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   Chapter 20 The Table of the Wolves

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Beyond the main door of the grand hall, there was undoubtedly loud voices all over the area.

A band of musicians had played a piece of waltz to encourage the guests to dance at the center of the grand hall.

It was Lianne's first time to behold what was happening in this area even though she had been living in the mansion and had experienced Garlow hosting a lot of parties in the past.

'So, this is it. Truly, why am I not surprised?' she spoke to herself.

They both descended to the grand marble staircase towards the main hall. At the same time the waltz ended, halfway from their descend, Lord Jared, who was at the top of the grand staircase announced their arrival.

"Welcome, General Cain of the House of Von Cavill and with the princess of Regaleria Kingdom, Princess Lianne."

All of the guests who have noticed their arrival stared at the descending couple with awe and pleasure in their eyes.

Half of the guests were the same guests that were in attendance at the Soulisse Mansion ball and the House of Astoria party. Princess Lianne noticed some noble women waving their hands directly at General Cain and others seemingly displeased by the sight of them together.

The bachelors of the kingdom, Dukes and Duchesses, however, welcomed the princess with delight and warm smiles on their faces. There was the Duchess of Equinnoel in sight also to Lianne's glee.

When the princess and Lord Cain reached to the assigned table of the generals of the kingdom, trumpets were blown in indication of the royal entourage's arrival at the grand hall. Lord Jared quickly climbed up the stairs and stood directly at the entrance portal, and then announced with all his strength the titles that were mandatory.

"Welcome, Crown Prince Ruen of the Regaleria Kingdom, " he stated first, then followed by the overly created introductions of the King.

Prince Ruen stepped inside the grand hall casually as ever.

He wore no expression on his face nor a hint of a smile on his lips, but he did bow low to welcome all of the guests before he descended the stairs.

He was followed a few moments later by his father, King Garlow, who managed to smile haughtily to everyone.

Ruen's eyes were fixed on the princess as he passed by their table and it made Lianne even more cognizant of his unusual attention.

When they reached the royal table that was situated at the edge of the grand hall, centrally to all of the tables aligned, King Garlow quickly announced that the party be started. Immediately after, the band of musicians played their first batch of songs and everyone started to enjoy the ball.

Most of the guests near the general's table, however, had their eyes keenly observant on the princess' every move, and the royal council were also quite meticulous of her presence on the party. She did refuse many invitations from the councilmen after the Astoria party, so she did make a real inviting impression on the nobles because of it.

The royal table was elevated three stairs high from the ground of the hall itself. King Garlow was sitting at the center of the table apparently talking to a royal council at his left side.

What leaped Lianne's heart as she perused the table was the man beside Garlow on his right, sitting calmly and what looked like staring back at her with those devilishly brown-green eyes.

How could she feel comfortable when she knew that many eyes were upon her, especially his? She shouldn't have worn this dress in the first place.

"Relax, Princess Lianne, " Lord Cain whispered close to her ear to her apparent surprise. Under the table, she felt his hand clench her own and then he beamed a sincere smile on her way. "I am here, you don't have to worry."

Lianne smiled back, but her anxiety only grew worse as she saw Lord Jared approach them in a speedy manner.

Cain frowned by the sight of the old man and he knew instantly that he was bringing a message from the King.

As the majordomo neared their table, he bowed low in respect with the generals in assembly, and then approached the major general even closer whispering something in his ear.

His displeasure was immediately evident as Lord Jared whispered the King's message, and without any word, he stared worriedly at the princess on his side.

"What's the matter, Cain?" Lianne asked, heart pounding hard, but Lord Jared instead offered his

ntion was redirected to the majordomo who then whispered something on his ear. He nodded in agreement, then quickly rose to his seat and began to walk outside the nearest balcony of the hall at the left side where, standing in one of the columns, was the second Duke of the City of Olga, Duke Conrad.

"I am still a man Lianne, " Ruen stated, eyes in a serious shade of brown-green. "Those sensitive things are not meant to be shared out in the open. But, true to your accusation, I was thinking about you the whole time when I was in Veirsalles." There was no malice in his voice at all. No hint that he was lying. He looked at her with deep longing, waiting for her to reply, but before the princess could respond, a certain female voice interrupted their conversation.

"Excuse me, Your Highness?" Lady Kathrine inched her way up to the royal table and stood in front of the prince.

Ruen saw her. He quickly straightened his back and asked with a reserved voice, "Lady Kathrine? Why are you here?"

Lianne was stunned by the intrusion. Who was this woman to have the guts to interfere them? She was beautiful however, and stylishly dressed. With one look on the woman's face, Lianne already knew that she was head-over-heels attracted with the prince.

She didn't care however, but her emotions began to boil as she heard their conversation.

"Ah, well, uhm, Lord Jared has invited me to your party here at the Regaleria Mansion, " Lady Kathrine replied, her voice stuttering as if she had not rehearsed the line a few times on her way to the mansion.

"You came here all the way to Veirsailles just for this party?" Ruen said, his brow arched. "Is Lord Jared even thinking properly?"

"Uhm, well, I...I really wanted to see you, Your Highness, " Kathrine responded in a slow arduous tone, her eyes twinkling and fluttering.

She began to lean on the table and intentionally stooped low to reveal her swelling bosom beneath her gown all for Ruen to see.

Lianne forcefully swallowed a piece of honeyed ham, although feeling disgusted upon witnessing the woman's obvious seduction.

She did not notice Ruen's void and cold expression however, unmoved by Kathrine's immodesty.

"Please dance with me, Your Highness? I would be greatly honored, " Kathrine invited, smiling deviously trying to intimidate the princess on his side.

Lianne's brows arched in amazement. She can't believe what she was hearing and even seeing. A sarcastic smiled appeared on her face then in response to the woman's action, and before Ruen could reply, she rapidly rose from her chair and darted out of the royal table and walked towards one of the balcony on the right side of the grand hall.

Ruen followed Lianne's movements and mentally noted where she stormed away.

He wanted to follow her, but Kathrine grabbed his attention, touching his jaw towards her face, "Dance with me please?" she offered once again.

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