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THE LEGEND By penangelwriter Characters: 1531

Updated: 2018-09-13 18:15

Once upon a time, when men were under the control of their own powers, earth became a wasteland, void and emptiness filled the air.

Men wasted no time in destroying themselves, showing how powerful they had become and challenged the power of their Creator.

Earth divided into two kingdoms; The fire kingdom, and the water kingdom. Both kingdoms were at war with each other and when the supreme Creator saw this and the effect it had on earth, he was furious and motified by the works of his hands.

He sent the Mortal truth in form of a man to put a stop to all these havoc knowing fully well mortal truth holds all power including those that were not known to men.

When he got to earth, he saw the greediness and wickedness in the hearts of men and he d

ecided to put an end to it.

He stood on the highest mountain and summomed all the four pillars of earth; fire, wind, water and ice. He ripped men off their power of fire and water.

Unto the four pillars of earth, he gave the control of earth, divided to four; North, east, west and south. The North became the fire Kingdom, the South became The water Kingdom, the east became the Wind Kingdom and and lastly the West the ice Kingdom.

All these powers were collected in a stone and given to each four pillars of earth to pass onto the worthy person as they deemed fit.

With this, the Creator was pleased and he summoned the mortal truth back to him, only to return when it's a thousand years from then when men will have no knowledge of these powers.

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