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   Chapter 27 The Flight of a Princess

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"Princess Lianne!"

Erza exclaimed as she placed a hand on the princess' shoulder.

It was already late afternoon when she and the princess headed back to the mansion from the greenhouse. The sky was gloomy and it looked like it was about to rain.

"Erza? Why are you looking so anxious?" Lianne replied, perplexed by the maid's unusual behavior.

"Uhm, princess, the Duke of Olga is here, " she voiced out as she stared with worry directly to the exit of the east garden's rose bush.

"What?" Lianne quickly exclaimed.

Her senses began to numb as she saw the old man standing right at the exit of the garden a few meters away from them.

She wanted to avoid him stat, but the fact that the Duke had already blocked the exit made it difficult.

She hastily looked for other pathways to leave but to her horror, it was already blocked by guards of what looked like his own.

Both ladies saw the Duke closing in on them, and as he draw nearer he motioned Erza to leave.

The servant was reluctant but the possibility of being reprimanded by a duke was a definite fear. She went ahead, but not without whispering to the princess that she will call Lady Faye as soon as possible.

"Such a fine afternoon for gardening isn't it Princess Lianne?" Duke Conrad stated as he grew closer to the princess who was standing nervously beside a bush of yellow roses.

"It was awhile ago until you came, " she replied with sarcasm.

"Oh! Such venom in your words my dear."

Lianne's brow arched in amazement on the endearment he called her. The Duke began to extend his most welcoming but sly smile while staring at her as if she was food.

"Why are you here?" Lianne asked, frowning. His nearness made her remember the first night in her room of his deliberate attempt on kissing her.

She thought in her mind that staying away from him would be the best plan she would have to do now.

"I'm here for some business my dear. Why? Do I see concern in your eyes? "

Lianne scoffed. "What an absurd idea."

"You never fail to mystify me, Princess, " he spoke as he eyed the rose bush beside the princess. He pluck a rose from its stem and lifted it to smell the petals touching it with his still grossly unshaven jaw; the look of it made Lianne feel nauseated. "This flower reminds me of you, " he started, "truly beautiful; although with thorns; but worth it, a rare treasure indeed. It's amazing how my patience betrays me when I am near you, my dear."

"Don't you even dare, " Lianne rebuked as she instantly knew what he meant.

At the periphery of her vision, she saw the perfect timing of her escape. The exit of the garden was wide open for her, and that there was no guard watching them near.

Without a second thought, she sprinted, passing at his side, hoping that she'd be able to escape successfully, bu

"She's not there also, " the prince replied again, this time with a concerned voice. Lady Faye could see the worry in the prince' eyes and sensed that there was something wrong about this night.

She knew it was a heavy burden for him to hear of his father's illness, but now, his own composure was disrupted due to the missing princess.

"Lady Faye, I know the princess being missing is not new to you; that she could be anywhere in the garden or even in the stables, but knowing that Duke Conrad is here and considering my father and his agreement about the princess' betrothal, I cannot gamble any chances!"

"Yes, I know of your concern, Your Highness, " she replied. "I can definitely understand your worry. Then, we must find her as soon as possible."

"Uhm, my apologies for interrupting Your Highness, " a gruff voice came in the other side of the kitchen door connected to the ale room.

"Paul, what is it?" the governess asked, turning her face to him.

The head stableman stood warily beside the door frame clasping his torn hat against his chest.

"Your Highness, a few hours ago, Princess Lianne took her horse down the north side of the mansion. She told me it will be just a little ride and that she would be back quickly. I didn't mind it so I let her be on her way, but..."

"But what Paul?" Ruen clarified, a trickling of sweat began to run down his temples.

"She looked like she was terrified of something, " Paul continued as he deeply stared at the royal prince who was dumbfounded himself.

"Dammit!" he swore under his breath, "Get my horse, NOW!"

"Yes, Your Highness, right away!" Paul replied as he hurriedly ran out of the kitchen to the stables.

"Lady Faye! Let my father not hear any of this, and find Duke Conrad! I want that man confined until I see the princess safe!" the prince commanded as he swiftly took off out of the kitchen.

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