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   Chapter 3 Left Behind

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Lianne never gave a word about last night, even with Lady Faye's questioning. When she was informed that King Garlow had summoned her to his study room, she didn't think twice of going there, instead she decided to lock herself in her room feigning that she was feeling ill.

Lady Faye wasn't surprised of her behavior though. Of all the people living in Garlow's kingdom, she'd be the first to openly display her hatred of him, and Garlow knew it fully well to his apparent amusement.

It was morning the next day when she came out of her room. It seems as though the maid servants wasn't troubling her with annoying questions anymore, much to her relief.

"Nahhh, you're kidding! Are you sure of it?" one maid servant named Erza squealed in disbelief while dusting off the window panes of the kitchen room.

Loretta, the second maid servant cleaning the dishes in the sink, responded with widened eyes looking at her friend. "It's true! You don't believe me? I was even one of the maids who helped Lord Jared load the prince's belongings into the carriage! Well, from the looks of those baggage, I'm sure he'll be away for quite sometime."

"Don't you think, His Majesty, sent him away due to the incident the other night with the princess?" Erza enthusiastically questioned.


A loud clearing of the throat was heard in the main entrance door of the kitchen coming from Lady Faye herself.

The maids quickly continued on to their tasks bowing their heads at the same time, embarrassed as they saw the princess standing beside the Head Servant. A surprised look was painted on her face.

"You should have closed all kitchen doors first ladies if you do not want your petty gossips to be heard, " Lady Faye sternly sermoned.

"No, its fine Lady Faye. I don't mind really, " Lianne commented.

"What's with all this ruckus about anyway?" the Head Servant questioned again.

To both the young maids' astonishment, they simultaneously looked at each other with their faces confused. Why would the Head Servant not know about the prince leaving?

"Well, speak!" Lady Faye reproached, awaiting their answer as she began to sit at a chair near the countertop.

Lianne, however, decided to stay at the entrance of the main door. Not wanting to hear anymore of their gossiping, she started to back away, but the old woman bade her to stay.

"Uhm, well, Milady, last night, His Highness, Prince Ruen, left the mansion, " Loretta started, her voice sounding unsure. "I was one of the maids Lord Jared has tasked to help carry his baggage out to the carriage. Well, uhm, we're just confused why he did leave in such a manner. I heard another maid servant say that it was the order of His Majesty, but we thought, well, it could have been connected to the other night's incident with-"

"That's enough, " Lady Faye quickly cut off Loretta's speaking.

It was more than enough for Lianne to hear. Even Lady Faye herself was surprised of the prince's abrupt departure. She was afraid to admit that these two maid servants' theory could be plausible why the prince was ordered to leave the mansion.

Lianne made no comment. She remained silent but her thoughts drifted wildly of their recent encounter in the library. No one but her and the prince knew what happened that time. Garlow could not have known of it unless the prince divulged it to him which was unlikely.

"It probably must have been just another invitation to a party at another kingdom, " Lady Faye speculated, and then drank a cup of tea to steady herself.

"No, King Garlow sent him to Veirsalles, " a low male voice answered.

Lianne jerked in response as Lord Jared came into view standing behind her.

"You should have first closed the main door if you do not want your gossips to be heard by anyone, " the Majordomo commented, his face showing displeasure.

"Hmf, what an irony, " Lady Faye replied making a sly smile on his way.

Lord Jared motioned the two maid servants leave the kitchen room of which they diligently did.

"Do you mind if I sit?" Lord Jared asked to the governess in his front.

"By all means, please. You have quite a lot of explaining to do."

Lady Faye smirked again.

Lianne was still standing at the entrance door of the kitchen when Lord Jared motioned her to come inside. She did so, but this time, she instinctively closed the main door and went on to sit at the farthest corner of the room to where she could hear enough of their conversation and at the same time look at the garden outside the east wing.

