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   Chapter 21 A Competition of Two Women

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Lianne stood at the edge of the railing in a balcony outside the grand hall. Her right hand gripped the railing tightly feeling vexed by something she thought was inferior.

Why was she feeling annoyed with the woman's presence? Much more, why did it cause a strong emotion seeing the prince talk to another woman other than herself?

Surely, she must have gone mad.

Continuing to cool herself down, it was then that she realized she had inadvertently stomped her foot when she caught a glimpse of the two walk towards the center of the dance floor.

"That lewd woman!" Lianne turned her back quickly away from them and began to take deep breaths.

"And what was he claiming about? Thinking about me the whole time when he was in Veirsalles?! Huh! Go fool others!" she shouted, unaware that Lord Cain had just arrived in the balcony.

"Who is fooling around, Lianne?"

Startled by his unexpected entrance, she placed a hand onto her chest and gave out a fake smile.

"Lord Cain! You're here!"

"Tell me, what are you blurting about?" he questioned, his eyes shifting with suspicion. He approached her and stopped to lean against the railing too.

"Oh, nothing. I was just speaking my mind again. You know, about Garlow, " she replied, astonished with herself why she couldn't bring to tell him about how annoyed she was with the mysterious woman's presence Lord Jared seems to have an acquaintance to.

"Ah, I see." Cain cocked his head up and crossed his arms to his chest. "I was looking everywhere for you. Apparently, the royal table is absent of a King and a prince who I just saw waltzing with a lady in the dance floor just now. I thought you had already left the party when you did promise me a dance, right?"

"Of course, I hadn't forgotten about that my Lord, " Lianne said in an astonishingly calm manner. She just had to keep her emotions intact and show a straight face.

"Well then, would you dance with me?" He then bent low and stretched out his hand as an invitation.

Lianne was reluctant to agree knowing that 'they' were still in the dance hall, but not wanting to rouse Cain's suspicion, she agreed to dance with him then.

Surely enough, the prince and Lady Kathrine were in the dance floor when Cain and Lianne entered the crowd.

She kept her eyes low trying to avoid glancing at the couple, but she was hyper aware where they were.

Ruen saw them both and was bothered by the sight of them dancing together: Cain's hands on Lianne's hips and her face on the general's shoulder. He wanted to go and cut their dance, but with his current predicament still holding him down, he couldn't do so.

The rhythm of the music was slow and steady making Lianne conscious on every contact of Cain's skin. It had only been a month past since the Soulisse ball and Cain's amoro

lies set on a table in her front, but in truth, she was actually fixing herself up seeing her reflection cast by a large gold framed mirror bolted up against the wall.

After several minutes of waiting, her frustration began to increase when she caught a glimpse of the prince's reflection in the mirror swiftly walking away to a hallway across where she stood.

Frantic, she turned and began to shout out his name when Lord Jared approached her quickly.

"Uncle, where is Prince Ruen going?" she asked in alarm.

"He has some business affairs to attend to urgently and he has told me to tour you around the palace in his place. Prince Ruen has bid me to apologize in his behalf for this misfortune, Kathrine."

"What?!" She stomped her foot hard on the marbled floor upon hearing what Jared said. Her brows knotted hard too as she folded her arms together. "This is not right! He was supposed to tour me, not you!"

"And whose fault is it in the first place?" Jared fired back in anger. "You didn't exactly inform me you were coming in the Regaleria Mansion. Going all the way from Veirsalles on a whim! Tsk! What kind of a woman are you?"

Kathrine, in reaction, bowed her head low.

She played on her fingers acting like an innocent child and said with hesitation, "I...I had some...friends I was with aboard the ship."

"You are lying, " Jared commented, "and surely, your father doesn't know any of this?"

Kathrine didn't respond. She continued to lower her head feeling dissatisfied with the turn of events. She should have informed his uncle of her arrival first so to spare this kind of situation, but it was already too late to regret it.

Lord Jared in the other hand was enraged by her revelation. Truly, he knew that Kathrine's father would be disappointed with her actions.

"Argh, child!" Jared spoke bitterly. "You and your capriciousness!"

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