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   Chapter 31 The Almighty King's Death

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It took a lot of strength to restrain herself from slapping Ruen's face when Lianne was able to escape his hold.

Though it would have been her only meager revenge, to her confusion, she couldn't bear to slap him the second time after what he did to her in the library for stealing her very first kiss.

Lianne gave him a sharp glare as she stood at the bedside wiping her moistened lips to dry what was left of his ardor. Though she hated it, she couldn't deny the mounting heat within her caused by his kisses.

Her face turned in a deep shade of red and Ruen could clearly see it.

"I was wrong to even let my guard down. Even though you're injured, you still play your games quite well, " she spat the words out.

Ruen gave no expression of remorse, instead he reached for the glass flute that she left behind in the pillows and handed it back to her.

Her brow arched up, disbelief painting her face. For what just happened moments ago, she was now unsure as whether to take the glass again.

But she was rescued from her predicament when a short knock on the bedroom door sounded, followed by the Head Servant's entry.

For a few seconds, Lady Faye stared at the two royals and instantly noticed a certain amount of hostility developing around them.

"Your Majesty, Sir Culdran specifically told you to rest easy in bed, " the old woman declared as she saw the one addressed sitting upright with no support under his injured shoulder.

Ruen gave a slight nod as his eyes followed the princess who began to quickly exit the room.

He was still holding the glass when Lady Faye approached him and gave no comment as she took it.


Lianne didn't bother to return to the prince's chamber that night. She concluded that any ensuing encounters with him would be disadvantageous for her, but the memory of his kiss didn't leave her alone as she spent her time outside of her room's balcony.

She felt embarrassed by the thought of it. How could he arrange her like that as if she was the one who begged for his kiss?

If only she was prudent enough, he wouldn't have made a pawn out of her.

Nonetheless, it had happened, and because of this, she felt as if she was betraying her own principles accounting to the fact that she hadn't used the last of her strength to fight off his advances that time.

'It will not happen again, I swear, ' she pledged to herself with her hands making a tight fist.

~ 0 ~

Four days had passed since she last stepped inside Ruen's chamber. She did what she had vowed to herself, and did as much as she could to avoid any possible unnecessary meeting with the prince if he were to be allowed to leave his bed.

The passing days were the same routine for her.

She tended Arinna in the stables who had acquired bruises in her midsection and thighs from the hard drop in the forest.

She also busied herself on whatever kitchen duty left and bent on finding some activities -- any activities for that matter -- to knack with in order to refrain herself from any abrupt concerns on the prince's health.

Lady Faye had observed her do much and didn't trouble her with any inconvenience along the way. She, however, received a letter from Lord Cain addressed to the princess.

Guessing that the message could more or less disturb the princess' smooth routines, she decided to hand the letter otherwise, but en route to the Lianne's room, one male servant of adolescent age ran fast towards her with his face distressed over something.


The hooded man exited silently from the King's bedchamber, then Lord Jared followed.

The majordomo's face was serious and gloomy, and his lack of speech alarmed the Head Servant when she arrived at the parlour.

She stood staring at her counterpart with a perplexed look on her face, but it didn't take her long enough to realize what had happened.

The King's frigid body lay still on the bed when the clairvoyant arrived.

At the parlour, few chosen servants stood anxiously for Lord Jared's signal to prepare the body for the interment. Ready with them were a pile of clean white silk cloth, incense, perfumed oils and a line of clothing for the King himself.

Ruen was present at the bedchamber with the clairvoyant, standing beside the closed portal staring inten

as he walked back to his table.

He placed Garlow's medallion in his front and continued to say, "Show this to your most gracious prince, and tell him it is your King's ultimate decree on his deathbed that the opening of the cave will progress."

Cain took the medallion while noting every word that the hooded man spoke.

"That way, your prince will not question your intentions, " he added.

"I believe you still owe me what I want, " Cain reminded, still waiting for the explanation.

He placed the medallion inside the cabinet of the table and then crossed his arms to his chest.

The mysterious man huffed in defeat realizing the general wouldn't bent.

He tipped his chin up and started to reveal all there was about the cave, the princess and a certain prophecy King Garlow wanted to happen.

Cain was calm and calculating during the whole course of the telling, never cutting to speak, but was connecting every bit of pieces to his father and the King's plans of immortality.

It was only then that he flinched in reaction when he heard the princess' name during the development.

"I have always been wondering why Garlow has been constantly confining her inside the palace grounds, " Cain stated as his shrewd eyes sparkled in thought.

For awhile, he fell silent as if pondering the events that had took place inside the mansion and the connection between the necklace that Garlow wore in his neck for most of the time since he ransacked the Kingdom of Vhillana and detain its princess.

He let out a smirk as a certain idea welcomed his mind.

The hooded man knew instantly the general sitting in his front was truly the son of Midas, and that devious look on Cain's face made it all too clear.

The content general lifted his hand to dismiss the hooded man to the latter's content and compliance, but before the man exited, he gave Cain a wicked grin as he remarked, "I bet you can't take your hands off her."

Cain snorted as a response and gave him a half-baked grin.

The latter proceeded to exit the portal, happy with his success on persuading the general.

Unconsciously, Cain traced the outline of his lips as he dissected every bit of possibility with Garlow's plans and the hooded man present to fulfill it.

It would seem that death was not the end of his sickening schemes.

In order to fulfill a prophecy, a drop of the princess' blood was needed. Surely, it would do no harm to her.

Garlow's potential immortality however was another matter. Indeed, it would lead to dire consequences for the kingdom, but with the princess as the payment for Cain's services to the mysterious man, definitely, in the end, it would all be worth it.

Early morning the next day, the envoy with General Cain's brigade left the City of Olga, but the native workers of the land continued the excavation of the cave.

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