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   Chapter 24 An Intruder in the Midst

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It seemed that Lianne's words deeply affected the prince as he had not said another word to her as the evening got older.

They both only sat on their seats silent and just observing the party throughout the night.

When it was an hour past midnight, the guests one by one said their goodbyes and left the mansion along with Lord Cain and the other generals.

King Garlow had also left too leaving Ruen and the princess alone in the royal table.

The Duke was nowhere in sight and was thought to exit the mansion earlier.

Considering that fact, Lianne began to doubt the prince's words. She therefore concluded that it was really one of Ruen's games of keeping her for his pleasure. There had been no advances during the ball from the Duke and that she had not received any summons from him to dance either.

"Let me escort you to your room, " the prince suggested when he noticed her shifting in her seat, trying to stand up. He touched her bare shoulder and squeezed the skin there; his only way so she wouldn't ignore him.

And it worked.

Lianne gave him a scalding look and answered, "No, that won't be necessary, " and quickly stood up, jerking her shoulder away from his reach.

Ruen managed to stop her again by firmly gripping her elbow, not wanting to be denied by his request, but Lianne's patience reached its height in the process.

"Isn't this already enough?! You have already won! Why can't you leave me alone!" She glared at him and clenched her teeth.

"I don't understand what you mean, Lianne, " he answered, genuinely clueless, his brows raising in confusion.

"Huh!" Lianne cocked her head up and snorted. "You convinced me to stay all throughout the ball. I even contained myself on this table the whole time all because of your stupid reason! Why can't you just stop this nonsense? The ball is over. The Duke is gone and let's face it, you are just making up a story!"

Her voice was harsh, like acid pouring on his skin, but he showed no concern on it.

She yanked her arm away and successfully she did. How could he have played her out again, and how could she deliberately fell on his trap yet again?!

Ruen didn't respond. He somehow knew she'd doubt him, but despite this, he was satisfied to see her safe and that nothing uneventful happened during the ball with her and the Duke. He wanted to speak his mind out, but before he could say anything, a certain female voice came out in their midst.

"Your Highness! There you are!" Lady Kathrine, as quick as a mouse and as excited as a parrot, ascended the slim stairs to the royal table.

It wasn't known if she had noticed the two royal's argument, but she definitely had done well in interrupting them if she knew.

She gave out a haughty grin when she saw the princess hurriedly walk out of the table, and out of their presence. Now, she could have the prince all to herself.

Lianne could still hear Ruen's vo


"Would you throw your hatred away for the King just for this time?" Lady Faye regarded in worry. "Think about your welfare too my dear. I did once told you that by joining parties in this kingdom that your circumstances might change for the better. Isn't this already a good development?"

"It will only be a matter of time. The truth will soon come out. I'm sure he has plans for me and those wouldn't be good. I'm sure of it, " Lianne stated, a cold chill raced along her spine just thinking about the future.

She turned back to face the center area of the receiving room. She surveyed the place again. There certainly was a different atmosphere surrounding the room than the one she had used in the servant's quarters.

It was then that she noticed another door to the right of the room, adjacent to the figurine shelf bolted against the wall.

She thought it was the door to her new bedroom.

Lady Faye gazed at her, observing how she absentmindedly stared at the bedroom door.

Smiling, the Head Servant slowly lifted her hand and gestured the princess to open the door.

"Why don't you open it?"

Lianne was hesitant at first, but she did so anyway. If this would be her new room, she should at least see to it that her bedroom was something that can be her solace.

She twisted the gilded knob opening the room to reveal the area darkly-lit.

The light from the moon outside had softly gleamed the edges of the tinted French door. It was half open though and the breeze outside managed to enter the bedchamber causing the white voile embroidered curtain to lightly float.

The Head Servant, having located the switch of the crystal chandelier of the bedroom, switched it on for the princess to have a better view of the room.

However, just as the light of the chandelier flickered; without delay, Lianne caught her breath upon seeing the one man she didn't expect would be waiting inside her bedchamber.

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