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   Chapter 13 A Silent Torment

Ceaseless Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10271

Updated: 2018-09-29 23:09

Lianne's body dropped hard on her mattress after she had managed to undress herself out of the gown she had worn at the party.

She was wearing her chemise now with no brassiere. The thick cotton sheet provided her with a decent amount of warmth as the cold breeze of the night began to tickle her skin.

There were so many emotions that played on her mind. This night had proved to be too inauspicious indeed.

She had wondered how would she be able to face Lord Cain after such an incident, and to make matters worse, the prince has now returned. She was sure as hell that he didn't believe her alibi. But it was only a matter of time though, because tomorrow, Lady Faye would tell him everything about the party. Hopefully, she wouldn't divulge the particular event that left the princess frantically lying all about.

Lianne knew that tomorrow and the days afterwards would never be the same again. If only she could will herself not to wake up, she wouldn't have to face the worries that had seeped deep inside her mind.

She woke up the next morning quickly wearing a puzzled look on her face.

Apparently, an intruder had entered her room and now was sitting adjacent to her bed staring at her so intently with those hauntingly beautiful brown-green eyes of his, hands resting on the sofa chair handle and legs crossed on top of each other.

It was only just a matter of seconds that she realized who the person was. Ruen was wearing a turtle-neck gray long-sleeved shirt paired with black pants and low-cut dark brown boots. He had a little grin on his face, almost like he had just outsmarted her.

"Don't you have any sense of propriety?!" Lianne shouted, brows furrowing hard. "What are you doing in here?! How did you enter my room?!"

She swore to herself that she locked the main door of her room before she went to bed last night, but realizing it was the prince that she was talking to, it was nonsensical for her to even know the answer to her question. Clearly, he had all the keys on all the mansion's rooms including the servant's quarters and hers for that matter.

She stood quickly out of her bed clutching the bed sheet to cover herself and began to walk towards the main door when the prince spoke sharply, "I would advise you not to open that door."

She turned to his side and gave him a cold glare. "And why would I even honor your command, Yo-ur Highness!?" Lianne replied with sarcasm in her tone. Her brows knitted, showing clearly she was displeased with his presence.

"If you do not want 'us' to be seen with these circumstances Lianne, I wouldn't want to open that door. It is already ten o'clock in the morning. Surely, the maid servants are busy with their chores by now, some might still be passing to and from the hall outside, " he answered without a hint of mockery. It was because of that event that night that he was shipped out of the Regaleria mansion. For three years, he had suffered from it, without seeing her, with only one damn news about her. But now he has come back, and he was not going to blow it al

hate deepening in her eyes.

It was then that he slowly released his grip on her arm and stood back up giving Lianne the privacy of her own space.

She managed to cover herself back with the bed sheet she was holding earlier, and raised her head giving him another cold glare.

"Hmf, so my suspicion was true." He looked at her, disappointed, and began to speak again. "Aren't you too easy to get."

Like a flash of lightning, Lianne's right hand flew towards the face of the prince trying to slap him of his insult on her, but Ruen's quick reflex managed to block it and seized both of her hands in order to immobilize her.

She wrestled her way out of his hold but she knew she was no match for him to which she had proven long ago. She instead growled in frustration.

"How dare you say that to me! Even though he had taken advantage of me that time, nothing happened between me and Lord Cain beyond his kisses! So, don't you ever...never look down on me like that! I'm some kind of a trollop!" she bellowed in anger.

Her tears began to stream down her cheeks, and Ruen, stirred by her raging emotions, began to remember the first time he saw her in the greenhouse when they were younger.

This was the same...the way her tears fell down her cheeks, her gleaming wet eyes, the blush of her cheeks. It was more than he could ever ask for.

This was the very reason why he changed...the very thing that moved his senses, that brought his dead emotions back to life.

Without warning, he released her from his grip and she dropped on the bed as if her energy was sucked out of her.

She sat down covering her face with both her palms trying to buffer the sound of her cry.

Ruen wanted to embrace her in that moment, to try and console her, but he knew he had no right as he was the very reason for her suffering.

"Leave, please, leave me alone."

That was all he could hear aside from her sobs. Though unwilling, he left the room silently with a heavy heart, and closed the door leaving her inside sulking.

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