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   Chapter 17 Choosing Carriage

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Cain's disappointment could not be seen as he covered it skillfully with a partial smile, but Lianne's surprised reaction was all too noticeable.

"Prince Ruen, " Cain spoke as he slightly bowed his head low acknowledging the royal presence. "I'm surprised. I didn't know that you have returned from Veirsalles, and to be in a gathering like this. This is a new change."

"Hmmm, you seem to deprive me of my duty tonight, General, " Ruen countered as he lengthened his stare at the princess who was still speechless.

A feeling of coldness spread within her; from her limbs to her face, feeling as if she was just caught in a promiscuous arrangement with Cain.

"I beg your pardon?" Cain's eyebrow raised in confusion.

By the time Prince Ruen neared them, he instantly grabbed the princess' arm without hesitation and pulled her closer to his side and away from the touch of the general.

Lianne's eyelids fluttered at his sudden action. She wanted to protest. She wanted to fight him, but before she could say anything, Ruen's attention was on the completely displeased general again.

"I do have an agreement with the princess that I'll be escorting her the whole evening, and with you hiding her away from me, is something that I cannot just pass by, " he stated, the frigidness of his voice left the gallery a degree colder.

"I do believe the princess has her own right to do as she wishes, Your Highness, " Cain retorted. He raised his chin and stood his ground, ready to make another comeback if needed.

Although it was discreet, Lianne could see a few sparks of dislike in each gentleman's eyes. The maid servants in the Regaleria mansion always compared the two together, setting each one apart according to looks and personality. Though Lord Cain was the obvious winner owing to his milder, more sociable personality, Lianne could not deny the inexplicable aura surrounding the prince that was slowly pulling her down.

"Indeed, " Ruen grinned, "but it amazes me how you seem to take advantage of the situation, Cain." There was definitely mockery in the tone of his voice.

The general, unmoved by the callousness of the royal member, only turned his attention to the princess and offered his hand to her and said, "I still have a few things to discuss with the princess, Your Highness, so if you could-"

"I don't think that is necessary now, " the prince quickly cut off, effectively denying Cain of his offer, "We were actually leaving."

Lianne's eyes widened, and she stared at the him, unable to hide her amusement how much he can easily decide it without hesitation.

Cain straightened his stand, stared squarely at the prince and voiced out as he turned his attention to the princess, "I have a carriage of my own waiting outside the courtyard, Princess Lianne. I can escort you back safely to the mansion without any delay."

The prince grinned in sarcasm upon hearing it. Before Lianne could answer, he already made a quick remark. "I'm afraid I cannot let that happen General. This party isn't over yet and so is my responsibilities. It is my duty to escort her back j

t you bestow on me the same warm reception you give to Cain?! You are so ready to let him kiss you inside the gallery, but here, with me, you act as if I am the most hateful man in this world! Why are you doing this?!"

Lianne hissed, her brows furrowed by the feeling of resentment bubbling inside her. "Isn't it obvious or do I even have to enlighten it for you?" she replied through clenched teeth, "You are Garlow's son!"

"Argh!" Ruen shouted in frustration. "For heaven's sake, Lianne! How could you be so blind! You torment me with that irrational reason!"

"I maybe a servant, but never have I been blind to your cruelty, " she stated, but her voice trembled. "I can see right through you. You pretend as if you are someone who has that kind heart, but deep inside you are just like Garlow. You share the same blood! You are a reflection of him! And I loathe you!" she added, throwing a sharp glare on the prince above her.

Obviously, he got the answers he needed, but those words cut right deep through his heart.

He was about to reply when a loud knock was heard from the roof of the carriage coming from the coachman.

Ruen knew then it was a sign that they were near the Regaleria estate. He positioned himself upright quickly and left her to help herself to a proper sitting position on the other side of the seat.

She did not cry nor gave any obvious reaction after their confrontation. She only stared blankly again at the scenery outside.

Ruen dragged a sigh, and before he could step down first out of the carriage when they parked in front of the portico, he said to her as a parting message, "You, woman, don't even know what you are talking, " and he left without assisting her out of the carriage.

Lianne felt a quick chill from his words. She didn't exactly understand what he said, but it left a feeling of guilt inside her heart.

She eyed him as he continued to enter the main door and no matter how much she disliked it, she found herself holding the necklace still.

Now, returning it would turn out to be a grave problem.

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