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"You're the Phoenix" I couldn't comprehend just three letter words. Just three.

"Em, he closed his eyes already" my sister said through tears. I forced myself to face him and when I did, I melted down in tears.

But this is not the time for tears. I staggered away from his side and looked around his room for any first letter of my book.

I looked all around and I still saw nothing. I bent low beside Dae to look at his cold body and I was forced to hold myself from crying.

I looked up to focus on anything and that was when I saw it. Something like a book was up there hiding behind a shelf. I quickly used the laddrer to get up there.

The books were arranged alphabetically and that was when I saw the alphabets A to D. No matter how much we tried, dad never allowed us to see the books.

I picked up the A book and then I tried tracing my finger on it.

To my surprise, a key fell from the book and a keyhole was staring at me from the space where I just removed the book.

I inserted the key and turned it, then it opened and I bought out a small porch. I was about showing it to me when I heard heavy footsteps and before I could make it down from the ladder, Dae was grabbed by unknown masked men.

"You're gonna be okay. We got the distress call from your father and we're here for you guys. You'll be fine" The woman' who just walked on was full of aura of authority and I couldn't help but wonder who she was.

"Who are you?" I inquired.

"Thus is not the time for questions and answer, we need to go" One of the masked men ushered me down from the ladder quickly. I looked at my father once before heading out of the house with them.

"How much do you know about yourself?" The lady, who I later got to know as Kim inquired. We were inside the car heading to God know where.

"Apart from my name and age. I don't think I know any other thing" I said looking down at my shoes. If I should look at her she'll know I'm lying.

"But dad said...." I quickly stepped on her to tell her to shut up.

"Your dad said what?" Kim looked at me strangely


"He says not to trust anybody but I guess we have to trust you now" I turned to my sister to give her the eye sign called shut your trap.

"Okay, I think it's best you don't know anything about yourself. That way, you'll be safe" I nodded at her.

"What is that thing up in the air?" I asked out of curiosity. Hoping she'll have an answer to that.

"They're called the Draconites, they're space ships that can destroy a whole planet within just a second. They can only be made by the Dracons" I tried dicephering the whole thing that she just said.

"What are Dracons?" Dae asked

"They're the wind people. They come from the wind kingdom. We're here girls. Come on out". We walked out of the car and followed her.

"That's them. You know what to do" They saluted her and she turned to face us.

"You are warriors, In built. I trust you to know your life from now on. Em, take care of your sister and Dae, help your sister with this fight. You're Phoenix, Emma. You're the goddedss of fire. And a goddess is a born fighter. Discover and powers and use them the way your father would have wanted you to use them" she kissed our forehead before ushering us into the Plane.

"Welcome to the system, Emma and Dad, we've been waiting for this day for a thousand years and now that's it's here, we have a thousand reasons to make things right" Okay?, now I'm confused.

"I'm sorry but I don't understand any of these, what's going on exactly, why am I here?" I looked at the man for an answer and he only smiled.

He smiled, I mean he had the guts to smile, I'going through the hardest moment of my life and he smiled. I lost my father, I lost my life and I'm where nobody knows in this life and he's smiling, he's smiling!.

"Emma.." I could hear someone screaming my name from a far away distance, and when I turn around to see who it was, I saw fire, the person had fire in her eyes, in her hands and all around her, even her eye was fire. But why is she looking at me, why is she looking back at me through the mirror.

That was when I realized it was me. Me, the Phoenix.

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