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   Chapter 32 A Kiss of Longing

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The kingdom accordingly was surrounded by sorrow; of course, in respect to the late king. He was after all the King of Regaleria.

Despite the fact that the man was a power-hungry, greedy, abhorred human, it was his due right to be given credit for the progress and fame Regaleria had acquired.

Princess Lianne was in her balcony, sitting and staring at the scenery she had been accustomed to since she was relocated in the new chamber. The area was shaded by the length of the mansion's roof as it was almost sunset, something that the princess was pleased about.

An hour ago, a maid servant gave her her afternoon tea. It seemed that the Head Servant was busy in the preparations for the next day's dawn procession and burial of the late king at the Royal King's Grave that she herself wasn't in attendance of the princess.

When the servant entered the princess' room, Lianne noticed her wearing all black, probably a decree to all as a sign of mourning. But even it was a royal protocol, Lianne was adamant on her decision never to wear the color for Garlow.

She deep sigh managed to escape from her mouth as she looked down to where a group of people lined up towards the entrance to the main foyer.

They didn't look emphatic nor sad Lianne observed, but looked clearly plotting something.

Maybe it was their chance to apply themselves to the attention of the prince, who so soon will be the next king of Regaleria.

"Yes, soon..." she whispered softly thinking about that fact.

Five days had passed since she first heard the 'bad' news of Garlow's death, but to her, it was redemption.

With no one to detain her anymore, instantly, her thoughts started to wander on the different possibilities of being free.

She knew she could easily leave the mansion. She knew she'll not be hunted down by the guards. She knew that she'll be able to travel to different places now.

However, oddly enough, it ached her heart upon thinking of stepping outside the gates of the mansion.

But why? Was she actually turning insane now?

She tightened her eyelids close and began to grumble in disapproval. Her freedom was almost within reach, why would she think twice leaving the place now?

Then, a flash of memory popped in her mind. She gave out a long sigh, wrapped her arms around her chest and leaned back on the chair.

"Will you keep your promise?" Lianne whispered again, thinking on the man who gave his word of her freedom that faithful night.

It has been nine days since she last saw the crown prince. Maybe her plans of avoiding him were working or maybe because of the recent events of the mansion that took place. Nevertheless, after such an intimate encounter with him in his chamber, how could she possibly calm her heartbeat the moment they would see again?

That night of her failed attempt to escape from the mansion; the night when Ruen saved her life almost sacrificing his own, was still fresh in her mind.

She knew she had the tendency to be stubborn, but she couldn't in her life let herself be wed to the old Duke.

She had never thought that he'd do such a dangerous thing just to save her. He's the son of Garlow for heaven's sake! Why would she let herself be moved by such an event? But, he did save her life and forever, she would be indebted to it, even if it was against her will.

Her thoughts were cut off when she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

It was definitely a loud knock and a hasty one.

She couldn't guess who was behind it, but she was sure it wasn't the maid servants.

Upon hearing the knock again, she stood from her seat and walked inside her room to open it.

She was halfway from her bedroom door when it swung open, and to her surprise, standing in her front was the

his way, she felt no fear.

Once Ruen covered her mouth with his, that wonderful sensation even heightened.

She closed her eyes and felt his intoxicating kiss full of passion just the same as their kiss in his chamber, but more of yearning.

How had it fell into this? She felt herself feeling defeated by her own beliefs. How could she be so vulnerable to him?

Her own musings kept her from realizing that she was already giving back his kiss the same amount of passion as his.

He pulled her closer, his chest pressing against her breasts.

She was surprised, but realizing there was no escape, she gave in to the demand of the moment, keeping a single fact that this would be the last she will ever allow him to kiss her.

It was one single request for a kiss that had been long overdue for it had turned into kisses of desire. Every time their lips parted, she gasps for another breath, then plunges again to capture his.

Why she didn't push him away was something she couldn't answer.

Why was she responding back to his kisses, she didn't understand, but to her astonishment, he abruptly stopped and quickly pulled himself away from her, hands trembling and jaws clenched.

There was anger and disappointment in his eyes which confused her.

Ruen was afraid. Afraid he wouldn't be able to restrain himself. If he hadn't stopped from kissing her, he might not stop then from taking her. The more he wouldn't be able to fulfill such promise.

"I'm sorry, Lianne. Surely, it would do you well if I will leave now."

Lianne was still bewildered, but she knew full well the weight of the possible consequences if he would not leave her now.

Though she could still feel her heart pounding deeply in her chest; her lips swollen from his kisses, she tried to keep her composure intact.

"I...I did not come short in your request. I am confident t'was enough.."

"True, " Ruen said lightly then clenched his teeth.

If only he could have done more than a kiss, he thought to himself.

He walked out of her bedroom, leaving her behind with a mixture of emotions battling inside her.

She watched his broad back as he exited to the parlour, feeling as if there was a deep chasm of emptiness inside her heart.

She couldn't roughly reason herself why, but it proved to be something that brought conflict to her hatred towards him.

"Goodbye Ruen, " Lianne whispered softly to herself as she sat at the edge of the bed, staring blankly at the closed portal of her bedroom.

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