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   Chapter 7 A Snowy Dream

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It was the turn of a new year.

Two nights ago, there was a blizzard that visited the Regaleria Kingdom. Snow falling heavily on the sky covering every track visible. The lush green mountains transformed into white crystal cones, bald trees seen everywhere, and even the beach that once boast its blue-green vibrant color changed into ice.

Apparently, King Garlow hated snow. That was the only thing that Lianne agreed about him. The pureness of the white snow didn't suit the stark contrast of his dark demeanor. Winter always visited the kingdom every year, and Lianne knew this was the only time that drives the King out of his own castle.

Just five days ago, he left for Arlington along with Lord Jared which was just two days sea voyage away from Regaleria. He had another chateau there which was half the size of the Regaleria mansion. At this time of year, Arlington had an opposite weather, warm sunlight with easy breeze, much better than the ice cold winter of Regaleria.

Lianne felt for the first time ever free of the mansion's emotionally-devoid royal residents.

What more could she ask for? The prince of whom she disliked was in Veirsalles; unknown as to when he would come back, hoping he would not come back; and the King, to hell he was, was also not in the mansion.

It would take for Garlow almost three months before he'd be back, in time with the winters passing and spring coming again to her dismay. Spring was supposed to be a joyous cycle of weather, if only not for his arrival. Nevertheless, for now, she could take advantage of everything. She could graze the magnificence of the palace mansion to her hearts content and even, maybe...just maybe...find a way out of the mansion.

That night, she was on her own room reading a novel when she caught a glimpse of her window pane's frozen state. The wind outside was still strong accompanied with freezing snow falling to the earth. Surely, they would have to clear a few pathways after the snow would abate, and surely, many maids would complain of such tiring task.

This seemed to be the same thing that happened a few years back. Just by looking at the pureness of the white snow, she could never forget how deadly and dangerous it was at the same time.

She was thirteen back then. Recalling one day, there was a blizzard that hit the kingdom unexpectedly, as strong as the one two nights ago. Lianne was out in the west wing field in her usual place when it started. No one did notice her absence aside from Lady Faye and the prince himself.

It was such a strong blizzard that no one dared to look for the princess outside and even concluded that the young lady would have been just hiding somewhere inside the mansion. But, Prince Ruen who was seventeen back then did not resolve to such a conclusion.

Princess Lianne tried to force her way down the path to the mansion, but her frail body could not fight the cold. The last thing that she remembered then was seeing a shadowy figure before falling into unconsciousness. Subsequently, she got a high fever and was mostly unconscious for two days while staying in one of the guestrooms of the mansion.

The next morning, she woke up and realized she wasn't in her own room. Lady Faye was on the receiving room sitting in a sofa chair when Lianne opened the bedroom door. The young princess would have been relieved upon seeing her mentor, but it was much to her disappointment when she saw the prince sitting across the other side of the wide sectional, positioning himself like some lazy, weary-laden beast.

Lady Faye asked her to sit at the sofa and handed her a hot chocolate mug to sip on.

Though she was feeling restless on every constant, unmarred stare of the prince, she didn't dare to make a conversation with him, but during the entire time she stayed, she noticed him cringe in pain every time he uses his hands.

It was only then that she surprisingly saw sore, red blisters on the palm of his hand when Lady Faye dressed the wounds openly inside the receiving room.

The young princes

she sat, only the tea table separating them apart. He was wearing a black unbuttoned coat with a white long-sleeved shirt, coupled with black pants to fight the cold weather away. His overall appearance made him look mysterious but urbane.

"At least you get to travel whenever you like, unlike me, " the princess retorted back, leaving with her words a sense of disappointment and regret and Cain couldn't dismiss it easily. The expression on his face changed from a jaunty manner to that of a serious one.

"What would you give just to be able to see the world, Lianne?" he asked, his eyes staring directly at her.

She looked down on the floor feeling rather conscious of his frankness, but it made her pause in deep thought.

"Everything, " she managed to answer lightly. "I always wanted to be free, you already know that."

Cain continued to stare at her. "Yes, of course."

As if there was no other topic left to discuss that they were both out of words.

Lianne seemed to be uncomfortable with the silence between them that she continuously sipped on the tea prepared by Erza for them.

Suddenly, Cain stood up from his seat and quickly caught the princess' hand and pulled her up to stand.

"Come!" Cain demanded, guiding the princess out of the parlour room.

Lianne was greatly surprised by his actions and went on to ask while being led out of the foyer and into outside of the main entrance of the mansion where his stallion was waiting, attended by Paul, the stableman.

"Lord Cain, where are we going?" she cried.

"A ride, " Cain replied as they stopped in front of his stallion's tied reins.

"You know I'm prohibited horse riding again!" Lianne shouted as she was nearly in disbelief of Cain's persistence.

"Says who?" Cain arrogantly queried.

"That man, " Lianne replied in a low tone as she paused to watch Cain's reaction.

For a moment, the young lord stopped and seemed to think deeply. Then, he pulled out the reins from the metal post and began to lift the princess up the saddle of his horse to her surprise.

"Don't worry, " he confidently said and then winked at her.

"No! Lord Cain wait!" she complained meekly to no avail. Cain was already sitting close beside her, her right shoulder touching his hard chest. She could feel her waist and buttocks in between his legs and felt the manly physique clearly evident as they set out on their journey.

"Hold my waist well, " Cain ordered as his magnificent stallion began to trek the snowy path out of the mansion's gates.

"Where are we going?!" Lianne questioned, fear beginning to flood inside her.

Satisfied, Cain smiled in response and said, "To where I live, the Soulisse Mansion."

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