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   Chapter 11 In Which She Becomes Confused

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"Where are we going, my Lord?"

Lianne asked as she was led by Cain onto the hallway that interconnected the ballroom.

He was holding her hands firmly so she couldn't go back to the party where Lady Faye was. It seemed that he was successful on keeping the princess on this part of the mansion without Lady Faye knowing, and he was damned going to do the best out of this advantage.

"I have something to show you, Lianne, " Cain plainly replied as he glanced briefly at the princess observing the calmness that she was showing. "I'm sure you would definitely be excited."

"But Lady Faye, she's-"

"Shhhh..." Cain cut off. "Let her have fun in the party, Princess. Being a head governess is surely not an easy task."

Lianne only stared at Cain's back as they continued to find their way into the hallway. From the looks of things, he was without a doubt hastily walking, not wanting to waste any moment.

The hallway was a long wide one with a maroon carpeted floor. Its walls were painted with a mossy dark green shade with an outline of gold which hang double-torch wall lamps that provided the hallway light.

The wooden casement windows on the left side show the Soulisse garden vibrant at night with spotlights on, but Lianne wasn't able to admire such scenery for she was continually dragged by Cain to their destination passing a small parlour room with stained glass walls and a music room. She realized she had never been in this part of the mansion when Cain toured her around the place months ago.

She was catching her footsteps in the process when they reached their destination. It seems handling such a high-heeled footwear was such a tiring task than cleaning the stables - that she admitted to herself.

He opened the main door, motioned the princess to enter and then went directly to a wooden cabinet beside the master table.

"This used to be my father's study room, " Cain stated as he turned to face the princess again, placing a disc-shaped object wrapped in white linen on the palm of his hand.

Lianne watched as he unwrapped the object clearly confused as to its value.

"What is that?" she questioned.

"I found this while on a mission. I never thought that it would mean anything until I realized it may be connected to you, " Cain replied as he began to hand the object to the princess who was standing across the master table. "I thought you might want to keep that."

She reached for the object and examined it meticulously hoping to find out what was Cain so enthusiastic about.

The general noticed her confused eyes and smiled. He approached her slowly and then began to whisper in her right ear. "You do not seem to remember what that is, Princess."

Lianne was surprised to find Cain near her; his chin touching the skin of her right shoulder. She tried to step forward realizing he was too close for comfort, but the master table in her front hindered her from doing so. With the closeness of Cain's breathing, she immediately noticed he smelled slightly of alcohol.

"Here let me help you." He obliged and took the object from her, sliding his arm in the process.

He raised the object high above their heads and intentionally illuminated it against the pendant lights hanging in the ceiling.

To Lianne's surprise, the light and shadows mixed together showed a clearer view of the crest embossed in the disc stone.

"Oh my..." Lianne held out her breath. "This is my father's crest!"

"You remember it now?" Cain asked in a gentle tone.

"Oh, Lord Cain! This is just

o: seeing the princess' apparent flushed face, a drop of blood on her cheek and Cain's bloody temple. He knew his master had done something wrong, but he cared not to comment anything about it.

Some time later, the door closed as the majordomo and the princess walked into the hallway to the entrance of the ballroom where Lady Faye was already anxiously waiting.

"Princess Lianne, " the Majordomo softly spoke whilst pulling something from his coat pocket. "Use this to wipe your cheek before you face Madame Faye."

He offered her a white handkerchief to which the princess obediently took.

She faced her reflection on a wall mirror and saw a small trail of blood along her cheek. Her fingers shook as she gently wiped the blood away.

To her surprise, she noticed a small purplish red blot on her left neck and instantly linked it to Cain's kisses. How could she ever face Lady Faye properly now without being scrutinized by this kissmark?

The Head Servant saw the princess and the majordomo approaching and instantly felt relieved seeing her. However, she recognized at once that the princess somehow looked rather nervous than earlier and had a look of sadness in her eyes. She couldn't dismiss the fact also that she saw a red blemish on Lianne's left neck that wasn't there before they went to the Soulisse mansion.

Their eyes met but Lianne instantly averted hers in the process.

Sensing the princess didn't want to be questioned, Lady Faye immediately offered her the crocheted shawl she used a while ago in the carriage to cover her neck realizing it was without a doubt a kissmark.

"I want to go home, Lady Faye, " Lianne requested, her eyes dull with any expression.

The Head Servant offered the princess her elbow as they exited the foyer of the Soulisse mansion. "Indeed we will my dear, indeed we will." She replied with an upset voice.

When the carriage left for the Regaleria mansion, Cain was at the same study room standing in front of the glass window watching them leave. He had his head already bandaged and cleaned of blood clot.

He hissed as the carriage was now nowhere in view and when he turned to face the master desk, he stared angrily at the disc stone left by the princess which now had a crack up to the middle part effectively tarnishing the once perfectly embossed crest of the Vhillana Kingdom.

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