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   Chapter 8 The Agreement's Kiss

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"Here, be careful."

Cain carefully guided the princess back on land after they arrived at the Soulisse Mansion.

Noting that she was wearing a gown, she could not ride on a riding position with her legs parted. Due to that reason also that she was able to feel the totality of the man behind her while their ride progressed. Even though she had treated Lord Cain as an older brother, he was still a man, and one damn handsome one for that matter.

"Thank you, " she politely replied and went on to gaze at the newness of her surroundings.

Cain handed the reins of his horse to the stable caretaker and then proceeded to welcome the awestruck princess inside the Soulisse Mansion's foyer.

"It's your first time coming here, so I'd like to give you a warm welcome in our mansion, " Cain expressed confidently.

The Head Butler, Sir Karl, was the one who personally attended to Cain's orders while the princess was present. He offered them a sweet wine and a plate of hot, freshly-baked souffles to savor while they were both in the main parlour talking about the history of his family.

There were several portraits of his father, his mother and him hanging on the wall for Lianne to see.

Thirty minutes later, they went out of the room. Cain cheerily guided the princess on a tour on the other parts of the mansion. Their last stop was the main garden outside the building. He knew that the princess had been fond of such places, even in Regaleria.

They stood at the center of the garden's pergola watching everything in sight along with the beautiful sunset in front of them.

"Oh my, this place is truly beautiful, my Lord, " Lianne commented as she saw the garden in full bloom amidst the fact that the snow was still covering most of the greenery.

She held out a breath realizing how wonderful it was to behold another place other than the Regaleria premises.

Cain was pleased to see her enthusiasm, thinking that being in here, her frustrations would lessen. But, there was another feeling deep inside him that he cannot deny just by looking at the innocent woman in his front.

How much had he yearned to make this woman his own.

"But the beauty of this place cannot compare to you, Lianne, " Cain gently replied to her surprise.

Her heartbeat doubled when she saw him closing the gap between them. This closeness was too much for her actually.

"You still owe me a kiss, " he confessed, eyes darkening.

"Ha!" An instant realization hit her. True! It was part of their agreement before Lord Cain trained her to ride a horse. She was so engrossed with other matters that she had completely forgotten about their agreement. With such a place; his place for that matter; how could she ever deny the impending kiss they have to share?

"But I..." Lianne tried to reason, not wanting to be led by him, but he continued his advances no more than a second.

"Sshhhh, " Cain hushed. He drew her waist closer to him and began to touch her cheeks, tracing the softness of her lips with his fingers.

Lianne was in between the borderline of yielding and distancing. Though she would have wanted to fulfill their agreement in respect to what he did for her, she felt that deep inside her heart, she didn't want to be kissed by him.

But there was no turning back now.

His cold lips met the heat of her own as he pressed himself to her. Lianne fought hard to stay calm and remain in place as he continued his kiss more deeply.

Cain slid his tongue onto her mouth and languidly moved himself from inside her as she closed her eyes. She could undeniably feel his kisses searing with ardor but, just as soon as pitch darkness enveloped her, a flash of memory went surging in her mind; a memory that she couldn't deny, and it was from the time when His Highness, Prince Ruen, first kissed her in the library.

The heat and intensity of Ruen's kiss quickly escaped from her thoughts and into reality that she almost believed it was he who was kissing her at the moment. With that quick vision, it stunned her greatly that she abruptly withdrew from Cain's hold.

"Ahhh! No!" she shouted in distress. She instantly stepped backward away from Cain as she covered her sore lips with her left palm.

Upon seeing the shocked face of Cain, she instantly knew she just acted strange in front of him.

"I'm sorry. Cain, I'm sorry. It's just that its-"

"Your first kiss, I know, " Cain cut off without hesitation.

Lianne were in deep shades of red with the words he just said. If that was what he believed, then let it be so. She certainly couldn't tell him the truth.

"I'm sorry..." the princess lowered her head.

Cain swept a hand along her jaw and said, his gaze full of warmth, "Don't worry. I thoroughly

audience with His Majesty.

He wore the imperial military uniform of the Regaleria knights; a coat of deep blue shade with outlines of gold and silver at the edges and with the royal crest of the kingdom embroidered heavily on the left side.

The trousers were also in uniform color with the same amount of royal embroidery at the edges, paired with black, well-brushed boots, and on his right side was the very sword of his father, placed in its scabbard.

His hair was brushed up to the sides and well done making him look like a perfect masculine specimen.

The maid servants who had affections for the young lord squealed in delight upon seeing him visit the castle again, and the fact that now he was a high-ranking officer of the Regaleria Kingdom made them all the more enthusiastic.

The new general made his way up to the throne hall at the third floor without any delay and with an unsympathetic look on his face over the commotion of the servants down the main foyer. He acted stoic and rather imposing as expected of a high-ranking general onward to getting his first mission from the King.

An hour later, he stepped out of the throne hall with a grim look on his face; feeling disappointed and confused by what the King had just instructed him.

"Lord Cain!" Lianne shouted catching his attention while he passed by the royal stables.

"Lianne! It's so nice to see you again, " the general greeted warmly as he took her right hand and kissed tenderly the back of her palm.

The princess was surprised by this rather sudden action and felt tense because of it.

"Yes, it sure has been awhile. Uhm, how have you been?"

"Same as always, Princess, " he answered freely but with a hint of frustration on his voice.

With how close they were, Lianne noticed a faint scar on his left cheek. She would have wanted to ask regarding such a scar, but her attention was then caught on Paul, the caretaker of the stables, who was approaching them pulling on the reins of Cain's horse.

The caretaker then bowed his head low noting the presence of the new general and handed the reins of his horse to him.

She glanced back at the lord expecting that Cain would promptly reach for the reins, but as she turned to face him she saw Cain staring at her the whole time.

"General Cain, " the princess managed to speak amidst her anxiety. "Your ride is here."

Cain didn't even turn around to face the caretaker. He instead closed the space between him and the princess and embraced her tightly to her apparent shock.

Paul was also agape upon seeing what had occurred in his front and felt embarrassed by his unwanted presence. In haste, he lowered his head and closed his eyes.

"I missed you so, " the general whispered gently to her ears.

Lianne was confused what to respond. She knew Cain needed someone to comfort him due to his recent loss. If only she could easily treat him more like a brother like in the past, she wouldn't have to be too mindful in comforting him.

"I...I'm sorry for your loss, " was all the she could say. Her hands reached for his shoulder, but stopped midway, unable to force herself to embrace him back.

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