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   Chapter 6 Longing For You

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"Cheers for a job well done."

Vancent held out his own champagne glass on the air after his long winded toast was over.

He was sitting next to a beautiful lady of twenty-four years old wearing a very revealing black sequined gown with her bodice pushing up her bosom presenting an alluring display.

She was Lady Kathrine de Forte, a distant cousin of the Lutfergaurd Family.

Apparently, the caretaker of the Chateau de Veirsalles, Madame Trina, invited her for an evening dinner with the prince of Regaleria who was sitting at the center of a long dining table, but ever since the prince arrived at the chateau a year ago, Kathrine had been intentionally rubbing her way into the prince's attention without any progress.

Prince Ruen's own vessel, the Esclava, was nearing completion. There were only just a few minor embellishments to be accomplished before he could formally set sail on its first voyage.

As has always been since he was young, joining parties was never in his range of activities. He wouldn't have had this dinner party in the first place if not because of his comrades insistence.

Apparently, these men's real intention was to behold the beauty of Kathrine, who was also having an enjoyable time being fawned over. She was the only woman in the batch.

Together with the prince and Vancent Chausegard, who was Ruen's second in command of the ship, Virgil Alamonte, Armond Ruisse, Justin Cklavdimitri and Redlan Rosenthal were in attendance, all of royal descent and the most sought-after bachelors in their respective countries.

The men had become good friends ever since they first met in Ruen's first year of outside education at La Concorde Royale College.

If his friends were the easy-going and charming-type during their student life, the prince was the stoic, handsome mysterious type, as expected of a son of a ruthless ruler.

Apparently, talks have been circulating around for some time that Garlow had been conquering lands out of whim and his most recent conquest was the rich City of Olga.

Being friends with the son of this king was probably the most safest way to be excluded from King Garlow's conquests, and being a lover and a mistress to this prince would be far better than anything, and that was what was playing in Kathrine's mind ever since his arrival.

Dinner was served and all of them heartily ate. Conversations were thrown here and there and so were their boisterous laughter. Everyone was enjoying the night except Prince Ruen, who as always, stayed on his rather distant mood; not talking, not smiling.

His friends understood his behavior though and didn't mind it.

Right after dinner, he immediately excused himself out of the room, something that Lady Kathrine was happy about.

"You're no happy-go-lucky man are you, Your Highness?"

She slowly managed her way to the prince's side as he was standing alone in a porch at the second floor of the chateau.

He was holding his champagne glass staring at the sky before her intrusion, thinking of one woman alone in his thoughts.

It was a starry, cold night, something that the prince prefers when he was younger then about ten years of age. He remembered being able to climb his way up a fir tree in the north wing of the Regaleria mansion in order to catch a closer glimpse of the stars.

It was such a long time then and he was still innocent with all human emotions, but the feeling of emptiness had alwa

ply welcoming the early breeze of the lake, mixed with the aroma of the pine trees surrounding them.

"Well, at least I know you're no stone." He grinned as Ruen stared at him amused of his straightforwardness. "I have thought of you as the ice prince of our batch since our college years, never have I known you could be affected by human emotions until now."

"Hmf, " Ruen scoffed in disappointment.

"You're early?" Vancent raised his observation.

"Just want to free myself of any attention, " the prince vaguely replied.

"Ah, you mean Lady Kathrine?"

Ruen looked at his second-in-command sharply, but gave a slight nod in agreement.

The latter gleamed his white teeth in laughter however, when he instantly realized the prince's dilemma.

"Well damn me. I thought I have a rival on Kathrine's affections." Vancent patted Ruen's shoulder in a brotherly manner as he started to speak. "You know well how hopelessly smitten that blonde beauty is to you right?"

"When have I cared about that Vancent?" Ruen exclaimed coolly with no hint of doubt in his voice.

"Yes of course, I know what you mean. Don't worry, I'll do my best to woe her out of your attention."

"I don't care one bit of such trivial things. By all means, do what you do best, " Ruen idly answered.

Vancent rolled his eyes in response. Truly, the prince in his side was one hard rock to break.

"Well, at least I had the chance of seeing you get moved by the letter you just tossed in the water. What was in it anyway? Something's up in Regaleria?"

Ruen didn't reply. He stared emptily into the water as he tried to compose his thoughts.

Vancent waited for his answer patiently as he too observed the placidity of the lake, but he already expected that he would give no response.

The young bachelor only continued to stare at the scenery as the prince walked out of the vessel down on land to his horse.

This was the Ruen he knew well since they became friends; cold, aloof and not a care on his surroundings. For whatever reason it was, the prince did show some distress after reading the letter. This made him realize that he wasn't a stone bastard after all.

After a few seconds, a grin appeared on Vancent's lips as he stared directly at the floating piece of paper within his reach.

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