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   Chapter 30 A Kiss To Heal

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The prince woke up early morning on the fourth day with the defervescence of his fever.

Present in the room was Sir Culdran, his doctor, and his assistant, Lady Faye and two other maid servants taking out the used linens from his room.

The exhausted doctor immediately approached the prince and checked on his status, then Lady Faye followed, bearing a welcoming smile upon seeing the prince awake at last.

"Your Highness, good morning, " Lady Faye greeted softly. She bowed her head and waited for His Highness' answer.

"Lady Faye...good to see you, " Ruen replied, voice weak but with depth, "you look so tired."

Lady Faye smiled in response as he stated the obvious.

"Your Highness, I am truly relieved that you are healing well with your injury. It has been days when you were unconscious."

"True?" the young man replied in disbelief, but somehow in the back of his mind, he remembered fully well the events that happened the night in the forest.

Sir Culdran took his pulse and his breathing while his assistant wrote the results. Ruen fell silent for a moment as if he was thinking of something and Lady Faye immediately guessed what he was pondering on.

"You are doing fine, Your Highness, " the middle-aged doctor declared, "more fluids and rest would do you well for now."

Ruen nodded in agreement and gave out a reserved smile.

"Your wound is also dry and clean, so I don't think there would be an infection in the coming days."

"That's good to hear Sir Culdran, " Lady Faye replied feeling relieved with the news.

~ 0 ~

Lianne woke up late in the morning after a tiresome night in the prince's chamber.

She was not able to sleep much as the prince was still down with fever and she needed to stay fully awake for whatever needs Sir Culdran would instruct.

Lady Faye managed to advise her to rest at two in the midnight and took over the duty.

She quickly attended to her needs, took a bath, changed clothes and ate her lunch already readied by Erza in the receiving room's balcony.

Lianne was about to head upstairs to the north wing when Lord Jared met her at the foyer of the third floor.

"Princess Lianne, have you slept well?" the majordomo asked.

"Yes, Lord Jared, just enough of what I need, " she replied, nodding.

"That's good to hear, " Lord Jared smiled. "Well, by the way, you have a visitor waiting for you in the guest room, " he said with a serious tone.

Lianne's brows flexed in question.

She saw the old man's face turn sullen as he continued to talk, and when she was informed that Duke Conrad was the visitor waiting for her, it made her skin crawl in disgust.

"But I had already instructed one of the servants to inform the Duke that you cannot attend to him, Your Highness."

"Oh, thank you, Lord Jared. I owe you one, " the princess exclaimed feeling like a thorn had been plucked out of her foot.

"It is my pleasure, Your Highness, " the majordomo replied with glee. "Lady Faye is waiting for you in His Highness' chamber."

Lianne nodded.

"Yes, I will be going there now."

~ 0 ~

The princess opened the main door of the prince's chamber and surprisingly, she could not find one person in the receiving room. She stepped inside and went directly to the bedroom door to open it.

Once inside, she saw Ruen sleeping serenely in his four-poster bed.

The curtains had been changed from a deep red shade to a white-gold mixture. The vase of

longer, she turned away from him and faced the door, but Ruen was quick to speak to curtail her exit, "Lianne, I'm thirsty."

She spun to face him again wearing an earnest glare in her eyes, but she couldn't oppose his order as nevertheless he was still the wounded one.

"Of course, " she roughly spoke, "what would you want me to give you, water? or wine perhaps?"

"Wine, " he replied.

She poured a small amount of red wine into a slender glass flute and handed it to him as if she was a courtesan ready to drunk her customer. He accepted it, then gave a brief nod as if telling her to stay at the bedside. She dutifully did so, although hesitant.

He continued to drink the contents of the glass flute all the while his eyes were fixed on her.

Their gaze met and with that, she quickly directed her attention back to the fireplace, unable to bear the way he probed her.

It was a minute of truce as she waited silently for him to empty his glass, and when he was finally done, she reached out to take it, but was surprised when Ruen did the unexpected.

Lianne gasped as he pulled her waist using his uninjured arm.

This made her kneel in front of him, just at the edge of the bed. Her left hand holding the glass flute rested on top of the pillows and the other was fitted securely in between his fingers.

Ruen's free arm wrapped around her back, pressing her body closer to him as he raised his head to welcome her lips.

The curls of Lianne's hair slipped easily from her back and covered his face.

It was only a split second moment, thus she could not react quickly, but when awareness dawned on her that they were kissing, she started to stir.

In response, he locked his hand on her head to restrain her from moving away. He decided to push her head further to receive his ardor more.

She could taste the trace of wine on his tongue as he slipped it inside her mouth.

What a bold way it was. Truly, she was not used to it, so she squirmed in response. But a whirling sensation shot throughout her body and this made her feel lightheaded.

The passion of his kiss was different than the last one inside the library.

When the latter felt aggressive and probing, Ruen's kiss this moment felt gentle and tender, almost cocooning her heart with warmth.

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