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   Chapter 19 The Regaleria Ball

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Lianne was at the greenhouse the next day when Malerna began to express her excitement on the coming ball of the Regaleria Mansion. Apparently, King Garlow decided to host a ball in welcome of his son back to the Regaleria Kingdom, but surely, for the princess, it wasn't the only reason.

"This would be a wondrous occasion! It has been quite a few years since we had a big party like this!" Malerna, with gleaming eyes, announced to the other maids in attendance. They were picking fresh tomatoes and lettuce for a salad later tonight and the princess requested to come along with them in hopes of killing her boredom inside the mansion.

"It's all the same for me, " Princess Lianne commented, frowning. "This ball would be the same as others, largely extravagant in order to fit Garlow's whims." She pulled a perfectly ripe tomato from its branch and threw it to her basket with a little bit less care.

What she didn't notice though was that she was observed by a young girl of ten years old. Gina, the youngest daughter of the chief cook of the mansion, batted her eyelashes in disbelief.

"Oh, you're not excited, Princess?" Next to Malerna, Gina asked Lianne with hope in her eyes. She saw the princess not only as someone of royal blood but also as her big sister.

Lianne, was taken aback.

Both Malerna, Erza and two other maids simultaneously looked at each other and were anxious of her response.

"I...I am excited too Gina, " Lianne started, trying her best to give out a calm answer, "but you know me, I don't like parties that much, " she continued and then showed a forced smile. Her answer maybe a big, fat lie, but the young girl's innocence and honesty was comforting to Lianne that she didn't want to taint it just by telling her the truth. Gina never did knew how much the princess hated the royal residents of the mansion and Lianne wanted it to remain that way.

In response, the young girl rounded her eyes even more. "Wow Princess! You are the very first lady I know who doesn't like parties and such."

Malerna chuckled at the comment, threw a fleeting eye on the princess, who in return winked at the older woman as if giving a silent message. Malerna then picked the basket of tomatoes and then stooped low to level herself with Gina's frame of vision.

"You see dear, our princess here, is not used to joining parties. That is why, it is a must for her to join the ball tomorrow."

Letting out a silent protest, Lianne looked pleadingly at the older woman, but Malerna dismissed her.

"I'm sure, when she will attend the ball tomorrow, she'd be the most beautiful woman there is!" Malerna added as she crossed her arms to her chest in delight.

Gina's eyes gleamed even more as she looked back at the princess who quickly hid her dismay with a sweet smile.

"Oh my! I can't wait for tomorrow! I am even more excited now to see what Princess Lianne would look like!"

"I...I don't think you should be, Gina. I...uhm...I'm not going to-" Lianne was at a loss for words just by looking at those cute bright eyes of the girl.

She remembered herself on that same age: carefree, full of innocence and wonder. Everything around seemed like a fairy tale. Everything around seemed to end in a happy ending. But of course, to Lianne now, Gina's sunny disposition was but a reminder of what she used to be.

It wasn't an enough excuse for her to break the excitement of the child though. She wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she disappointed Gina's expectations.

"Now, now. I am sure the princess meant to be humble, " Malerna butted in, patting the girl's shoulder. "There's still a lot of princesses of the other kingdoms joining the party tomorrow, dear."

Gina gave a good amount of frown and bit her lips in disapproval. "No! I don't think that will be the cas

etal shavings dangling over the pin.

Her hair was kept in a perfect do with groups of thin curled hair falling to her shoulders.

Upon seeing the bodkin, she instantly knew where it would perfectly suit. Somehow, Lady Faye knew that the gown and the hairpin would be a great match.

Wearing her white silk four inch sandal, she walked towards the front door of her bedroom, ready for what lay ahead.

It was time.

She walked through the maids quarter's hall all the way to the front of the foyer, and to her surprise, Lord Cain was already standing at one of the foyer's receiving table holding with him a glass of champagne.

He was wearing a black regal tuxedo with a bloody rose at the right side of his pocket, looking ever the dashing man she had known him to be.

He smiled when their eyes met. Lianne realized at that moment: instead of relieving her anxiety, Cain's presence actually added more.

"Why am I like this?" she whispered to herself, her lips quivering.

Lord Cain quickly approached her with a wide smile. He bowed when he was an arms length away and then reached for her gloveless right hand to kiss it.

"Princess Lianne, you honor me tonight with your presence, " he stated smoothly right before kissing her hand.

"Please, Lord Cain, formality is not needed here, " Lianne expressed feeling flushed by the touch of his lips on her hand. She should have worn a glove, she thought, but it was already too late now.

"But, I feel it is a must. I don't want to waste your precious presence by acting casual with you, " he replied.

She smiled in response and let out a breath of defeat. Let him indulge whatever he likes, she thought. It was only for this night anyway.

"Well, how do I look?" she asked, aiming to divert the subject. "I think I had overdone myself with this gown."

Cain shook his head in disapproval.

"Don't be Lianne. You look absolutely ethereal tonight. But, always have been and every day for that matter, " he responded, his gaze never away from her.

He offered his arm for her to hold and motioned for them to enter the grand hall.

Truly, it made her more uncomfortable. The thought of sharing the same room with the man she hated gnawed at her bones. He must be in his usual extravagantly decorated royal table. All she needed to do was to stay as much as possible away from that table and everything would be fine.

She knew that she would have to control her raging emotions then. Yes, for the sake of Gina's feelings, and hers, especially her craved freedom.

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