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   Chapter 22 A Dance Would Be Enough

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It didn't take long for Ruen to reach the music room of the east wing.

He was relieved that such an ordeal with Lady Kathrine was over. Lord Jared would have found something worthwhile for her to dispose of her time while she was at the mansion, so he didn't have to worry anymore.

Now that he was free, the only thing in his mind was to go back to the grand hall and see to it that Princess Lianne and the general was still in public view.

He was anxious of the fact that even just a simple blink of an eye, Cain could easily manage her out of the dance floor and into a secluded place where...

He shook his thoughts away and cringed. Before anything could happen, he was damn going to make it sure he was there to stop it.

The music room was very spacious amidst the various types of instruments placed on it.

There was no one in sight. No merchant or a royal council bringing with him business matters to attend to. It was after all a ploy both he and Lord Jared had concocted to ward off Lady Kathrine from his side.

He directed himself at a certain door at the edge of the room away from view of the main door and laboriously scanned the back of a wooden shelf beside the door trying to find something.

The door seemed to have been abandoned for quite sometime for the prince had a difficult time opening it when he found the key. When he was able to open it, it showed a generous view of the north fields of Regaleria.

There was a long narrow staircase connected to the door. The width was enough to accommodate a single line of people and for some reason, it was connected to the first balcony of the grand hall.

In haste, he descended down the stairs and reached the first balcony.

A group of maidens who were at the area noticed his presence and immediately did a curtsy in response, giggling at the same time.

He nodded at them and then left, attempting to avoid their curiosity as to why he just came from a suspicious entry. He stood then, composed and stoic, against a column in the first balcony and perused the dance floor for a certain woman.

The grand hall was lively still after he had left it as it was.

The musicians were playing their music, the guests were chatting and laughing, and the dance floor was filled with couples dancing.

He noticed that his father had gone back to the royal table but was now talking to a suspicious-looking man sitting at his left side, murmuring something on his ear.

Garlow was nodding intently at the process of their conversation and when Ruen followed where his father and the man's gaze had fallen, he was overwrought to see that they were actually looking at the princess who was gliding effortlessly in the hands of the general.

'What are you planning now father?' he whispered to himself and began to walk towards the royal table intent on hearing what they were talking about.



Lianne made another ill-performed curtsy after the third score of waltz was over.

It seemed that Cain had made sur

hat of me? Please do not take advantage of my plight. For a moment there, you sounded like Garlow, greedy of power...of lust!"

Not waiting for his reply, she walked out of the balcony and into the stream of guests inside the grand hall.

There was only one thing in her mind that time, and it was to seek refuge inside her room.

Cain was left leaning against the balustrade recollecting himself while touching the sore spot where Lianne's forceful slap had landed. It pained him to let her go but it was for the best, for now.

'Lianne, I have already tasted you. I would never let you go, ' he whispered to the wind, the decision in his eyes final.

She walked past a large crowd without even a care.

In her mind, she was sure to march out of the grand hall, but suddenly, there was a quick tug on her shoulder when she passed alongside the buffet table.

It made her stop. She turned around to see who caused it and to her surprise, Ruen was the one holding her shoulder.

She definitely didn't notice him return in the party after such an event with Cain.

They stared at each other for a second, then Ruen began to close the space between them noticing the wet eyes of the princess. He wiped it dry quickly with his own hand to Lianne's stunned expression.

She jerked to free her shoulder but he did not let go. She only then stepped backward to open up a space between them, and then bluntly spoke in a dull voice, "I am not in the mood playing with your petty games right now, Your Highness, so please, if you could just leave me be."

"I know, " Ruen replied in a gentle voice, "but I don't want you to sulk in your room crying for whatever reason you have right now."

She gritted her teeth hearing it.

"It's not like you would care, so why bother? What is it that I should do in order for you to leave me alone?" she then spoke, her tone commanding but weak.

"Hmmm, a dance would be enough, " he replied, seizing her hand in a flash and then bowed low in her front.

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