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   Chapter 1 The Beginning

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"dad...' Emma slurred as she tried to get her father's attention. He turned to face her for a brief moment before turning back to face the road. He just won't risk their lives because of Emma.

"For the tenth time today, you're still going to school" he replied

"I don't feel like, can't you feel it in the air. Everything is strange today. I feel something big is going to come up" She complained.

"Okay, but why do you feel something is wrong?" Ever since her mother had left, it was just the two of them together with her brother. All her naggings and groaning were due to the fact that she had a really bad dream.

"Dad, is it true that there are four pillars of earth? And right now we're living in the Fire kingdom?"

She asked changing the topic.

"Where did you hear that from?, you should know that's just a myth, it's not true" her brother, Kelvin intercepted the conversation.

"I'll tell you both a story but that'll be after you get back from school. Welcome to Riverdale high" he smiled at his kid as they quickly get down from the car before he proceeds to call Emma back.

"Sweetheart, when all seems lost, find the first letter of my story" Emma looked at him strangely.

"You're not a writer so what are you telling me?"

"You'll understand when the time comes. Shoo! shoo! Go away little birdie, you'll be late for your first class" Emma looked at him weirdly before going into the school.

This is going to be a long day. He breathed out before driving away to his office.

Emma's POV

It was lunch time when it all started, something that was going to change our lives forever.

I was wearing my hoodue to cover my face as usual and just like always, I could hear them taking about how weird I was and how different. It's part of the process, so I've told myself.

I brought out my phone to text my best friend who lives about 100km away that all the staring won't stop. She had promised me during the break that people won't stare because it's senior year.

Why promise something you don't even understand.

People stare because I'm weird and different, weird and different they say.

Just because I don't want to get involved with them, doesn't give them the right to think I'm weird.

I tried putting on my phone but it didn't happen, I removed the battery and fix it in again, still the same thing.

I lifted my head when I heard murmurs all around me. That was when I realized all our phones were not working.

I walked out of the lunch room to go look for my brother and when I saw him, he was just as confused as I was.

"What's going on?" I asked him and he could only shake his head.

"All the students are being summoned into the stadium, let's go" we all went into the stadium to wait and see what was going on.

"We believe all the parents of every students present in

school today are coming for them. We don't really know what's going on, but we hope you all will be fine" I suddenly felt a hand on mine and I realized it was my sister's. She was as scared as I was. Not long after the principle informed us of the change that parents starting coming for their kids.

An hour later, I was still looking out and waiting for dad to come for us but it didn't happen. Most of the teachers had left, it was just the principal and the coach that were left.

"We've sent someone to your father's office but they couldn't find him there. What do we do?" He looked at us for answers and deep within us, it was fear that was creeping in.

"Humphhh..." Coach groaned. "What we have to do next now is leave a message for your father that we're taking you home." He turned to face the principal before he continued.

"You can go home sir, I'll get them home safely and myself too. Come on girls, let's go" The principal wished him good luck before driving off from the school park.

"Enter your address into the GPS" I did almost immediately we got into the car.

"Look at that, Em" I turned to where Dae pointed and that was when I saw it. It was a big UFO up there in the sky with smaller UFOs flying around it.

"Are they protecting it or what?" I asked.

"We're being made to believe it's an attack from the aliens and those smaller ships aren't protecting it sweetheart, they're preventing any other flying object from getting to it" Coach explained.

"That explains the dead birds lying on the street then"

"As long as it's 10km away, it's going down. We're here girls, stay indoor till your father gets back and be safe" he drove off after he made sure that we entered the house.

"Do you hear that?" Dae said from behind me. I tried listening but I couldn't hear a thing.

"What are you talking about? Stop scaring me. I can't hear a thing" I frowned at her and then....... I heard someone whimpering. It was faint but I could still hear it.

I held on to my sister's hand and followed the sound till we entered my dad's library.

It was so dark. That I switched on the light and immediately I did that, what I saw was to my horror.

It was my dad lying in his own blood.

"No! No! No, dad please open your eyes. Talk to us. Please. Dae, call 919 fast" I called out to my sister who stood transfixed.

"The phones are not working" She said after she had managed to regain her senses.

"Em.." He called out faintly.

"Don't say anything dad, reserve your energy. We'll do the talking later"

"They're coming, they're coming for you" I looked at my sister for a minute to make sure I heard right.

"They're coming for you, Emma.and remember the first letter of my book"

"Who's coming for me, what letter and why are they coming for me, why me" I asked all at once.

"You're the Phoenix"

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