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   Chapter 16 The Two Men's Flames

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The party went on gaily and like any other parties, men from every table were beginning to feel the kick of the wine, while the women were forming sociable groups of their own, accordingly to ages.

The dance floor was filled as the musicians played their harmonious tune of various kinds of music, be it a tender waltz or a quick foxtrot. It seemed as though the highlight of the party's royal presence wore down as time progressed, but even so, a number of reputable bachelors of the kingdom asked the princess for a dance one after another to which she dutifully accepted for one sole reason only, and it was to be away from the prince who was sitting beside her in the royal table reserved by Duke Perdunn with the other royal councilors.

The prince did however had a share of his own admirers. Although these pure blood maidens giggled and flirted on his sight, the prince only proved to them that the rumors of his insensitive nature were true. Either way, there was only one woman that his attention was directed at and it was the princess who was currently dancing with another partner in the dance floor to his apparent irritation.

He gulped a good amount of sparkling sherry as he eyed the movements of the man with her. He hated the fact that with so many gentlemen asking for a dance with her, he was the only one that she turned down.

Even those meddling old fools and even the eager members of the royal council, she had willfully bestowed a chance. Does she despise his company that much that she had to desperately throw herself to the wolves? He couldn't fathom the thought, but it thoroughly fascinated him how much she hid her vexation of the men that waited for their possible turn to dance.

He knew her full well. She wouldn't let herself be pawned on by any man. If there was a prize for the most struggling maiden in the ball, it would definitely be given to her.

He continued to settle in his own seat, enjoying himself with the privacy he made. It had definitely been years since he had last attended a party like this and the last one was as much the same, with power-hungry subjects of Garlow fawning all over the hall.

His wanderings were cut off when an old woman of sixty years of age wearing a heavily-sequined peach gown approached him silently.

To his great surprise, he quickly stood up and bowed his head low in greetings with the one in his front.

The old woman smiled warmly and batted her eyelids furthermore. Both of them stared at each other like mother to her child and a son to her mother, and after a minute of silent greetings, the old woman routed her eyes to a nearby balcony to which the prince instantly understood her meaning. She gently placed her arm to his readied elbo

didn't say any words nor nodded in agreement, Cain continued to explain, wanting to redeem himself. "I...I'm sorry for what happened that night. I know it was a mistake to do that to you."

Staring at the floor, she felt a sudden relief from her anxiety. The Cain she once knew had now surfaced at last.

"You were drunk that time My Lord. It is in my understanding that you were not in your sane mind to do so."

Carefully, so as not to alarm her, Cain lifted her chin to face him and when their eyes met, Lianne could see clearly the guilt in his eyes, but there was something unusual by the way he behaved.

He slowly traced her cheek and proceeded into the curve of her pink shimmering lips to her shock. He truly had become so bold since the last time they met and his gradual change was overwhelming her.

"But what I said to you was all true, Lianne, " he added, "I am truly in love with you."

Her mouth fell upon hearing his confession.

All her life, this was ever the first time she had been in such a situation and to make it worse, the Master of the Soulisse House and the Major General of the Regaleria Kingdom was the first one who had declared his affections for her.

Never had she expected a time like these would come. She had always thought of Lord Cain as an older brother to her being five years age gap of him. What could she have done to make him fall for her?

"Lord Cain, I..." she spoke in a barely audible voice, wanting to answer him as cautiously as possible and hope, the words that she had chosen would not offend him. But before she could continue, another male voice joined them in the gallery.

"I hardly recognized you, General Cain, " Prince Ruen crisply said.

Both of them simultaneously turned their heads as the prince continued to approach them in a wary manner.

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