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   Chapter 34 The Picture Frame

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The semi-concrete roads of the town was almost void of residents.

Lianne and Lenora passed from one store to another only to find that the stores were either closed for the day or the vendors were with the procession.

The town looked like it had gotten through the battery of time.

Some of the structures had cracks on the edges, some had their paints fading, and others covered by moss. When they reached the plaza of the town, Lianne saw a statue of the late king build in the center of the fountain. She cringed at the sight of it.

"This statue would be a memorabilia soon enough, but never will this be brought down. His son wouldn't allow it, " the princess whispered low whilst staring at the statue forty meters high.

The plaza constituted of a natural wide lake. It was surrounded by mainly red oak trees and pines that grow to high lengths.

The brick pavements guided visitors to mainly eight garden pergolas surrounding the fountain, and a stone bridge to cross the moat that was connecting the lake.

From the east side, there situated was a royal bell tower and parallel to it, a few kilometers away was the clock tower.

The town was truly one that benefited Garlow's victories for it flourished based upon the various manpower available to the people.

It had a blacksmith, smelter, a glassblower, a tailor for artistry, a studio for decorations and costumes, clockmaker, jeweller's shoppe, a butcher and beyond the boundary of the town located a mill, fishery, farmhouse, and a royal observatory each in its well-built place.

The princess wasn't able to miss out also the royal library and an opera house when they headed back to Lenora's house.

It was her first time being in a different place other than the mansion, so she felt remarkably liberated.

When passing the market of the town, Lianne's attention was caught in a simple set of stashed things in a table owned by a fat, modest vendor in his mid fifties.

He was wearing a torn hat and by the time L

e arrived the mansion.

Arinna was instantly assisted by Paul to the stable while she continued to her chamber. The halls felt unusually quiet, but it didn't surprise her.

Her dinner was already ready when she finished her bath. Her routines at the mansion was still the same, but there was truly as sense of fulfillment in herself when she pondered on her visit in town this afternoon.

She longed to be back tomorrow again and explore more of the life she had never experienced, and maybe by then, she would be able to decide whether to leave or stay.

The moon was bright and full when she step outside the balcony after her dinner.

It was a windy night.

She enjoyed the fresh air tickling her skin; however, it made her shiver due to the coldness of it. What warmed her body up was when she inadvertently stared at a certain dark balcony at the third floor.

She gazed at it while unconsciously thought of the man in which every night stood there.

He was not present this night, but she expected that already.

She gave a deep sigh, then continued to enter inside her bedroom.

That night, her dream started with the memory of the boy's eyes in the picture. What woke her up from slumber was the same eyes close to her face, almost like caressing her in the dark, and she absolutely felt naked beneath them.

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