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   Chapter 18 A Book in the Library

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For some reason, as oppose to what they had agreed last night, General Cain wasn't able to visit the princess the next day. She only heard then from Erza that the general was hastily being sent back to the City of Olga again.

She admitted that she had expected him to come visit her, but the urgency of his mission was a relief for her. At least for now, she wouldn't have to worry about their awkward relationship and how she would answer his confession.

Weeks had passed uneventfully, but there was not a day when letters of invitation were sent to the mansion in request for the royals appearance with the princess in special mention. She however declined every invitation amidst being given the freedom by King Garlow to attend.

It was purely a temptation for her, but if the prince would still be the man to accompany her, then she might as well decline.

Being inside the mansion also was truly a difficulty for her.

Every turn in the hallways; every entrance to a room, she has to be vigilant of the prince's presence. Avoiding him would have been so easy, but surely enough, he was making it hard on her for the necklace was still in her possession.

Though she wanted direly to return it to him, she couldn't muster up the courage to return it in person.

A week ago, she requested Erza and even Lady Faye to return it, but then the two women only came back bringing a message from the prince which only infuriated her more.

"I am at wits end here! How could he play me like this!" she shouted to herself while sitting on her bed.

It was an hour past lunch and Lady Faye had just stepped out of the princess' room to do some extra duties. Apparently, there was a festival in the main village closest to the mansion, and Lady Faye was asked to be a guest in behalf of the King.

She gazed at the ceiling letting her head rest on the pillows and carefully organized possible ways on how to return the necklace; ways that involved less to zero face-to-face contact with him.

"I will never feel at ease while this necklace is still with me, " she murmured, frowning.

All of the kitchen staff tried to convince her to keep the necklace as it was technically a gift. All of them had different reasons, but to her, there was only one reason why she didn't want to receive the object, and it was purely because of him.

For her, if she were to keep the necklace, then it would mean that she had surrendered to them, her hatred towards them forgotten, and it would mean that she'll finally become a willing puppet.

After a few minutes of thinking, her brows furrowed and she bit her lip as she seemed to have finally made a resolve. All women could be bought, but surely not her.

"Sorry, but I will not lose to your petty games, " she uttered to herself, confident, and began to walk towards the door, wearing a robe to cover her long silk dress.

"Where could he be?" she asked herself in confusion.

Surely enough, she didn't want to be seen by the palace maids standing on the main door of his chamber.


st he looked at the picture in the book with a blank stare. Heaving a breath, he clenched his jaw tightly and closed his eyes shut. Memories of long ago surfaced in his mind then.


Darkness filled all of his surroundings and there was emptiness everywhere. A sound of an older woman's agonized shriek was heard on the background and metal swords clashing each other followed. Then, blood oozed quickly down a younger woman's cheeks as she tightly embraced a fragile but tearless boy on her bosom.

The younger woman was thrown out of the boy's reach, weak and slowly dying. She uttered words that was her last and it made the boy shed a tear.

"Prince Ruen, run!"

A gaudy, buffed man then picked the prince up to face him, eye to eye, and as the prince stared at the ruthless man who just killed the Queen and the princess, the man grinned with excitement.

"I like the way you look at me with no emotion in your face amidst the fact that I just slew your mother and sister. You feel no remorse at all. Good. You will be useful to me."


"Lianne, if only you knew, " Ruen uttered to himself with regret filling his heart.

If only she knew indeed, then she wouldn't be hating him.

At the princess' chamber, Lianne stared at the book, 'In the Gods Own Hands', laying perfectly still on the foot of her bed.

Now that she knew who the giver was, she couldn't take it upon herself to pick up the book and read, although there were still a few more pages left until the end.

What bothered her more was the way he behaved.

If he was playing tricks on her again, she surely was trapped by it. But, he looked too genuinely disturbed when he walked inside the library that time.

What has happened to him to act like that?

And what was the meaning of that book that he was reading?

Why does it have a picture of her heirloom?

If only she could ask those questions to him, then it would certainly calm her down, but she would have to muster up greater courage to do so to face him again.

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