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   Chapter 9 The First Invitation

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The new general had instantaneously made a mark and earned the respects of the soldiers that once were his father's troops and without a doubt, Cain became a favorite general of the Regaleria Kingdom owing to his looks, skills and the fact that he was younger than the other generals of King Garlow.

Quickly, he became the front liner of the regiment and the head of battle strategies and command. No one would dare object such decision though, for the other generals themselves admitted that Cain truly was one skillful warrior in battle. He ultimately became the major general of the group in just a span of eight months.

Being this much popular had busied him every day but what somehow kept his time more was the one command Garlow had specifically assigned for him to do and it was the re-excavation of the cave in the City of Olga; the very cave his father died in. If it wasn't because of this particular order, he would have been in the Soulisse Mansion hosting a party for his many great success.

The princess was in the second floor of the library one evening when she heard footsteps downstairs. Peeking at the glass balustrade, she found Lady Faye finishing up a setup of white cake lighted with twenty-four tiny candle sticks and a red sparkling wine. With those immediately in sight, she remembered that it was actually her twenty-fourth birthday.

"Happy birthday, Princess Lianne, " Lady Faye greeted as she glanced up at her leaning on the iron railing. She saw the princess' face lit up with joy as she began to scurry down the winding stairs towards the first floor.

"Lady Faye! Really, you shouldn't have bothered to prepare all of this!" Lianne stated as she smiled sweetly and hugged the old woman. "But anyway, thank you. Even I myself had forgotten what today is, but, you never once did."

"Don't think too much about that my dear. I'm not too old to forget, " the Head Servant commented as she patted Lianne's back. "Now, go on, blow the candles."

Lianne smiled shyly and pouted her lips at the sight of the cake. "Hhmm, I'm too old for this kind of stuff Lady Faye."

"Hush, " the old woman quickly dismissed. "Nonsense. The least I could do is this, since you never wanted to have a party in your birthday."

"I am truly grateful for your cooperation of not telling the others about this occasion, " the princess affirmed as she began to position herself in front of the glass table and gently blew the flames out of the candles.

"Here are your gifts then." Lady Faye subsequently laid out a basket of gifts in the table for the princess to see.

"Oh my!" She darted a questioning look at the Head Servant. "I thought you didn't tell them?"

The gifts apparently came from Lianne's closest friends in the mansion, particularly the kitchen staff.

"I cannot just throw them away right? It is their willingness to give you a birthday gift since they weren't allowed by you to celebrate your birthday. You don't even know how regretful they were to find out too late about your birthday last year, " Lady Faye responded conscientiously, hoping that the princess would accept the gifts.

The princess sat helplessly on the settee adjacent to the glass table.

The gifts did

e she felt cognizant of her own misfortune in terms of her overall appearance. Cain have seen her dress like a servant, and she knew he didn't mind it, but attending a ball mingling with other significant guests would be a different matter.

Erza felt the frustration of the princess, but she brightened her face at the thought of some plan. "Oh, princess. Surely, Lady Faye can solve that problem, " she proclaimed.

"There wouldn't be any problem regarding that my ladies."

The two women turned their heads at the same time to where another woman's voice suddenly emerged. Lady Faye stepped inside Lianne's room wearing a pleased smile as she faced the princess who was now confused.

"I'm sorry. The door wasn't properly shut, I couldn't help overhearing your conversations."

Erza quickly provided the Head Servant a stool to sit on, but she dismissed the offer waving her hand on the servant. "I will be quick. I have more things to do."

"Lady Faye?" Lianne cleared her throat waiting for the old woman to continue.

"You may go now Erza, " the Head Servant ordered, dismissing her promptly. Soon as the servant was out, she began to cite the issue at hand.

"The King did allow you to attend the ball, that is good news, but I am to accompany you to it, that was his condition."

Lianne stared at the old woman digesting everything she said. She was amazed by the simplicity of Garlow's condition, but nevertheless, was pleased upon knowing that Lady Faye will accompany her in her first ever ball.

Is this the only flaw there is? Or is there much more waiting for her during the ball itself?

"And about the dress. I do have one spare when I was younger that I had never worn." Lady Faye remembered consequently. "I'm pretty sure that dress would perfectly suit you dear, " the Head Servant added.

"Oh! Lady Faye thank you!" Lianne expressed openly, relief washing all over her anxious face.

"Now, now. I am just happy to see you smile. But, you would have to wait until tomorrow to fit the gown."

Lianne nodded in response, politely accepting the setback. "That would be just fine Lady Faye, don't worry, I can wait."

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