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   Chapter 10 Intoxicated Attempt

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It was ten minutes past six in the evening when Lady Faye fetched the princess in her room. When the door opened, the Head Servants's eyes twinkled, thoroughly pleased with the youth and beauty that the princess possessed.

She was wearing a light pink satin gown, perfectly draped in layers starting from her waist down to the legs with a trail that was only a meter long. Lady Faye anticipated the princess to dance during the ball, so she opted to pick the very gown that would suit the occasion.

And suit her she did.

It was an off-shoulder gown, with the edges meticulously embroidered with gold roses and silver fiddleback ferns. There was a slit above-the-knee high in the left part of the gown that boasted Lianne's ivory smooth legs.

The only accessory that added her beauty was a pair of small chandelier diamond earrings and the beaded bracelet she had for her birthday. Her hair was done into a fashion that maintained her propriety but at the same time, bragged her slim curved back.

A couple of curls fell down to the sides, but mostly her hair was in a high up-do with an ornamental pin that she got also on her birthday. This was given by Lady Faye herself.

Her make-up was only light but effectively exuded her youth and exquisiteness. A pale pink lipstick touched her lips and a bit of shimmering red blush in her cheeks proved her beauty to be a natural gift.

"Ready to go?" Lady Faye softly asked as she watched the princess looking quite anxious.

Lianne took a deep breath and obediently nodded on the Head Servant's way. "Yes, Lady Faye, I am ready."

"You look magnificently beautiful tonight. You don't need to worry about anything, " Lady Faye expressed as she took the princess' ungloved hand and guided her to the hallway, out of the mansion where a carriage awaited them. It was a carriage that Cain had commissioned in order to take the two women to and from the Soulisse Mansion.

As they rode for about twenty minutes, Lady Faye offered the princess a crocheted shawl to cover herself from the gathering cold that surrounded them. The available two lanterns only seemed to provide a bit of assistance on that aspect.

It was a quarter before seven when they arrived in their destination.

Instantly, Lianne's heart fluttered in anxiety as the carriage came to a stop in front of the mansion's enormous portico. She peeped into the stained glass window and saw to her amazement well-clad guests, both men and women, beginning to walk inside the mansion's foyer; some of them she had seen in the previous parties Garlow hosted in his mansion.

This would definitely become an interesting development, she thought to herself as the door of the carriage opened. What came into view was the Lord of the House standing dashingly in front of the door awaiting the two women's descent.

First who stepped down was Lady Faye who was assisted by the chauffeur.

Lord Cain happily greeted the Head Servant, bowing his head in acknowledgement of her presence being Garlow's substitute. She then faced the door of the carriage giving the general a hint of who was left inside it.

He intuitively approached the open portal and then, like a gentleman, raised his hand into the air. Not a second later, Lianne's hand came into view and then she stepped out of the carriage slowly.

"Good evening, Princess Lianne, " Cain spoke, his eyes admiring her beauty. Warmth filled his chest, knowing he'd be the lucky man who'd escort her the whole night - or at least that was his plan.

Lianne promptly smiled and returned his greeting by bowing her head. "Good evening to you too, General Cain."

"Ah, no, " he said, shaking his head in response. "You do realize we do not need to be formal now, right?"

"But I thought it would be proper on this occasion, my Lord."

Lady Faye observed both of them and then cleared her throat to get the general's attention. "Shall we go inside, General Cain? The princess and I are quite unused with the cold."

"Yes, of course, Madame, this way please, " Cain said as he motioned for them to enter the foyer.

To his disappointment, Lady Faye punctually raised her own hand for him to accept and guided the old woman and the princess, who was beside Lady Faye, into the ballroom. He would have wanted to personally escort the princess into the room if not for the Head Servant's intrusiveness.

"Lord General Cain Von Cavill


Other couples present in the dance floor did not return to their seats and instead continued to dance amidst the presence of the host of the party and his partner.

The composition was a slow instrumental sound, with an accompaniment of a vocal background mainly for a romantic tune. It was perfect for the waltz they were dancing and more like it was already prepared for both of them.

Lady Faye wasn't surprised by it though. She already anticipated that Cain would have had the whole party prepared to suit the princess, and the music was included in them.

Lianne felt much more anxious of dancing considering it was her first time, but Cain guided her perfectly around the dance floor as if she was but a feather flowing in the wind.

She couldn't, however, dismiss the way Cain stared at her. If it was another man doing that exact thing, she would get the notion that the man's mind contained impure thoughts of her. But this was Lord Cain, a man she had come to care for as a brother and as a friend. Surely, he wouldn't have such tainted thoughts like that.

"You look so divinely beautiful Lianne, " Cain expressed as he closed a bit more space between them. Lianne gasped as he did so.

"You are one handsome debonair yourself, Lord Cain, " Lianne replied and went on to glance subtly at the guests, most of which were women, watching them with intent and curiosity. "I never knew you have quite a lot of admirers other than the maid servants in the Regaleria mansion."

"Hmf, " Cain scoffed in response. "It truly was unexpected. Ever since I joined knighthood for King Garlow's battalion."

"True, " was Lianne's only answer.

One of Cain's brows arched up. "Do I sense jealousy in your voice, Princess?"

"Oh no." She immediately shook her head and gave him a grin. "I'm just worried that's all. I definitely don't want women staring at me like sharp daggers."

With this, Cain laughed for the very first time since the party began.

They continued to sway in unison as the composition was nearly ending.

Cain saw a couple of gentlemen standing at the border of the dance floor waiting for the music to finish, instantly interpreting their goal would be to dance with the princess also. Even though they were still his guests, he cannot just give them a chance to dance with her nor have a single time with her for that matter.

"Still, I can sense jealousy in you, " Cain smiled slyly as he gazed at the blushing princess on his arms.

"I don't think that's the case, my Lord, " Lianne straightforwardly replied. "With where you are leading me, I think you are making it sure no other man can have a waltz with me. I think you're the one who is jealous."

The general once again smiled devilishly, amused by the quick wit of the princess.

Indeed, she was right. He was leading them both away from the group towards a hallway interconnecting the ballroom to another part of the mansion.

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