent, so he rubbed them both to produce some heat.

The graveyard's mourning atmosphere didn't deter him from conjuring in his mind the memories of the princess.

It had already been days since he was able to talk to her. Only once had he caught a glimpse of her after the Regaleria ball, and it was when she was with one of the servants plucking roses in the royal garden.

He knew he was advancing too fast on his actions, but nevertheless, he just got to make his feelings known.

It could be that the timing was not right considering she was still under Garlow's command, but now that the princess was free, he could move on with his plans on wooing her even though he knew his rival was the prince himself.

"I'll have you Lianne, soon..." Cain whispered to himself, as the crackling of the fire continued to dominate the wood logs. His ash-mauve eyes glowered as he stared at the fire.

One of his comrades handed him a bottle of ale and he gladly accepted it, gulping a good amount into his mouth then licked a drop of it at the corner of his lips.

The liquid instantly kicked in like burning fire in his throat. He could feel his stomach warming up in response, but he thought that no matter how intoxicating the liquid could be, it could not sate his desire directed at the one woman in his mind.

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