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   Chapter 12 Behold He Who Returns

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Their ride back to the Regaleria mansion was a silent one.

Lady Faye had already suspicions of what had occurred during Cain's time with the princess and it surely was unacceptable.

Though the two oil lamps had produced a low light, Lady Faye could see the worry in Lianne's eyes. She had been looking at the darkness of the road outside the small stained window since they left Soulisse, looking obviously distressed.

Her hands were clasped together resting on her lap, but Lady Faye could clearly see it trembling. She was greatly concerned on her.

She remembered the princess' hair neatly tied to the back before they left the Regaleria mansion. Now, it was a bit tousled to the sides, making her curls covering partially her neck - the neck that no doubt housed the kissmark Cain had created.

She waited for a few minutes hoping that Lianne would initiate a talk, but she got none.

Turning impatient and with the deafening silence between them, she decided to ask without a second thought.

"You had been quite silent since we left Soulisse, Your Highness. Is there something bothering you?"

Lianne's eyes flickered to the old woman's gray ones and said nothing.

Lady Faye's heart then felt like it had been hit by lightning upon seeing the princess calmly trying to battle her tears from falling. Her gut was right, there was something that really distressed her.

"You know you can tell me anything dear. It hurts me to see you like this, " Lady Faye spoke, her gaze fixed on her. She stretched out her hand and touched Lianne's clenching fists. It was cold to the touch.

"Lady Faye, I-" the princess started but abruptly stopped as tears hurriedly streamed down her face. Without a second, she wiped it dry not wanting to cloud her vision and not wanting for Lady Faye to see.

In response, the latter remained silent. It was the princess' time to pour out her worries, so she gave her time to recollect herself.

"I don't understand myself, " Lianne spoke again. "I'm so confused. Lord Cain had just confessed his feelings for me. He has always been there for me, I feel comfortable and safe with him, and I know, almost all women in this kingdom would do anything just to be inside my shoes, but my God, all I feel for him is like a brother and nothing more."

Lady Faye was amazed by Lianne's statement. She was so sure of herself that her and the general had a romantic relationship, but now this.

"You rejected him?" Lady Faye asked, her voice a little higher.

Lianne shut her eyes tightly and willed herself to remember the events with Cain. It wasn't exactly a confession she admitted, but more like an attempt to take advantage of her vulnerability. Though Cain was inebriated, Lianne couldn't deny the possibility that he acted on his own accord.

"He didn't give me a chance to answer, " she replied, lowering her head in embarrassment.

If she would continue further, the old woman would know everything that happened between them, and that was what she was avoiding.

However, Lady Faye's calm demeanor suddenly broke and asked her straight to the point, "What did Lord Cain do to you?!"

The old woman's eyes widened in anxiety. 'He would never dare such a thing!' she thought, yet, on the other hand, he could have a will to do so if he didn't fear the King.

"He was drunk, " Lianne was quick to reply. "I'm sure he was not in his proper mind to-"

At the thought of Cain's tongue around her nipple, Lianne's cheeks heated. She immediately lowered her head and looked at the outside of the carriage window.

Though she saw Lady Faye as her second mother, she couldn't in her heart divulge such a sensitive thing to her. The memory of what Cain did to her was still fresh in her mind: his hot kisses that burned her lips, the taste of the strong liquor on her tongue, and his rough caresses that gave her a shiver she couldn't prevent.

It ignited a deep longing inside her. Something that had been present since Prince Ruen kissed her. However, she was hesitant to affirm it. Both of their kisses were hard and needy, but Ruen held her tenderly amidst his stoic disposition as oppose to Cain who managed to bruise her wrists.

"Heavens! He has gone that far! That's an insult to you!" the Head Servant grumbled, her brows wrinkled with anger.

"Oh, please Lady Faye, " the princess in haste appealed, holding the old woman's hands wanting to make her point. "Please don't tell this to anybody! I do not want anymore rumors circulating about me again. Please, just...just don't mind it. It will be fine. I will be fine."

If not only for her request, the old woman would definitely go to King Garlow and report such insult caused by one of his generals. However, she knew full well the impact of it. Princess Lianne had gone through a lot of rumors already which were b

in, another heated argument between the two. For three years, it must be what they missed to do, to bicker against each other like they used to since they were young. But, what occurred following it was something she had never expected would happen.

Ruen's right hand reached out on the princess and slowly he touched her cheeks to Lianne's stunned expression. She didn't move away or even act like she was averse to his touch. It was as if she was welcoming to it, more like she had wanted him to touch her, and she was horrified by her own unconscious behavior.

Amidst the Head Servant's presence, Ruen wasn't embarrassed of his affectionate gesture on the princess. He continued to brush her curls towards her back and without warning, he tilted her head to the side giving a full view of the one thing that astonished Lady Faye at the sight of it.

"What's this?" Ruen spoke, voice roped with anger. "A kissmark?"

Lianne was stunned upon hearing what the prince had said. Why does he have to find it?! She began to blush furiously and quickly slapped his hands away from her face. She acted as if she was angry, but deep inside she was embarrassed by the clear evidence he had seen. Obviously, he was so good at ogling at her.

"No!" Lianne denied in haste. "This is just a bruise I got from a branch when I was horse riding." She tipped her chin up, confident that her false alibi was perfect. She covered the discoloration again with her hair and behaved as if she was ready to stand ground.

Lady Faye was shocked by the princess' lie. Both of them knew it was not the truth. She looked at the prince who was coolly staring at the princess and hoped the he would believe.

She exactly knew how dangerous it would be if the prince would know about what had happened between the princess and Lord Cain, but when did the princess even bothered to think about his welfare? She could have just plainly admitted it, but why did she unhesitatingly made the alibi? She, however, couldn't backup the princess' alibi as the bruise on her neck looked certainly like a kissmark.

"Well, uhm, Your Highness, " the Head Servant started to speak but was cut off.

"Lady Faye, " Ruen spoke, his eyes still resting on the fuming woman in his front. "I need to talk to you tomorrow about this particular party at the Soulisse Mansion. I want to know exactly everything that happened while you were there, " he said sternly, no doubt suspicious of Lianne's alibi.

With this, Lianne's emotions shot up.

"Aren't you too conceited?" she cried, clenching her fist, her heart pounding hard like boulders falling in a steep slope, her teeth gnashing with irritation. "Here you are back in the mansion after three years of absence and now you act as if someone who has the right to know everything I am doing?!"

The prince stayed silent, not giving any show of expression on his face.

Lady Faye then patted Lianne's shoulder hoping to stabilize her, but then Lianne began to hurriedly walk out in his front, her heels clicking as she strode heavily out of the foyer and into the servant's hall.

Ruen's gaze followed her as she left and began to mutter words Lady Faye wasn't able to hear, 'Curse it. I messed up again.'

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