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   Chapter 5 Missing Him

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So, three days after their deal, Cain started training her to ride.

The very black colt that Lianne had befriended when she was the age of twelve had been shipped to one of Garlow's chateau to her dejection. Cain instead gave her a stallion, straight from the Soulisse mansion, handpicked by Cain himself for the princess to ride, and it was a pure white Hanoverian horse; tall and slender, with strong limbs and robust, powerful body - exactly a trainable horse that was perfect for the princess. She immediately named the young creature, Arinna.

For the first four weeks, they trained basics at the stables. Although Lord Cain had to attend an invitation to a party at Chateau de Roxe, a day ride from the Soulisse Mansion to the chateau, and another day back to the mansion, Lianne didn't stop herself from practicing. He didn't return until seven days later, after which they resumed on their training which progressed to more complex riding skills on the running grounds just within the premises of the mansion. Cain taught her well, and Lianne quickly learned her riding lessons perfectly. Then, business matters asked the young lord's attention, so they had to defer the training again.

Lady Faye found the company of the young lord worrisome though. She believed that the princess might be taken advantage of Lord Cain's gentlemanly and handsome looks.

King Garlow seemed to stay silent about the matter even though he was thoroughly vexed on the fact that Cain had not asked his permission on training the princess. He kept himself an observer until the topic about his son wasn't set aside when General Midas returned to Regaleria to report the progress of the City of Olga.

"I cannot easily dismiss your son's apparent fascination on the princess of Vhillana Midas, " King Garlow spoke calmly. He was once again sitting highly on his throne holding a silver chalice full of red sparkling wine.

"Your Highness, I am aware of their meetings, " Midas answered while partially kneeling in front of the King.

"You should be. I'd prefer for Cain to escort the princess rather than my son. As you can see, her presence in this mansion is very dangerous for our crown prince. I trust Cain to treat the princess well, however, there is a boundary for that."

"Of course Your Majesty. I have already reprimanded my son of such a delicate nature, " Midas answered obediently, not wanting to rouse the King's rage.

"Good. Then, how is the excavation coming?"

"We had some minor difficulties, Your Majesty, but it is working out well. It seems that the City of Olga is very prone to earthquakes." He clasped his own helmet at his chest then gently stood up.

"That is why never had that sma

re silly, she felt excited about it. Just thinking about a man compatible and destined for her somehow made her feel like there were butterflies in her stomach.

"His Highness, Prince Ruen, " Malerna replied in a clipped tone and this immediately shocked the group.

Oddly enough, the garden became silent. It was as if the name of the prince spark another curiosity in them.

Lianne was taken aback. All eyes were set on her then and she instantly felt conscious.

She dropped her basket and began to stood erect, expectant, as if ready to accept their blow upon blow of questions.

But how could Malerna be so frank on such a claim? It's as if she doesn't even know how much she disliked the man. As if Malerna doesn't know how devoid of feelings he is! How ice cold the way he looked at her! How insatiably detestable his whole being is, just like his father!

How could a man such as him be capable of loving someone?

But, something within her was stirred, something like the feeling of emptiness, of deep longing upon the mention of his name.

Ah, yes.

She was so busy that she had almost forgotten, it was already almost a year since he left.

Without hesitation, Lianne hurriedly left the group leaving behind the basket of cherries she had gathered.

Malerna thought that the princess's reaction was odd, but the maids concluded it was because she disliked the prince so much that she cannot stomach a romantic discussion about him.

That night, Lianne's dream began with a single voice calling out her name. A deep male voice she had missed for so long. But it surprised her fully, because in her dreams, she had responded to the male voice calling her. She uttered the name she had never expected she would speak. The name she had hated since she heard of it.


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