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   Chapter 28 Come Back With Me

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The earth was moist and foggy after a heavy rain that afternoon. Amidst hearing the servants' precaution regarding the traps laid out by the King around the mansion, Princess Lianne didn't give it much weight as she was too determined to escape.

She knew that as long as she was inside the mansion, though she vehemently refused to be controlled all these years, she would never receive her rightful freedom. To flee was the only option.

The track was downhill and rocky. The loosened soil in addition was threatening her pace of escape. There were large trees everywhere in sight and the moon's radiance could only touch half of the forest floor.

'Traps could be anywhere!' she thought to herself, but the fear of it was naught compared to the terror she might face if she will be married to the old duke.

Due to the haste of her flight out of the mansion, the only possession she had carried was a purse of a good amount of coins she had been saving for herself and a black robe she wore to protect herself from the cold of the night.

She was wearing a moss green peasant dress she normally wears on servant duty at the stables and a pair of green leather sandals of which its straps were crossing up to the ankle.

She had expected Lord Cain will be quite furious when he finds out about her escape and that she took Arinna with her, but wanting to leave the mansion as fast as possible, she would have to need some help, and that the healthy stallion would be the perfect animal for the job.

It was half an hour ago since she left the mansion, and hopefully, nobody noticed her absence.

The time would be just enough for her to exit the town and run beyond the boundary of the Regaleria Kingdom.

She had already calculated the time intervals in her mind but all of it began to evaporate as a sound of hooves clattering and breaking of branches were heard not far from where she was.

Maybe two or three horses were present judging from the sound but it was already enough for Lianne to hastily scamper with her horse.

She could hardly manage to control the horse as they descend down the steep slope into a shallow river.

When she arrived near the bank, to her surprise, she saw a man riding atop a Calabrese horse just across the other side of the river.

His face was masked by darkness unable for her to recognize who he was, but thinking he could be one of Garlow's knights, she quickly pulled the reins making the stallion turn sharply and began to run against the current of the water in attempts to avoid the man.

She could feel the smashing of the water hitting her cheeks as the stallion moved with increasing speed; however, the man was following speedily behind her to her disappointment.

'No! You will not catch me!' she screamed in her thoughts, but disappointment turned into panic when she realized the man who was following her was no knight, but the Duke himself!

'My God! Why is he following me?' she voiced out, heart pounding like crazy.

Arinna who was of pure breed was somehow engulfed by the enormous size of the horse the Duke was riding on, and that it was incredibly faster than hers, and in just a matter of seconds, his horse was already side by side with her.

The Duke's hand hast

the prince away.

Unfortunately, the latter was quick to respond, grabbing her arm before she could even take a step.

"Let go of me!" Lianne said, throwing him a glare.

"What? No words of gratitude for my rescue?" Ruen replied, half mocking.

The princess' temper burst out because of this. "How dare you ask such a thing when you are the one who placed me in this mess!"

"Lianne, " Ruen uttered, ignoring her words, "come back with me."

"No!" she answered in a heartbeat.

"Don't you see? This place is dangerous! I'm not leaving until you come with me!" He pulled her arm to lead her the way to his horse but Lianne only forcefully yanked her arm out of his grasp.

"I said leave me alone!" she demanded, but her knees started to shake.

Ruen stared at her face shadowed by darkness. He could see her eyes glowing with hatred, but there was also another emotion there, something more fragile.

Unfortunately for both of them, he was also already at his limit too. He leveled his head into hers and said firmly, "You will come back with me. I'm not going to accept no for an answer, you hear me?"

"And for what?!" Lianne responded, giving him another cold glare. "Let your father control me again?! Chain me in his palace like I'm some kind of an animal? Marry me off with that man?!" She sneered as her eyes began to create tears.

Ruen, disquieted, gave no reply.

It was hard for him, but he admitted to himself those were already her fate if she were to come back in the mansion.

Although hesitant, he freed her arm and averted her gaze. She waited for him to respond but he just stood there motionless. There was guilt in his eyes, anger, and agony, but to her, all she could see was pure coldness.

"I'm so ashamed of myself, to think that I trusted you, " she said, wanting to pour her heart out now. "You promised me for heaven's sake! But, I guess, it's in your blood, huh?"

Ruen looked at her with surprisingly renewed determination, clenching his hand into a fist; something that she didn't notice.

She looked back at him with resentment filling her eyes and easily said, "I shouldn't have trusted you. I hate you."

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