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   Chapter 29 A Feverish State

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After Lianne expressed her feelings, she walked away, wanting to be as far away from the prince as possible, but with only just a few steps, the unthinkable happened.

Ruen stretched his arms and speedily pushed her out of path.

She hit the ground with a heavy crash, lying flat in the moist soil with her face almost kissing the ground.

Though astonished as to his actions, Lianne quickly jumped to her feet and hissed in anger. She turned to face the prince, ready to start a battle of words. He must have been crazy to push her like that, but even so, he certainly deserved a good bashing from her.

It was only a split of a second before she could react however. When she realized what had happened, it was already too late.

Ruen plummeted down from her very front as she stood shocked.

His left hand looked numb and unusually flexed, while his other hand clutched a long thin piece of arrow struck deep in his left shoulder. There was blood oozing profusely from it and it made her wide-eyed in panic.

"Lianne..." Ruen uttered, the softest voice he could muster up. He looked at her, expression full of relief despite the intense pain he was feeling.

Receiving the prince from his fall, Lianne knew she couldn't hold her balance anymore. They both drop heavily to the ground in the end.

She was half sprawled on the earth after the impact, instantly feeling a sore on her back, but she felt a much heavier weight atop her as Ruen lay down, eyes tightly shut with his face contorted now in pain.

Her mint green dress was grotesquely stained with his blood, and she saw that with every breath he took, it would move the arrow an inch deeper into his flesh.

At once, she realized how grave his injury was.

"" she hoarsely spoke, looking from side to side for any sign of a soul.

She slowly lifted his weight from her and positioned him down the grass-desolate land.

Her hands frantically trembled. The sight of his blood-soaked shirt was the only thing that proved to her that time wasn't on their side.




Ruen was rushed to his bed chamber after he was brought by a wagon Lord Jared had quickly spotted just near the spot where he saw both of them.

The royal doctor of the family who just finished checking on the ill-laden king immediately turned his attention to the prince.

At first, he thought that the arrow was from the attack of their enemy, but upon closer inspection, the doctor, in aghast expression, identified the arrow as from the Regaleria Kingdom itself, most specifically from the arrow traps the King had ordered to be plante

that the arrow almost exited through his back.

It was a relief to know though that he didn't acquire any head injuries from the fall considering she was the cushion that provided him safety.

Lady Faye was happy to see the princess' eagerness to care for him, but gossips had badly leaked that Lianne was to blame for the prince's current state, especially considering the warnings the princess received about the traps.

Although, Lady Faye would have agreed on that fact, she knew that it was hopelessness that drove the poor princess to flight. It would be unfair to blame it all on her.

The third day of his bedridden state, the prince was still feverish.

He awakened in mid day scathing in pain, his teeth clenched, and with confusion. He was unable to recognize the woman beside him holding a damp cloth or any other person present in the room to everyone's dismay.

Lord Jared had appointed a new doctor for the prince to monitor his progress as the King seemed to become worse and worse with every passing day, and the royal doctor was much needed for him.

It was in the late evening when Lianne heard him moan while asleep.

She took the damp cloth out from his forehead when she heard him call out her name. She was shocked to hear it and it froze her for a moment.

The new doctor who was oblivious of the princess' identity commented, "He must be having some delirium, even a woman's name he can easily call out."

Lianne's heart pounded heavily as she went inside the bathroom to fetch a new bowl of water.

She would have wanted to leave the mansion knowing it would be easy now to escape, but in her life, she couldn't just leave the prince suffering knowing it was her, the very reason why he was in this state.

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