It was about to rain. The weather wasn't good since she woke up this morning. She didn't exactly understand why she had to join their conversation about the prince's depa

rture; it was not like she would be worried or will miss him. She was even relieved to know about it. Now, she wouldn't have to worry what she'd do if they will see each other again after that heated encounter of theirs in the library room.

"The King wants the prince's departure to be discreet, " Lord Jared started to speak. He was the only man in the mansion King Garlow seemed to trust. It was evident though, as they had known each other since Garlow's adventurous pre-royalty life.

Jared's family was of noble descent living at Veirsalles, and their name, Lutfergaurd, was widely known to hail the best butler and head governesses of all time. It was when he was twenty-one years of age when he first met Garlow at the La Concorde Royale College in Veirsalles. Apparently, Garlow did grew up there also, and he had three chateaus there left in the caretaker's hands of which were also descendants of the Lutfergaurd family. The length of travel to Veirsalles was known to be thirty-four days crossed by sea voyage to the Mediterranean sea. One of the chateau of the King wassituated in a private land owned by the Waitsince Family, with a private lake a couple of kilometers away.

"Apparently, the King didn't want a special someone to know of the prince's circumstances, " Lord Jared continued as his eyes drifted to Lianne who was taken aback, flushed, knowing who he was pertaining to. Lady Faye remained silent.

"The reason for the King's abrupt decision is unknown but the event that transpired the other night with the princess and the prince could be one of those reasons, but I am totally not sure. He could have sent the princess herself to another palace though, not his own son considering his enemies are still on the move and that the prince's security is of utmost importance at this time. But still, it was he who got evicted."

"You're right Jared, " Lady Faye commented at last. "I do think so too. I think that the King's decision was"

"I know him. He has plans for me, " Lianne interjected, looking at the now pouring rain outside the garden. Her voice was soft but trembling and only Lady Faye noticed it. There was a quick flash of lightning nearby but it didn't affect Lianne's train of thought.

"There's a reason why I was kept the whole time in this damned place from the start. Though he has not made a move and left me to bore myself this past few years, I know. I know from the deepest part of my heart that cruelty of his with me will surely surface sooner or later."

Lady Faye cleared her throat upon hearing it. "My dear, " she gently spoke, "don't you think you are thinking too much?"

The princess didn't respond and just gave her a fleeting smile. She had already hard-wired herself into believing her own theory. No one, not even the old woman could change that.

Lady Faye understood her silence, so she didn't bother pressing the issue more. Lord Jared however suddenly inquired, abruptly changing the subject, "Are you not worried Princess?"

Lianne turned to face the man and asked, confused, "Of what, Sir Jared?"

The old man's eyes were fixed directly at her, ready to scrutinize her reaction and her manner of speaking. He was making sure to notice a single ray of hope from her, however small it was. "Worried of the prince, " he simply stated.

Lianne immediately felt conscious. There was a minute of pause, only the pouring of the rain outside can be heard. She diverted her eyes elsewhere, hoping that the old man couldn't see the beginning panic surfacing on it.

Her gaze fell directly into a wet white rose outside the window pane. Although the beautiful petals calmed her for a moment, it did bestow her a quick pang of emptiness inside her heart.

"I don't, " she started, hesitant. "I... I'm even glad he's gone."

She quickly stood up, not meeting their stares, then swiftly walked out of the room. No. She wasn't waiting for their response. Retreating to her bedroom now was the only thing on her mind.

Surprised by her behavior, Lord Jared and Faye both silently exchanged glances. It was as if mentally, they knew what her actions meant.

Lady Faye smiled apologetically to herself, then sipped her tea once again.

In haste, the princess glided along the hallway until she reached her own room. She locked the door, jumped to her bed and covered her face with the head pillow in order to muffle her crying.

She didn't understand why she was crying though, but the thought of him leaving without saying a word to her was something she couldn't accept.

"You rake! You thief! You sly dog!" Lianne shouted to herself. "You definitely have no right to kiss me like that and then walk away! I hate you!"

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