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   Chapter 23 A Marriage Trap

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Lianne was at a loss for words by the sight on her front.

Noticing that nearby guests were observing them, she realized she couldn't refuse his offer at all. With this, her expression calmed from being disappointed a moment ago and stared at the awaiting prince with mistrust in her eyes.

"What about that woman?" she inquired.

Ruen raised his brow in confusion, but instead of answering her, he straightened and proceeded to guide her at the center of the dance floor. He was pleased Lianne didn't retreat, but protest she did by inconspicuously tugging back her hand and throwing angry glares at him.

"Act like you are enjoying it princess. People would know that you're hostile towards me by the look on your face, " he whispered when they reached the dance floor. "And also, move closer to me." He pulled her towards him, resting his hand on the small of her back.

This awarded a good scowl from Lianne, but she didn't jerk away.

"Don't push your luck too much, Your High-ness, " she expressed with irritation.

Though she was vehemently against the idea of dancing with him, the only thing left for her to do was to act and go with the flow of the music, hoping it would end quickly.

The music started slow with the chimes tuning in, then proceeded with a cool soft tone of a solo violin.

Ruen's gaze never left the princess which made her more conscious and despite herself, she felt her cheeks heat up.

'Act like you're enjoying, Lianne. Act like you're enjoying, ' she ranted the statement on her mind over and over again.

With most of the guests observing them, she had to look the part. She had to make it look like she had a fake adoration for the crown prince. She had to look like they were in good terms with each other.

But despite faking her actions, her bodily responses still brought out the truth. Her heart pounded heavily with the rhythm of the violin and skipping a beat as the cymbals clashed together. Her breathing picked up. Her stomach churned in delicious waves. She couldn't deny it that in truth, she was actually enjoying their dance.

Ruen's left hand was still on her waist; their other hands clasped together, and as the music started to gain momentum, their bodies perfectly danced in rhythm, elegantly stepping in cycles on the marbled floor.

They looked perfect with each other and the audience were in awe watching them.

Ruen was gentle on the way he held her, and when there was a time that he lifted her up in the air, he didn't hurt her waist for he lifted her effortlessly to her certain surprise.

Lianne gave a brief, fleeting smile following it to which Ruen didn't miss. He hoped somehow this wasn't just her charade.

Lianne held a breath when Ruen drew her again closer to his chest as the music mellowed. Their faces stayed only inches apart.

There was a magnetic pull between

faced when he expressed his observations earlier, "You seem to be affected by Lady Kathrine's haughty actions that time, may I assume that you care for me?"

She was taken aback by the sudden change of topic, but she quickly shook her head in disagreement.

It was as if he was reading her thoughts! But, oh no! He wouldn't, couldn't, absolutely will not know of what she felt that time when that woman was present.

She replied, painstakingly hiding the tremble in her voice, "You seem to think highly of yourself, Your Highness." Then, impulsively, she began to touch the fine lines of his jaw, and smoothly traced the back of his neck.

Ruen, in a heartbeat, straightened his shoulders in reaction to it.

She then wrapped her arms around his neck, tiptoeing in the process as she whispered on his ear, "Such a trivial thing to remember. Do you think I'd care when Lord Cain was there to accompany me?"

She didn't understand what had gotten her to say that, but by just thinking about the woman, her nerves began to tense. She even surprised herself finding that she had such a courage to put up an act like that on the prince.

However, Lianne was unaware of the magnitude of the effect she had on the prince upon saying such.

When she moved back, he seized her hand in a vice-like grip and then dragged her back to the royal table. He didn't say another word after that and so did Lianne.

'It is better this way, ' she thought.

King Garlow was already observing the two upon returning to the table and when the Duke saw the princess, he wore such wide wicked smile that even Lianne didn't fail to notice.

It gave her goosebumps in reaction but managed to sit still on her chair hoping at the back of her mind, that Ruen was wrong on his assumptions.

She saw General Cain again at the generals' table, and her heart leaped for a moment realizing that he was looking at her way too.

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