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   Chapter 26 The Sickness of the Almighty

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Lianne wasn't comfortable staying in her new room.

Half an hour after Prince Ruen left, she hastily went back to her own servant quarter only to her disappointment.

She had found that it was already occupied by three male servants of the palace.

It would seem that Garlow had made it sure she will not be able to go back to her old room, and because of it, she didn't have any choice but to stay at the new chamber that night. Surely, on the morrow, she will be able to persuade Erza or the other servants to let them share their own rooms for her.

Her first night inside the chamber however wasn't as bad as she had thought to be, but it was a definite change of her comfort.

The gown she had worn at the ball was hung at a nearby sofa chair. Truly, it was a beautiful dress. If not only for the man who gave it, she would have wanted to keep such a masterpiece. Now, she would have to find a way again to make sure she'll be able to give the gowns back to him without causing another talk around the servants.

For some reason, the events earlier that night kept coming back to her, but not the moment when the Duke had tried to molest her, but the time when Ruen had held her in his arms.

Sprawling her whole body under the comfort of the peach damask bed cover, she recalled what he had said about their rooms close to each other. She quickly stood up and for the first time, went to see the outside of her balcony to assess how it was likely for his claim to be true.

Upon coming out, the view immediately boasted the entire west royal garden and the hilly mountains of Regaleria. It was positively a breathtaking sight, but upon scanning the area more, to her surprise, meters apart from the left side of her own; on the third floor; was a different balcony. It had a much grander architecture with cast iron balustrade supported by heavy limestone columns attached to the main wall.

What brought her attention was not the balcony itself, but the one who was standing at the front edge of it.

The prince was leaning against the balustrade, both his hands clasped together and somewhat looking like he was thinking intently.

The breeze was cold and when the gush of wind hit his fine dark strands of hair, he looked almost a God under the moonlit night.

He was about to head back inside his chamber when he noticed the princess standing at her own balcony looking at his way. He gave out a pristine but rather reserved smile to her, and then slightly bowed his head low as if greeting a goodnight.

Her heart seemed to leap upon seeing it and even though she was just with him a moment ago, she felt as though it was their first meeting.

She blushed at the sight of those same naked chest he was so confident on showing, and with that, she quickly went inside her bedroom hiding behind the curtains.

Ruen let out a sigh when he saw her reaction. What a temptation it was for him though, the fact that the silhouette of her body could readily be seen behind those curtains. Now that he made such a promise to h

wearing a silk dark blue robe with the bed sheet covering half of his body. He was feverish and sweating profusely. What considerably took the prince's attention was a single necklace around his father's hand with an emerald pendant dangling on its center.

He was surprised. Without a doubt, he instantly remembered when he had seen the necklace in the past.

"Father, " Ruen spoke, sitting at a delicately-carved golden chair near the edge of the bed on his father's right side.

He leaned closer to the bed, his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasping together, and his expression blank.

It was not long ago that the mysterious man had also sat on the same chair alone, speaking with the King rather earnestly.

"What do you need of me?" the prince spoke again, this time his tone stern as he stared coldly at his father.

Garlow managed to turn his head slightly towards the prince and then gave a grin as he looked at the young man's cold stare. "Exactly as I had taught you..." he weakly uttered.

"I was wondering who was that man with you awhile ago. The one who was wearing a red cloak?" Ruen voiced out managing to release the suspicion he was collecting within himself.

"Hmmm..." The King grumbled within his throat. "Ruen, I have seen the way you look at her. The way you have changed since we brought the princess of Vhillana here, " Garlow proceeded to speak, ignoring his son's question. "You are not to feel emotions. You are my shadow. Leave her be."

Ruen's expression changed quickly to anger. Though he would have wanted to argue with his father, he controlled his words instead and then replied, "Nothing will change."

Lord Jared was waiting, standing at the receiving room when the bedchamber door opened.

The prince looked irritated as he stepped outside of the bedroom. He headed directly to the main door without saying a word.

The Head Butler, although confused, quickly followed him.

Whatever it was that the King and the prince had discussed, it surely wasn't good.

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