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   Chapter 33 Free As a Bird

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It was early in the morning when she woke up upon hearing the whinnying of the horses stationed in the front of the mansion.

It was almost sunrise she thought when she saw the fiery sun slowly climbing up the wall of mountains at the east side of the mansion. She put on her white robe and then walked outside her balcony. She had already anticipated then what she was about to see.

There were millions of people gathered outside the fortified entrance gate of Regaleria. Few selected dignitaries were at the tail of an enormous glass block adorned with gold, silver and high-priced stones.

There was a chimera sitting at the facade of the block and surrounding it were blood roses and ferns. Of course, inside the glass block was the dead body of the King wearing another viciously adorned velvet robe.

So typical of Garlow, she thought and then moved on to survey the people standing behind the glass block.

She couldn't help herself but to look at the one thing that managed to hunt her dreams last night; and there he was, riding in his black stallion, wearing his princely wardrobe.

Just beside Ruen's stallion was Lady Faye and Lord Jared on their own horses positioned on each side of the prince. They were apparently lining up after a brigade of troops with the generals on command, and also accompanying with them was Lord Cain on his general suit.

Despite being busy, Lady Faye somehow managed to visit the princess last night, but she was already asleep. It seemed the news of her leaving has come to Lady Faye's attention, obviously, by Prince Ruen's doing. Then at midnight, Lianne surely noticed a certain shadow in the door of her bedroom. She wasn't able to discern much because of her drowsiness, but her suspicion was that it was the prince's.

A strong blow of a trumpet caught Lianne's attention.

"It has begun..." she whispered to herself followed by a deep sigh.

The main gate opened to the crowd and the entourage started to follow the steps of the band playing the final interment tune, then Regaleria flags were raised thereafter.

It was the royal line's turn to follow. The prince motioned his magnificent stallion to move and Lady Faye and Lord Jared followed.

She watched him slowly advance to the gate, looking intently at him feeling as if there was a heavy burden in her heart. With one deep breath, she softly whispered his name.


And to her surprise, he turned his head towards her balcony as if he heard her call.

She was certain he was looking at her that moment, and it made her undeniably conscious.

The stallion slightly leaped and he grab the reins looking as though he was about to go back to the mansion.

Lianne's heartbeat leaped and her eyes widened.

'He couldn't! NO! He wouldn't!'

She hastily turned her back against the balustrade and walked speedily to her bedroom, afraid to see what would happen next; but to t

ng girl quickly replied without malice. "I am not one to pry, but I do hate the king myself. But, somehow, father thinks highly of him, and on his son also, Prince Ruen. But, of course, I do not hate the prince...just the king."

"Hmm..." Lianne giggled slightly. "I really do appreciate your honesty but you're too young to be talking like that, Lenora."

The baker's daughter smiled in response and shyly dipped her head low. "My apologies, Your Highness."

Lenora proceeded to slip on the mittens, took a batch of muffins from the glass window and placed them on a wooden table nearby the bakery door.

Lianne stood beside it observing the young girl's finesse of handling the pastry.

"Uhm, papa told me that he's a good friend of the prince, " Lenora said as she placed the muffins into a paper bag.

"But, I don't actually believe him. Papa is...well...a bit of a fat liar sometimes and it is so hard to believe him. But, he did mention you in his stories, described what you look like and how beautiful you were and after I met you today, I somehow believe him now."

The princess gave her a questioning look and said, "Me?"

"Oh, yes Your Highness. Papa said the prince adored a princess living as a servant in the Regaleria Mansion. Princess Lianne was her name. I didn't actually believe it considering it absurd to have a princess as a servant."

"Oh." Lianne inhaled deeply as if calming herself. "I don't think the prince has-" She abruptly stopped, unsure what to say. Clearly she was taken off guard by the girl's statement.

Lenora looked up at her and saw the blush on the princess' cheeks.

She gave Lianne a warm smile in response as if there was a mental understanding between them both.

"Well, besides the muffins, can you be my guide walking down the town?" Lianne exclaimed wanting to avoid the subject.

Lenora's eyes beamed with excitement. "But of course, Your Highness! I would be honored!"

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